The determination of the winner of the competition takes place in three stages.

In April 2020 years Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the RS(I) announced a competition among municipalities and urban districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for the right to host the XXII Games for national sports "Manchaara Games". Games will take place five years later in 2025 year.

As the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the RS told "Yakutia Sports"(I) Innocent Grigoriev, the first stage of the competition is completed. The Ministry of Sports received 6 applications from municipalities of the republic.

“We have received official applications for the Manchaara Games 2025 years from six districts of Yakutia. There are two industrial regions - Aldan and Neryungrinsky, from the Vilyuy group of uluses Nyurbinsky and Suntarsky, Tatta and Kobiai uluses also submitted their applications. Us, sure, pleases, that each time the number of people wishing to host the Spartakiad is getting larger. After all, holding major sports forums is not only a sports component. Thanks to the Games, districts get an impetus to address issues of socio-economic development. ”, – noted Innokenty Yuryevich.

It is known, that according to the Regulation, the competition takes place in three stages:

1 stage - filing applications from participants in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation with 01 May on 01 June per year, preceding the next Spartakiad.

2 stage - consideration of applications at a meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to 01 July per year, preceding the next Spartakiad.

3 stage - decision of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on the definition of a municipal district or urban district, host Spartakiad.

“Ahead of us is the main stage of the competition. On time from 15 June to 1 July we will hold the Board of the Ministry of Sports in Physical Culture and Sports, where are the board members, Having considered all the presentations and application materials, must make a decision by voting. The time and place of the College will be clarified in the coming days.. maybe, the meeting will be held in video conferencing mode. It all depends on the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in our region ”, – explained the minister.

Requirements for a candidate, host Spartakiad, high. So, historical evidence must be present, ie. anniversary dates, sports history of the ulus, developed transport infrastructure, availability of sports facilities, facilities for comfortable accommodation and meals of participants, organizers and guests of a sporting event.

If we turn to the history of the large Republican Spartakiads in Yakutia, Kobiai ulus is the only district among the contestants, where such large-scale sporting events have never been held before. In the Neryungrinsky and Aldan regions "Games Manchaara" were not held, but there every four years the Winter Spartakiads of Yakutia are held. Large-scale competitions in national sports may be held in the southern part of the republic for the first time. The Suntar ulus for the last time hosted the IV Sports Games of the peoples of Yakutia back in 2006 year and intends after almost twenty years to once again accept the best athletes of the republic. In the Tatta ulus, too, nothing has been done for a long time with 1999 of the year. In the summer, at the turn of the century, in the village of Ytyk-Kuel, the 16th republican sports games “Olonkho Onnyuulara” were held on a grand scale.. AND, finally, Nyurbinsky district. The national sports contest for the prizes of Vasily Manchaara was held in the city of Nyurba in 1997 year.

Should add, what suntarsky, Kobiai and Tatta uluses take part in the competition for the second time in a row. AT 2017 In the year she submitted her projects to receive the Manchaara Games 2021 of the year. But then members of the board of the Ministry of Sports chose the village of Berdigestyakh Gorny ulus, where next summer will be the XXI National Sports Games.

Notably, what for more than half a century history, Manchaara Games held in ten uluses and in Yakutsk. More than all, eight times the Spartakiad in memory of his countryman and national hero was received by Megino-Kangalassky ulus - 1969, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1995 (Tungulu) and 2005 gg. In Yakutsk, the Games were held three times - 1968, 1971 and 1973 gg. In Vilyuisk, the Spartakiad took place twice - in 1985 and 2009 gg. The remaining ulus centers became the capital of the Manchaara Games once - Amga (1987), Berdigestyah (1990), Pokrovsk (1993), Njurʙa (1997), Itık-Kyuel (1999), Çurapça (2013), Verkhnevilyuisk (2017).


Alexander Poselsky,