Anna Sukhanova - master of sports of the RS (I) by weight- wrestling, NFA Armflifting Master of Sports, winner RS Championship(I) Mas-wrestling memory of G.R.Desyatkin (2018), Winner of the RS Federation Team Cup(I) (2018), prize-winner of republican tournaments for the prizes of M.S.Karamzin-Mas Mahheele (2017), “To the Men's Cup” in memory of Ariana Gogolev (2017), champion and winner of the Summer Power Sports Festival, Prizewinner of the Yakutsk Armlifting Championship (2019).

In the conditions of # on quarantine I train at home, how I can. I am sending one of the options for circular training topics, who doesn't know, like what. Go!

Circular training develops stamina and promotes fat burning. Exercises are performed one after another without a break. Each exercise is repeated no less than 10 time, can 15-20, it all depends on your physical fitness. If there are no dumbbells, use plastic bottles as a burden, filled with water.

🎈Bounce Squats. In this exercise, the quadriceps or the anterior and partially lateral thigh. Important! Keep track of that, so that the knee joints do not extend over the socks. The knee goes in the direction of the foot.. Wider legs apart, the greater load we give to the gluteal muscles. ​⠀

🎈Scissor Squats. We pump the front, posterior thigh and gluteal muscles. The more you take your pelvis back, the greater load you give on the buttocks. Yet again, remember the knee - it should not go behind the toe! Exercise can be performed without weight.

🎈Bench press Arnold. Yes, Yes, in honor of Schwarzenegger))) Effective Shoulder Exercise. Press and lower the dumbbells smoothly, preferably without stopping at the lowest point - at chest level. Exercise can be performed while sitting.

🎈Extension of the arm in an inclination. Download triceps to prevent the formation or elimination of “wings” - loose skin on the shoulders. You can work with both hands at the same time, can be supported by a bench. Important! The shoulder remains stationary during the process., only the forearm works.

🎈Belt dumbbell pull. We work out the back. Smaller tilt angle, the greater the load on the upper back, the larger the angle - the more the load is shifted to the lower back and lower back. We do not take our elbows to the sides, at the top point a little delay, in the bottom - we try to lower it stronger, to stretch your back muscles. ​ ​⠀

🎈Push ups. Complex exercise, giving a load on the pectoral muscles, shoulders, biceps, press, gluteal muscles. If it’s difficult to push it off the floor, it’s possible - from a table or any other surface.

🎈Hyperextension. We work out the back, lower back, gluteal muscles and back of the thigh.

🎈Leg Lift. Target muscles - buttocks, back of thigh.

🎈Fold. Can be performed without burden.

🎈Twist fold.

We carry out 3-6 cycles. Breaks between circles - 2-4 minutes.

Do you train at home?

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