The rules of the Yakut national Hapsagai struggle have undergone some changes.

They relate to weight categories, win-win determination, awarding points, accrual of points in the protocol for the victory, as well as the duration of the bouts in the absolute championship, According YSIA.

If by the rules 2015 years, the weight category was divided into 55, 62, 70, 80, 90, over 90 kg, then the new categories are now 57, 65, 75, 85, 95, over 95 kg.

That is, the new hapsagaya categories have become more similar to freestyle weights, which will entail greater participation of representatives of this sport in national martial arts.

The newly introduced rules have already been practiced in official competitions this year..

With the mutual fall of the hapsagaists, the referee should have shown with two thumbs up in front of him, and squeeze the rest of your fingers into a fist, regulating a controversial issue, and continue the fight. And now these rules have been changed - with a mutual fall that wrestler wins, who had a reception or a counter-reception.

Another change in the rules concerns awarding points to an active fighter.

According to the rules 2015 years through 40 seconds after the start of the match, the arbiter on the carpet must determine the passive fighter and, in agreement with the leader of the carpet, give one point to the active fighter. Now, instead of forty seconds, one minute is registered.

Under the new rules, points in the protocol are also fixed for the losing fighter.

So, for a net victory the score is recorded 4:0 in favor of the winner.

And when you win by points, points are considered differently.

So, if the loser did not have points in defeat, then the account is fixed 3:0 in favor of the winner. And when the wrestler, the injured person has one or two points, then the score is logged 3:1.

This scoring is especially important in team competition..

In the absolute championship, the changes affected the time of fights in the semifinal and final meetings.

Previously, the final match lasted 10 minutes, and semifinal - eight. Now, according to changes in the rules, they are reduced by two minutes - eight minutes of fights in the final and six minutes in the semifinals.

Dulustaan ​​Sergeev, YASYA.