The first champions left a bright mark in the history of the development of national sports and physical culture of the republic.

One of the types of martial arts, extant to us their depths of centuries, is the yakut national wrestling hapsagay. Literally translated means “agility contest”. Hapsagai has an ancient history, so we will never know for sure, who and when established the rules of this fight and the name of the first winner.

The massive or widespread development of national sports in the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic begins with 1927 of the year. It was in that year that the first official republican competitions in national sports were organized and held.

10 April 1927 years, the regional party committee adopted a resolution "On the conduct of the summer holidays Ysyakh". It talks about the need for a summer holiday in three ways:

On the line of the Yakutsk Council of Physical Culture - sports;

On the line of political enlightenment and cultural enlightenment institutions - the cultural part;

Through the society “Yraas olokh” – agitation and promotion of folk games and national sports.

During the summer holidays, ysyakh in the uluses, it was recommended to include competitions in national sports in the sports program, таких как борьба хапсагай, tug of stick, Yakut jumps, horse racing, а также детские игры. В этот год были проведены ысыахи почти во всех крупных районах и городах. So, 6 July 1927 One of the largest Ysyakhs was held in West Kangalassky ulus., where was present about 2 thousands of people. Isakov proved to be a good athlete, who won the Kylyy jumping competition, yastang and tug of stick.

therefore 1927 the year in the republic can rightfully be considered the year of birth of national sports.

The next stage in the development of national sports is associated with the holding of the first summer republican sports and athletics meetings, which originate from 1932 of the year. В том году состоялась Первая Всеякутская спартакиада, which went down in sports history. Hapsagai competition against the first republican sports day in 1954 year were spent without division into weight categories.

Интересным моментом в истории хапсагая является факт участия женщин в этом необычном для них виде спорта. Probably, the initiative or desire to participate in this form came from the women themselves. So, at 1944 year, competitions among women were included in the program of the summer republican sports day of the Yakut ASSR.

Many may ask, what is the meaning of the philosophy of this national struggle? I think, Hapsagai's philosophy is in the rules of the struggle itself. They are very simple, but harsh: “I went out to fight, stay strong, agile and quick! Make no mistake, don't stumble, to survive in the harsh conditions of the northern edge! Even touched the ground with a finger, fell - consider lost everything in life! When taking, the attacking wrestler must remain on his feet. There is no wrestling in the stalls in the hapsagay.

For the first time, the national hapsagai fight was included in the program of the First All-Yakut Republican Spartakiad, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Yakut ASSR. Spartakiad took place 8-10 July 1932 at g. Yakutsk. Stepan Sleptsov became the first official champion in the fight against hapsagai of the Yakut ASSR- Don't worry (1908-1942 gg.) - representative of Megino-Kangalassky district. Aksalov took the second place, also from this area. Zhirkov from the team of r. Yakutsk. The winner was awarded a costume for the victory in the sports day.

Stepan Sleptsov-Bappai was a friend of the famous strongman, his fellow countryman Gabriel Desyatkin. Both of them worked in police in g. Yakutsk. Quitting, returned to his homeland and worked in various positions. When the war began, he was drafted into the army and died of an illness in st. Malta, Irkutsk Region.

AT 1935 the second Republican Spartakiad was held in Yakutsk. But no documents found in the national archive, Hapsagai wrestling competitions. Therefore unknown, who became the winner.

6-10 July 1937 years in the capital of the republic - g. Yakutsk hosted the III summer republican sports day, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Yakut ASSR. National sports were also included in the competition program., including hapsagai.

In the fight against hapsagai, the title of absolute champion was won by the representative of the Verkhnevilyuysky district Vasily Stepanov - Buuchuguras (1908-1943 gg.). Он провел восемь схваток и выиграл все встречи. In second place was Dmitry Flegontov-Bege Tongus, on the third - Lazarev, both from the Amga district. The 18-year-old wrestler Roman Petukhov from the Ust-Aldan region took part for the first time in this sports day. Over the years, he becomes the repeated absolute champion of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic at the republican summer sports and athletics meetings.

Competitors and eyewitnesses recall the champion Vasily Stepanov-Buuchuguras, how about a strong and technical fighter, who left in their memory bright unforgettable moments of struggle. During the fight, he moved quickly and silently, therefore, rivals did not always have time to monitor his movements. His favorite techniques were front and side hooks., hooks, leg passes, grapples by raising the opponent and other throws.

AT 1941 year, when the Great Patriotic War, Vasily Stepanova-Buuchuguras was among the first to be drafted into the army, Where, participating in the battles for Voronezh, was seriously injured. Died of his wounds in hospital g. Irkutsk to 1943 year.

The next IV Republican national sports contest was scheduled for 1942 year. But in connection with the beginning of World War II, it did not take place.. But 5 September at the stadium. Якутска организовано небольшое спортивное мероприятие, after which the participants: athletes and coaches went to the front. Many of them did not return home later..

Eight years later, after the III sports day in August 1945 IV Republican Spartakiad in Athletics and National Sports took place in Yakutsk. From archival documents established, that national wrestling competitions were held in two ways at once: hapsagayu and belt wrestling (belts). Suddenly, Dmitry Tokosov came out the winner in both forms. (1922-1972 gg.) – представитель Олекминского района. Many years later, many eyewitnesses recall this event many years later in the republican press and books., who saw, as a previously unknown wrestler from the hinterland won victories over eminent rivals one by one. And this unknown was Dmitry Tokosov.

But after the end of the competition in official documents indicated, что Дмитрий Токосов признан победителем только по борьбе хапсагай, although it can be seen from the protocols, that he fought not only in hapsagae, but also in the fight on the belts (belts).

In fact, he then became the champion of the republic in two types of wrestling - belt wrestling (belts) and hapsagayu.

Dmitry Tokosov is a participant in the Great Patriotic War. As an officer, participated in battles near Moscow, Stalingrad, Kharkov and in other directions, where fierce battles took place. Just seriously injured four times. In May 1944 years was commissioned by the medical board and returned to their homeland. The chest of a brave officer was decorated with the Order of the Red Star, medals “For courage”, “For military merits”, “For the Victory over Germany” and others. At home he regained his health with sports.

In August 1946 years at the V Republican Spartakiad for the first time in official documents it was indicated, that national sport competitions were held in two types of wrestling - hapsagay and belt wrestling. So, Ignatius Kharitonov won the title of absolute champion in hapsagay (1916-1994 gg.) из Намского района. T took second place. Varlamov from Tattinsky district, third place P. Fedorov from Amginsky district. When did the war begin?, AND. Kharitonov in July 1941 years went to the front. He fought in the Smolensk region, in Belarus and the Baltic states. For feats and merit committed in the war, awarded the Order of Glory 3 degrees of , World War II 1 degrees of, “For Courage” medals, “For the capture of Konigsberg”, “For Victory over Germany” and others.

AT 1947 году на VI летней спартакиаде абсолютным чемпионом по борьбе хапсагай стал Василий Семенов-Кююстяях Бааска (1916-1977 gg.) from team r. Yakutsk. In second place came Mamaev (Amga), на третьем – Кириллин (Çurapça). AT. Semenov-Kyuustyakh Baask was inquisitive, educated and intelligent person. Subsequently, he defended his thesis and became a candidate of philological sciences. He worked as a teacher in universities of the republic, taught students.

His own son, Vasily Vasilievich Semenov is currently working as a teacher at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Next year, that is, in the summer 1948 of the year, in the 7th Games of the Republic, Semyon Dyachkovsky became the absolute winner in hapsagay (1922-1994 gg.), representative from the Mountain region. AT 1942 year, being a 20 year old guy, drafted into the army. As part of the 19th separate ski team, he fought on Lake Ilmen. Seriously wounded in war, returning home, proved himself a versatile athlete. He was the champion of the republic in skiing. Had the Order of the Red Star and other awards.

AT 1949 at the VIII Olympics, the title of absolute champion and won in wrestling on belts and hapsagay was won by Peter Karamzin-Moluoyka (1919-1980 gg.), tractor-combine, Stakhanovets from Megino-Kangalassky district. Known about him, that he is an illustrious tractor driver, combine operator, versatile and strong athlete. He was a five-time champion of the republic: cross-country skiing twice, twice wrestling on belts (belts) and once by hapsagay. He is the only fighter, who was officially awarded the title of absolute champion of the Yakut ASSR in hapsagay and belt wrestling.

June-July 1952 year held the Xth summer republican sports day, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the formation of autonomy. The title of absolute champion in hapsagay was first won by Roman Petukhov (1913-2008 gg.) – учитель из Усть-Алданского района. Confidently beat his fights against eight rivals. true, suffered one defeat from the young and promising Dmitry Danilov. In second place went V. Ilyin (Verkhnevilyuysky district), third place was taken by D. Danilov ("Dynamo"). A few years later, Dmitry Danilov was the first of the Yakutians who became the USSR master of sports in freestyle wrestling.

In June 1953 of the year I hosted the Olympics DSO "Collective farmer", where from participated 136 athletes from different areas and r. Yakutsk. Having won fights against seven opponents, Roman Petukhov became the winner of this prestigious competition.

In July 1954 of the year II Spartakiad DSO "Collective farmer". This time, the title of the strongest fighter in a sports society was won by Vladimir Efremov, teacher from Nyurba district. He confidently beat eight of his rivals.

In June 1954 Ilya Kondratyev, the first time school teacher, became the absolute champion of the XI summer republican spartakiad in the fight against hapsagai (1931-2008 gg.), representative of the Ordzhonikidze district. He is known to the Yakutians as one of the first masters of sports of the USSR in freestyle wrestling from our republic. Many knew him as a universal fighter., who has behind him repeated victories in the republican competitions in hapsagay and freestyle wrestling.

Qualitatively, the turning point in the further development of national species was 1955 year. В этом году утверждены новые правила проведения соревнований. The new Hapsagai regulations set four weight categories for boys and adults, the duration of the bout was determined in 10 minutes. Victory was awarded the first touch of any part of the body..

In June 1955 years at the XII Republican Spartakiad, the organizers first introduced weight categories for participants in the fight against hapsagai. For adults introduced four weight categories - up to 55 kg, to 65 kg, to 80 kg and above 80 kg. That decision was right, the strongest were revealed, не размениваясь на десяток чемпионов. Чемпионами спартакиады в своих весовых категориях стали Семен Алексеев (Bulun district), Procopius Innocentiev (Viljujsk), Vladimir Efremov (Njurʙa) and Vasily Semenov-Kyuustyakh Baaska (Yakutsk). Для выяснения абсолютного чемпиона Якутской АССР записались несколько человек. But when the competition began, an incident occurred between the main organizer of the competition and the participants. One of the signatories - Vladimir Efremov refused to go out against Vasily Semenov-Kyustyyah Baaska, referring to feeling unwell. Then the main organizer of the sports day, initiator of the "absolute" Tarsky N.N., spotted a conspiracy and disqualified both fighters. The title of absolute champion in the finals was played among themselves by Roman Petukhov and Vasily Ilyin. As a result, Ustaldan Roman Petukhov made a “lap of honor” in an ecstatically noisy stadium, who hailed him as the absolute winner. The second place was taken by Vasily Ilyin. (Verkhnevilyuisk).

In June 1956 the first Spartakiad of the peoples of Yakutia was held. It can be called a continuation of the first republican sports days. National teams took part in the final competitions 24 areas and cities. В программу наряду с другими видами спорта были включены национальные вида спорта. As always, Hapsagay competitions attracted great interest among spectators and wrestlers. After hard fights, champion in their weight categories was won by Ivan Pavlov (Nyurbinsky district), Sergey Li-Fu (Verkhnevilyuysky district), Ilya Kondratiev (Ordzhonikidze district) and Peter Egorov (Verkhnevilyuysky district). The absolute title of champion of the republic was won by teacher Ilya Kondratyev. So, the second time he became the absolute winner of the summer sports.

In this way, champions of the first republican sports days (including absolute champions) during the period 1932-1954 years became Stepan Sleptsov-Bappai-1932; Vasily Stepanov-Buuchuguras - 1937 city; Dmitry Tokosov - 1945 city; Ignatius Kharitonov - 1946 city; Vasily Semenov-Kyustyahah Baaska - 1947 city; Semyon Dyachkovskay - 1948 city; Peter Karamzin-Moluoyka - 1949 g; Roman Petukhov - 1952 g. and 1955 g. - twice and Ilya Kondratiev - 1954 g. and 1956 g. - twice.

First champions, as well as the absolute champions of the above-mentioned summer republican sports and athletics meetings 1932-1956 gg. оставили яркий след в истории развития национальных видов спорта и физической культуры нашей республики. Many of them left us forever.. To perpetuate their blessed memory, necessary in uluses, as well as organize tournaments at the republican level, competition, with presentation of valuable prizes.

In the future, hapsagai has a great prospect of being included in the program of the Olympic Games. But even this for our sports leaders will not be an end in itself. Let the initiative include hapsagaya in the program of prestigious competitions at the world level, including the olympic games, comes from IOC leaders, UWW and other respected international sports federations and organizations. Let them show in practice, how do they actually relate to national sports of different countries, and not in words. Currently hapsagai, as a spectacular and dynamic sport, recognized in many regions of Russia and other countries. He even fell in love in such states, where there is a national struggle, such as Iran, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and other Asian and African countries. President of the World Wrestling Organization UWW Nenad Lalovich called the Yakut wrestling Hapsagai a fantastic sport!

Major international championships have already been held on hapsagay, competition. Но этого недостаточно для включения хапсагая в программу Олимпийских игр. Sure, sports leaders of our republic work hard, so that hapsagai and other national sports receive international recognition. With this wonderful goal, our specialists and athletes participate in the popularization of true Yakut sports in other countries.. As if everything is correct. You must not forget, that there are dealers in the world of sports, who, under various pretexts, invite our athletes and specialists, to reveal the secrets of sports for our athletes at our expense.

The path of including hapsagai in the Olympics program will be long. Until the Russian Olympic Committee supports national sports, they are unlikely to be included in the program of the Olympic Games. Don't forget, what else during the Soviet Union suggested that sambo wrestling be included in the program of the Olympics. But this view is still not included., therefore considered a non-Olympic sport. Therefore, there is no need to rush time.


Vitaly Sleptsov,