The most anticipated national all-around competition is planned to be held this year..

This was announced by "Sport of Yakutia" the head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutsk Konstantin Burtsev.

“The management receives a lot of calls not only from the athletes themselves, but also the fans, including about competitions. Today we do not have a clear idea, where and when will we be able to hold the final tournament "Games Dygyna", but in any case, the competition of the strongest all-rounders will take place this year. If not this summer, then closer to the fall we will spend exactly. The transfer of the tournament to next year is out of the question.

These days, on this issue, we made an appointment with the head of the city, Sardana Avksentieva.. We have a number of suggestions.. Moreover, we do not consider the option of holding competitions without spectators. It is fundamentally. «Игры Дыгына» – это турнир, which are waiting for thousands of people in the republic, and hold it in empty stands - it’s pointless.

But first, we should decide on the date and venue of the qualifying tournament. It is known, that only three athletes have trips to the finals (Egor Filippov, as the current winner and champions of the republic 2020 years in national all-around Vladimir Fedorov and Alexey Uvarovsky - approx. "SY"). For the rest we have to carry out the qualifying stage. Probably, it will be the transferred Champion Cup tournament to the prizes of Ivan Belolyubsky, where all remaining will be played 9 final licenses. According to the situation, this tournament should take place a month before the final part, so that athletes can regain strength.

I would like to add, due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the city, and in the republic as a whole, "Ysyakh Tuymaada" most likely this year will not be. Therefore, the final part of the “Dygyn Games” may be held indoors in the fall (SK "Dohsun" or CSP "Triumph"), eg, in September as part of the celebration of Yakutsk City Day. Really hope, that closer to this date the coronavirus pandemic will completely subside. So we urge athletes not to lose their athletic form.

As for the rest of the competitions according to the management schedule, then we will try to hold all the main events before the end of the year. This applies primarily to regular championships in game sports (mini football, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey)», - added the interviewee.