"Sports of Yakutia" recalls the cold, rainy summer and hot fights on the platform of the stadium "Olensk".

Vivid pictures of that battle of giants are still before my eyes. For the first time then, huge cabinet-like heroes came to us in Yakutia, to fight mas-wrestling. The absolute mas-wrestling championship of Russia was held in Vilyuisk-2009 as part of the Manchaara Games, which in its effect and effectiveness overshadowed all other competitions. Have arrived 17 well done, representing power sports. Including well-known strongmen in the CIS Mikhail Sidorychev, Dmitry Kashuba, Zurab Kiknabelidze, Yuri Nazaruk, Kirill Chuprynin, Anatoly Shmyrev, Vidas Vlekajtis.

The first round was held in a beautiful place Homustah near Vilyuisk. Very interesting and to some extent sensational fights took place. The representative of Megino-Kangalassky ulus Vladimir Sharin won against Nikolai Kolodko, which for several years gave him no chance. Anatoly Baishev with a score 2:0 defeated future multiple world and European champion Viktor Kolibabchuk. Member of the Russian national team in power extreme Mikhail Sidorychev, whose figure Apollo would envy, won 2:0 at the huge Lithuanian Vidas Vlekaitis.

After the fights, our correspondent for the Games Diary and the Sport Yakutia newspaper took an express interview from the guys.

Victor Kolibabchuk:

– I’ve been doing Mas-Wrestling since mid-November. 2008 of the year. Lost today due to lack of experience and technology. But experience is acquired, and I HOPE to achieve high results in the future.

Dmitry Kashuba:

– I'll start with, that sincerely amazed at such a single combat, as a mass wrestling! Fantastic emotions, fantastic guys and spectators, mighty yakuts! Very beautiful country of Yakutia, I am very very satisfied, despite, that lost. After all, defeat – this is also an experience.

The main action began the next evening. From time to time a disgusting fine rain oozed from the gloomy sky (shamans did not finish, not guessed with the weather, which was almost abominable during the Games), temperature dropped to four degrees (zero according to Ugarov, when living organisms begin to die). The muscles of many have cooled - it was necessary to constantly warm up. And then Anatoly Baishev tore (!) huge biceps (off the head of a child) eight-time weightlifting champion of Russia, absolute champion of Russia in deadlift (417,5 kg), two-time winner of the prestigious power extreme tournament "Arnold Classic" stern Chelyabinsk citizen Mikhail Koklyaev (192 cm, 175 kg). I stood behind the scenes and saw just a stone's throw from me, like a groaning Koklyaev, a huge ball of biceps is blown away before his eyes and dissolves in an instant swelling arm ... The future world champion in throwing weights in height (25 kg per 5 m 86 cm) and Russian log lifter log lift (202,5kg) also in horror with bulging eyes looked at his hand…

The battle of monsters went almost all white night. In the final, Baishev had a chance to win, Evgeny Sivtsev, Mikhail Sidorychev. Kolodko previously dropped due to injury. We won each other crosswise and a member of the Russian national power extreme team, 30-year-old Sidorychev, won the fight for first place. (188 cm, 135 kg). How glad he was! by the way, Michael in 16 years became a candidate for master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling (wrestling Yakutia favored him), at 24 MSMK Powerlifting Years. AT 2011 Sidorychev became the champion of European bodybuilding in the super heavy category.

That cold summer of 2009 in Vilyuisk was engraved in memory. by the way, when we stopped in the city the sun was shining, gone at night in the evening 10 days, which shocked sports Yakutia. And when they left the place of exile Chernyshevsky in Yakutsk, the sun again sprayed on us with blinding rays. Participants in the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Championships are triple jumpers – two-speed members of the Russian team flew without a run for 50 m (Yakutia’s records were then 46-47 meters to Kylyy and Ystanga). From this blow, the Yakut jumps did not come to their senses, in my opinion, still. But mas-wrestling after THESE FURIOUS AND CULMINATIVE GRAVES went up! So you don’t know where to find, where do you lose…


Igor PLATONOV, Sportyakutia.ru.