Alexander Akimov: Do not panic, stay calm and prudent, take all measures for its security

dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the International Federation of mass-wrestling and on my own behalf, I welcome you to thank you for your great contribution to the promotion and development of mass-wrestling in your countries!

Unfortunately, pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus infection has changed our habitual way of life. The first victims of this infection were residents of China, South Korea, Italy, France and several other countries. And now coronavirus is spreading rapidly across all continents of our planet.

However, according to the latest Health Affairs Committee of Hubei Province, in Wuhan, which has become the epicenter of the pandemic, For several days in a row are not recorded new cases. This fact gives us all great hope for a speedy completion of the crisis. They have achieved such performance due to a very responsible attitude to safety precautions, have been taken to combat the virus.

To carry out complex anti-epidemic measures around the world to cancel all public events, And we, is no exception. As you know, The International Federation of mass-wrestling was forced to cancel a number of international measures to stabilize the situation.

For security reasons,, Many countries impose a quarantine mode, and closing their borders. We understand the importance, the validity and the urgency of such decisions and call to take them with a full understanding. Otherwise, non-compliance will lead to a deterioration of the situation and the extension of restrictive measures.

Dear Colleagues, friends!

I urge you not to lose heart. Let's consider a quarantine as a welcome break, которая стала нужна всему миру в этом бешеном ритме жизни. Карантин — это не только ограничение, but also new opportunities for communication. We can, using the internet, outline a plan of work for the current and future years. You can define the main points of the, which is necessary to emphasize in the future. We are open to dialogue.

From my side, we promise, that as soon as the situation becomes more stable, The International Federation will resume its full operations.

Once again I appeal to all mass-wrestlers of the world take care of yourself, care about each other. Do not panic, stay calm and prudent, take all measures for his safety and that of those around you. Take care of yourself and your family, stay healthy and not get sick.


With best regards, President of the International Federation of mass-wrestling A.K.AKIMOV.