Horse racing has long been considered one of the spectacular types of national sports. Thanks to the work of the Equestrian Federation of the RS(I) horse racing attracts more fans every year. GBU RS is an indisputable place in the popularization of this beautiful sport.(I) RCNVS im. AT. Mançaarı. The center is conducting systematic work to improve the system., providing conditions for the development of equestrian sport. One of the breakthrough events in the development of this primordially Yakut sport was the inclusion of horse racing in the program of the Manchaara Games. After all, beginning with 2009 city, many uluses of the republic began to pay attention to horse breeding, not only as a branch of the agricultural industry, but also as a direction of reproduction and education of the best horses in its form.

Today, on the eve of the opening of the expected race season, I would like to tell our readers about one phenomenon in the world of equestrian sports of our republic - the Ivanov brothers. In whose fortunes Manchaara Games played a huge role. they, who watches the jumps, know about it, and they, who in fits and starts attend these competitions, if you carefully read the program, could notice at the same distance the repeated name of the jockeys - Ivanov. These are Ivanov’s brothers from. Usun Kuel of the Suntar ulus - Constantine, Innocent and Valentine.

How did, that three siblings work and succeed in the same industry? How close kinship allows them not to concede on the race track to each other? And can they be considered rivals? We talked about this and much more with Konstantin Ivanov, the trainer and part-time jockey of the train department of the Suntar ulus.

All three Ivanov brothers mounted a horse at an early age, and it is no coincidence. The eldest of the brothers, Konstantin, began. "Our father was a horse breeder, and we helped him from early childhood. Once my father led me to the famous horseman Innokenty Chirikov. At that time, Innokenty Fedorovich was dressing riding horses and, properly, he became that teacher, which opened up for me and my brothers a whole wonderful world called "racehorses". It was then that I decided: all, what I really want is to spend more time with horses. My career began with cleaning the stable, horse care, feeding them and drinking. Despite the dirty work, interest only increased. I started spending all my free time in the stable, helping there, where could, and dreaming of racing. My younger brothers, Kesha and Valentin, pulled themselves behind me. ”.

Konstantin’s dream of riding was fulfilled in 7 class - at Ysyakh he was given the opportunity to participate in races. "Although I, as they say, born in the saddle, Nevertheless, the first time I was not allowed to jump. Today I remember the joy of the race, although from 12 my horses Naskylah came last, happier than man was not in the world. And I wanted to ride more than ever ”.

The talented and young Constantine reached that level, when it's time to spread your wings - starting with 1997 years began to go round the first race horses independently, but not enough experience. At that time, horse racing for him began and ended with ysyakhs in his native ulus, until he arrived in Yakutsk. "I remember, when I crossed the threshold of the hippodrome stables, I was fascinated by the jumps and skill of jockeys. Then how are people, and the horses seemed to me inaccessible. Upon returning home, the only thought that began to torment me was to go out onto the republican path. ”.

Konstantin understood, what to learn from the best, and began his career in the team of Anatoly Baishev. “At first, I didn’t just fulfill my duties, but also watched the workouts for hours. You can learn a lot, watching the work of the coach and jockeys. After all, only with us a jockey is not only a rider, but also the groom, junior trainer, sometimes by a veterinarian. At that time, I realized for myself, that horses are not only work, but also my life. Therefore, I set myself the goal of becoming a coach. Indeed, in our ulus for centuries equestrian competitions have been of great importance, in every lodge kept race horses, ulus rich and merchants brought good horses from Olekma. In Ysyakhakh, races were surely arranged, including long distances - up to 10 km. Traditionally competed with neighbors Nyurbins. Practiced and winter racing, and running amblers, and horse and sleigh races.

In Soviet times, there were also enthusiasts, the same Innocent Fedorovich Chirikov, Gavril Egorovich Alekseev, Illarion Nikolaevich Zakharov, Egor Nikolaevich Petrov, Roman Danilovich Ivanov, Yuri Vasilievich Totonov and many others.

In modern times, eg, livestock farm "Krestyakhsky" Egor Ivanovich Ammosov brought to 1989 g. thoroughbred horse in suntar. But the long distance of one thousand kilometers and the condition of the road to Yakutsk did not allow the Suntar horses at that time to participate in the republican races. ”.

But, as they say, that soldier is bad, who does not dream of becoming a general. AT 2014 year, due to the inclusion of horse racing in the Manchaara Games program, Suntar ulus opened its coaching department in. Yakutsk and this was a turning point in the fate of the brothers. “I'm afraid to even imagine, would we be here today, if not Manchaara Games. We opened our department thanks to them and began to train our horses alongside the legendary personalities of horse racing - Vasily Ignatiev, Sergey Yadreev. Our world is a very narrow world. Everyone not only knows each other well, but also support. for example, Now my own middle brother Innokenty works in the coaching department of Sergei Yadreev. I think, Keshe was lucky with a mentor, who has extensive experience not only as a coach, but also a jockey.  As I already said, learn from the best. Brother started working in r. Yakutsk is much earlier than me, with 2010 g. Прошел стажировку в Краснодарском КФХ «Барсук Т.Л.». За годы работы его мастерство ежегодно совершенствуется, он становился победителем приза Ил Дархана республики в 2016 g. на Хэвенли Стиде. И хотя на скаковой дорожке мы соперники, в жизни мы радуемся успеху друг друга. Это касается не только родного брата, но и жокеев из других отделений. Ведь наша работа очень сложная, скаковой сезон короток, зима длинная, весь год мы не просто заботимся о наших подопечных, но и готовим их к следующему сезону. And here you can’t do without each other’s support ”.

Despite many difficulties, which had to be experienced in the making, Constantine is confident, "That the road will be overcome. After all, the result comes only when you work. Sure, victories are easier to gain with horses with a higher pedigree, but do not forget the role of not only the coach or jockey, but the whole team work. We are supported by the ulus. And we are grateful to the former in 2007-2014 gg. the head of the Suntarsky ulus, Vladimir Ivanovich Tikhonov, who first supported our endeavor. Thanks to him, we were lucky to work with such beautiful horses as Turbo Dancer, Accomplice, Wife. We also highly appreciate the contribution to the development of the Suntar horse breeding of the current head of the ulus Anatoly Vasilievich Grigoriev. Today we are pleased, that we are honored to train Conquistador, Goin Ap, Star Trek, Bolivar and others. After all, only thanks to the support and understanding from the leadership of the ulus can we achieve results ”.  

To date, the Suntar horses have their achievements on the prestigious race tracks of the republic - the prize of Il Darkhan of the republic, prize "Sterkh", Prize «Criterion».

Konstantin Ivanov set himself the goal not only to develop this beautiful kind of national sport in his ulus, but also do breeding work. “At the moment, in our department 12 horses, of them 3 brood mares and one producer. I would like to pay more attention to the horses, who were born and raised in our republic. This is not an easy job., After all, farms bear large unstoppable expenses on the cultivation and overexposure of breeding young. Need more prize races for these horses. This could serve as a good motivation for all teams. ".

Now the main assistant to Konstantin is his younger brother Valentine. “Valentine, like Innocent, since childhood in our circles. In him, probably, there wasn’t even a choice - father and elder brothers set an example so firmly, that as he confessed, never even thought about another profession. How came when still very small, and stayed. I believe, what is right. The main quality in achieving success is not to turn off the chosen path. I think, that a good coach will grow out of Valentine. After all, not all young people withstand the hardships of our work.  This is due to the fact, that at first glance, the work is not promising, underpaid. Rise daily in 4 morning, and so all year round - without days off and holidays, since horses constantly require attention. Therefore, in the equestrian world, enthusiasts work, fans of their craft. And it’s not enough just to be a good worker or hard worker, you still need to love horses wholeheartedly, understand and feel them. It just can't be explained. ”.

In equestrian circles they know Konstantin, as a positive and balanced person, and although to date there is no coveted victory for the prizes of Il Darkhan and the Games of Manchaara, he rightfully considers, that "the most important thing is not to lose heart, do not give up, go towards goals. If it didn’t work out today, then get tomorrow. We must strive for more, but be realistic. All comes with experience".


Tureckiy ОКОНЕШНИКОВА (photo from personal archive and open sources)