WITH 21 March, the Ministry of Sports recommends to suspend, postpone or cancel all sporting events in our country, and to establish a limited operation of children's sports schools.

These decisions were not easy for us. They will affect a huge number of people - not only professional athletes, trainers, specialists, but fans, fans and children, engaged in sports schools. For most of them sport - it's not just a hobby, sport - it's a fact of life.

I think this is the only right decision. Coronavirus pandemic has affected all spheres of our life. Physical culture and sport is no exception. Today, in the first place for all of us - men's health. Together, we must prevent the spread of the virus. We must comply with all possible precautions, protect yourself and others.

Many have already switched to remote mode, someone is quarantined. This special and very unusual situation for us - to give up the daily affairs, social activities, restrict the communication with colleagues, friends and relatives.

Separately I appeal to children's coaches, whose pupils are temporarily unable to go to training. Support them, Be in touch with them and with their parents. Explain, how to exercise at home, so as not to lose everything, what you taught them. After all, they - our future.

Please Russian athletes, star Theater, movie, pop, known bloggers, sportsmanship. Talk and share on social networks about, how do you keep fit at home. love you, appreciate, you will become an example for all. I'm sure, These simple steps will help us through a difficult situation.

I urge all to understand treat our recommendations. be healthy, Take care of loved ones, especially the elderly.

Activities will definitely come back in our lives. thank!

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