Another six Yakutians will receive the coveted crusts of the masters of sports of Russia.

7 May 2020 year on the website of the Ministry of Sports of Russia published an order signed by the head of the department Oleg Matitsyn on awarding the sports title "Master of Sports of Russia of international class" to athletes from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - titled masrestlers, Russian champions, Europe and the world Sergey Konstantinov and Sergey Frolkin.


In accordance with the Regulation on the Unified All-Russian Sports Classification, approved by order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation of February 20 2017 g. № 108 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia 21 Martha 2017 city, registration number 46058), as amended by the order of the Ministry of Sports of Russia from 13 June 2019 g. № 469 (registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia 8 August 2019 city, registration number 55518) I order to confer the sports title "Master of Sports of Russia of the international class" by type of sport: KONSTANTINOV Sergey Nikolaevich and FROLKIN Sergey Olegovich.

“This is a historic and momentous event for us all.”, - Executive Director of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation Ivan Sivtsev told Sport of Yakutia. - Our athletes Sergey Konstantinov and Sergey Frolkin became the first, who received a high sports title. It’s important to note here, that initially the Federation and the Ministry of Sports of Yakutia applied for the assignment of about ten athletes from Yakutia to the MSC. But at this stage, we received confirmed documents for only two athletes. The thing is, that competent filing and processing of documents is a long and difficult process. We hope, that the rest of our masrestlers will receive the coveted crusts in the near future. Among them are world and European champions Pavel Chernogradsky, Dyulustan Nogovitsyn, Natalya Chernogradskaya and other titled Magyns.

Recall, back in february 2015 Mas-wrestling received state accreditation in the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, and the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation was given the status of the All-Russian Sports Federation. Then the requirements and conditions were developed for the assignment of ranks and titles by sport “by weight of VA-”. The first masters of sports of Russia appeared in 2018 year, and two years later the first masters of sports of international class. Now, at the major starts of this year, we are waiting for the first swallows - international masters of sports.

"For, to complete the MSMK Mas Wrestling sports title, There is a specific standard and requirement for athletes. If to explain in a nutshell, then the athlete must win the world championship or European championship, but considering, that in these international competitions athletes from more than 25 foreign countries. In this case, the winner must hold at least three fights on the platform ", – explained Ivan Sivtsev.

add, what 7 May the website of the Ministry of Sports of Russia issued an order to assign another batch of Masters of Sports of Russia in mas-wrestling. Of the Yakut athletes, six were awarded this title: Vasily Androsov, Dyachkovskaya Tatyana, Moses Daniel, Yuri Protopopov, Pshennikov Alexander and Fedorov Innokenty.

Besides, new masters of sports of Russia in mas-wrestling appeared in the Chuvash Republic: Alina Alexeeva, Alekseeva Anastasia and Egorov Stanislav. Also in Kabardino-Balkaria, the title of the MS of the Russian Federation in mas-wrestling will receive Zaurbi Argashokov.

This is the result of many years of fruitful work of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the RS(I), RTsNVS im.V.Mançaarı, All-Russian and International Mas-Wrestling Federations and the Association of National Sports and Folk Games "Sahaada-sport".