Hapsagai New Rules Specialist Comment

In April, the executive committee of the Hapsagaya RS Federation(I) amended the rules of the national struggle. New rules were approved at the Board of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Culture of Yakutia, held by videoconferencing 21 April. What are the reasons for the changes explained to us by the instructor-methodologist of the national species development department sports and sporting events RCNS "Modun" Andrian Zakharov.

"Primarily, these changes were adopted in connection with, that at the competitions the organizers received a lot of proposals from the team leaders, athletes, professionals and fans. For instance, they relate to the rules for defining passive scrum by one of the fighters. Earlier, one of the athletes was given a point for his opponent conducting a passive fight. And then the judge could give another point, but already to his opponent. And if the fight ended in a tie, then that wrestler becomes the winner, who last earned a point. It gave that athlete an edge., who was the first to lead an inactive battle. Here the referee already had a big role, worked on the carpet. There were a lot of controversial issues.. Now, a warning is given only once per battle. And if earlier they gave the wrestler 40 seconds, so that he can earn a point, then now he will have one minute. This change should lead to, that both wrestlers from the first minute of the fight will have to work more actively. In addition, the role of the judge in determining the winner will decrease..

Another major innovation concerns changes in weight categories. Competitions will now be held in categories up to 57, 65, 75, 85, 95 and more 95 kg. As you know, earlier we determined the best in scales to 55, 62, 70, 80, 90 and more 90 kg. New rules have been adopted in view of, to unify weight categories with other types of wrestling. It will now be easier for freestyle or classic style wrestlers to perform at hapsagay tournaments. They will not need to fold or gain weight for a new category. by the way, as soon as restrictions on measures to combat coronavirus infection end, The constituent assembly of the Hapsagai Federation of Russia will be held. A new organization will be created for the further development of our national struggle, and under the auspices of the Federation official all-Russian competitions will be held.

Many controversial situations also arose in the mutual fall of the hapsagaists.. Previously, the arbitrator recorded a controversial moment., and the fight continued. Now that wrestler wins, who did the reception or the counter-reception. This again gives the wrestler an advantage., which is more active on the carpet.

Also, according to the new rules, points in the protocol are also fixed for the losing fighter. So, for a net victory the score is recorded 4:0 in favor of the winner. And when you win by points, points are considered differently - if the loser did not have points in defeat, then the account is fixed 3:0 in favor of the winner. And when the wrestler, the injured person has one or two points, then the score is logged 3:1. This scoring is especially important in team competition.. If the teams are equal in number of wins and losses, then points will be counted.

For more dynamic tournaments in the absolute championships, changes affected the time of fights in the semifinal and final meetings. Previously, the final match lasted 10 minutes, and semifinal - eight. Now, according to changes in the rules, they are reduced by two minutes - eight minutes of fights in the final and six minutes in the semifinals ".