In a pandemic, in connection with the spread of coronavirus, mutual assistance is needed as never before, especially the elderly, low mobility citizens. Now volunteers work in all regions of Russia, delivering food, medicines, essential goods. Thousands of people voluntarily do good. Now they are there, where really needed.

The other day, the sports community of our republic joined the volunteer movement #We together. Indeed, in conditions of self-isolation, there are many citizens in our city, who needs help, and a sports volunteer movement helps them meet those, who is ready to help.  

National Sports Athletes, trainers and leadership RCNS them. AT. Manchaaras also come to grips with coronavirus – registered on the site volunteers of Russia.rf, completed online training, safety training and received certificates. And the first on behalf of the RCNS began the volunteer work of the world mas-wrestling champions Dmitry Popov, Sergey Konstantinov, champion of Russia Erchim Bappagay, World Cup Winner Innokenty Fedorov, under the leadership of the head coach of the national team of the republic Egor Kudrin. Our mas-wrestlers contactlessly delivered food to more than sixty elderly people and single pensioners.. Yakutsk.

Our volunteer athletes urge all who care, wanting to help, join the volunteer movement #We Together.

Yellow Okoneshnikova