25 May, an international conference was held in video mode, initiated by the World Confederation of Ethnosport.

The international conference was attended by a member of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of the International Federation of mass-wrestling, Dan., Professor Alexander Akimov; президент Ассоциации национальных видов спорта и игр народов Якутии «Сахаада-спорт», Doctor of Law, Professor Alexander Kim-Kimen; Director of GBU of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskiy Konstantin; Head of Mas-Wrestling Development Department, GBU, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary »Igor Alekseev; Secretary General of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Head of the Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports of Yakutia Arnold Mokhov; Halim Aksu, Secretary General of the World Confederation of Ethnosport and other members of the WTEC Executive Committee.

Opening speech was made by Alexander Akimov, who greeted all the participants of the online conference. "Today we, Unfortunately, video conferencing due to coronavirus, but I would like to meet more often in person. Therefore I wish, so that this epidemic quickly goes away. She shows, that our planet Earth seems to be big, but actually she is small, and we must protect and be friends with each other, and mas-wrestling is such a sport, which unites. I wish the fraternal Turkish people, so they get through this epidemic safely. And hope, that we will meet in person and hold the canceled championships and events together ”, – he noted.

Levent Akichi noted, that the pandemic in Turkey has recently entered the stabilization phase. "I hope, that the borders between our countries will open soon, and we will start holding events, which will be even better and more spectacular. Then, that this year the Nomad Games and the Ethnosport Cultural Festival canceled, this is, sure, badly, but more important is public health, so we are waiting for everyone next year. I am glad and grateful to Alexander Kim-Kiman for, that we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the World Confederation of Ethnosport and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, under which the parties agreed to jointly plan, pursue and implement in the field of traditional sports sports and cultural projects, raise awareness and popularity of mas-wrestling in the world community. I wish, so that mas-wrestling develops all over the world, because we have similar traditions, and for us mas-wrestling as a native sport, therefore we will try to develop it ”, – he said.

Halim Aksu congratulated everyone on the past holiday, and also noted, that purposeful work has been going on for the past two years. “The World Confederation of Ethnosport has a strategic plan for 4 of the year. First, we want to talk more closely with the participants of the WKE, thereby obtaining more information, to learn, what the members of our association want from us. There is a desire to publish a book or an encyclopedia of ethnosport, scholarships to students for research work in relevant areas of ethnosport development will also be practiced. We must also show people through social networks our activity.. After the pandemic, we hope, that we will meet in person. And we need to concentrate on, that universities and institutes engage in the conservation and development of national sports. As i said before, there is an option to create an encyclopedia of ethnosport ", – he noted.

Alexander Kim-Kimen thanked Halim Aksu for the informative presentation, also congratulated the faithful on their holiday. “We share your feelings and wish, so that happiness and prosperity reign in the Turkic world. We have the Association of national sports and games of the peoples of Yakutia "Sakhaada-sport", which with 1992 years has done a great and systematic work - especially on the creation of material and technical, methodological and regulatory framework. So, Yakutia has the only law on the whole of Russia on national sports. We also have a department of national sports at the Institute of Physical Education of NEFU, The Republican Center for National Sports named after. AT. Mançaarı, which is engaged in supporting and creating conditions for development, popularization of national sports and games of the peoples of Yakutia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), as well as at the all-Russian and international level ”, – he noted.

He also emphasized, that ethnosport is the soul of the people, and the Olympic Games began to lose their former prestige and status due to excessive commercialization and politicization of sports. “And our task is to adapt ethnic sport to new realities.”, so that folk sports develop more actively and consistently, that is, to do so, so that the games of the ancestors were interesting for young people ", – he said.

For example, he noted, what in 1996 the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Yakutia was formed in the year, then in 2002 the year the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation was formed, and in 2012 was created the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in Moscow. “Each time the level rises,what affects the scale of development. for example, in Yakutia we are solving the task of developing mass, and through the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, we have achieved that, to make mas-wrestling a sport, which are registered with the Ministry of Sports of Russia, that is, it is accredited as a national sport of the peoples of Russia. This number includes, Additionally mass WWE, Hapsagai fight and Yakut jumps, that is, it means, that in these sports any Russian athletes can get the title of master of sports of Russia ", – he noted.

Arnold Mokhov spoke about the work of the All-Russian and International Mas-Wrestling Federations, in particular, spoke in detail on accreditation of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, which she received in 2015 year. “And through 5 years, we began to comply with the standards and the title of masters of sports of the international class. This year we got such a title 3 Athlete - Sergey Konstantinov, Sergey Frolkin from Yakutia and Ivan Galkin from the Kaluga Region. This indicates, that mas-wrestling is common throughout Russia ”, – he noted.

Gavril Mokhnachevsky noted, that the Center develops national sports not only in the republic and Russia, but internationally. “Work is underway to develop not only mas-wrestling, but also board games, eg, habylyk and haamyska, also traditional archery. I also support, that you need to exchange information over the Internet, so that we give you materials on national sports for your site ”, – he said.

At the end of the conference, participants noted, that you need to actively communicate, and also agreed to send information materials for posting on relevant sites.