when they say, that one person can change the whole world - it's hard to believe. But today Yakut board games habylyk haamyska and became one of the most popular games in our republic. can say, that second wind in these games. And it happened thanks to the hard work of a great enthusiast and permanent promoter of contemporary Yakut board games Andrei Ivanovich Donskoy, and his follower and continuer of traditions, senior coach RTSNVS im.V. Manchaary and our current companion - Nadezhda Nikolayevna Belolyubskaya.

In response to recent events, associated with the spread of coronavirus, Our conversation took place remotely - via video. Nonetheless, even from a distance you can feel the charm, iron will and perseverance Nadezhda Nikolayevna, feel her great love for his work.

Nadezhda - amazing person coaching fate, who found himself in the upbringing of children and the promotion of the Yakut of board games. Childhood Nadezhda Nikolayevna was difficult - early orphaned. Hope has become the main support for their 6 younger siblings. So they were living then in a boarding school in his native Verkhnevilyuisk. At that time, most of all she hated holidays. After all the kids went home for family home, and they had to huddle together with relatives or stay in a boarding school. Nadya has repeatedly managed to "bunny" ferry across the river the brothers and sisters, so they could over the summer to rest and gain strength in the village… And so every day a little girl committed everyday feat - raising siblings without parents, bear the burden of the eldest in the family, and not only to survive, but also learn to achieve their goals. Nadezhda at the memory of his childhood sad smiles, but seasons the story portion of humor and optimism.

When communicating Nadezhda surprising breadth of vision, grand design. Even during the work in elementary school, she was among the first in the country introduced a system of developmental education Elkonin- Davydova, thus abandoning the traditional system - it says Nadezhda Nikolayevna as a person and a pioneer, which is constantly being developed and improved, and not looking for easy ways.

Moving from Ust-Aldan region in Yakutsk, she found herself as a younger generation trainer. Today Nadezhda - well-known in sporting circles outside Russia coach with a capital letter. However, it bears far-reaching plans and goals - promoting Yakut board games on the national and even international levels. Thanks to her efforts, Relations and abilities students have successfully participated in many international intellectual games of Turkic peoples, thus showing and promoting our habylyk and haamyska. AT 2019 g. thanks to Nadezhda Nikolayevna and Director RTSNVS them. AT. Manchaary Gavrila Mihajlovichu Mokhnachevskaya in g. Yakutsk first held open festival "9 Turkic games", where guests were representatives from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Altai.

And today, we asked Nadezhda Nikolayevna talk about his coaching work and plans for the future:

-How did you come into the professionyu baby coach by Yakutm Nationalm tablem gamesPopulation, and that the impact on your choice?

– Habylyk attracted me since childhood. I was born and raised in Verkhnevilyuisk, can say, in that place, where habylyk and cultivated always haamyska. While, winter long days for the children there was no better entertainment, than habylyk. We played everywhere - in school during recess, in a boarding school after school.

After high school, he was admitted to Teachers College Viljujsky. On the distribution began working in Nayahinskoy school Ust-Aldan region. I immediately fell in love with his job, especially children. 13 years as Pioneer, then a primary school teacher.

In the 80s a couple of times habylyk included in the program of cultural and sporting events Ust-Aldan region. In them I participated. These were the times, Yakut when board games were not popular, but I continued to play.

AT 2008 was learned, in Yakutsk competitions in habylyk and haamyska. Met Capitolina Mikhailovna Alexeyeva, who taught me the new rules of the game. I began to introduce the game in schools, teach children, started playing at national tournaments. Here I first met Andrei Ivanovich Donskoi - the founder of the Federation, the RS board games(I), promoter and habylyk haamyska games. And from this period I began my serious hobby these games.

AT 2010 g. I moved to Yakutsk. The first steps were more than modest, but they are very dear to my heart. I supported my classmate - A.G.Eliseeva, a primary school teacher in the 26th school. I began keeping a circle on habylyk and haamyska - began to teach the basics of playing the whole class. its class, parents were special - the collective was peace, agreement and understanding.

Classes invited A.I.Donskogo, I.G.Andreeva, E.N.Petrova. I met with the CEO FNNI N.N.Kozhurovoy. This time, I always remember with warmth in the heart - educating these young children, I myself more loved and habylyk haamyska. I wanted to do, work…

AT 2012 city, at the suggestion of Hope Nikitichny I took them in RTSNVS. AT. Manchaary coach of the national board games. And since I work in the now to the families and loved ones heart.


Yakut national board games at Currently experiencing a second wind, with which you associate growth them popularity?

– Yes, habylyk popular games and haamyska growing every day. And that makes me very happy. Athletes appeared more conscious attitude to employment,  It becomes greater than a well-trained participants on the PC championships(I) , Cups FNII, national tournaments and championships PC(I).

This is primarily due to the fact, that developed new requirements and standards for assignment of sports titles PC(I) on national board games. Secondly, with 2017 g. habylyk and haamyska included in the program of the Games Manchaary, with 2019 g. - in the program of the Games Olonkho. The rising popularity of games also assist Manchaary inclusion among the participants of the Games athletes with disabilities (2017city). Its useful to note, which are incorporated and operate ulus FNII, Game included in the program of competitions ulus. Organized competitions Federation of Trade Unions, youth organizations, student associations. And all this together helps the development of the national board games.

To the development of the national board games certainly had difficulties, what you have to face?

– In RTSNVS them. Manchaary first office was established national folk games for schoolchildren. We started with a clean sheet. Were no springs, little literature about games. Therefore, there were difficulties in programming, rules. But thanks to the then director of the Center for Innocent Y. Grigoriev and very competent Methodists department training sports reserve us together managed to build a job.

Probably, like a man, which is heavily involved in not only the popularization, but also the introduction to aboutbscherossiysky level Yakut national games, Your dream home this is noempionat Russia and Pervenstvo countries on the Yakut national board games. What you need to do?

– ABOUT, here need time. First of all, the sport you want to include in the Russian register of sports. To our games recognized sport - we need to perform a number of trebovny. Currently, work is underway in the national federation. Federation president RS board games(I) Olga G. Grigorieva is scheduled to work on the preparation of documents. AND, hope, in the future we will carry out the All-Russia competitions. AT 2021 by Nur- Sultan I planned on ethnosport World Cup. Our big dream and a challenge - inclusion in the program of games and our habylyk haamyska.

you developit is in our country, not only the traditional table games originally habylyk and haamyska, but also table games of Turkic peoples. How come such an idea?

– The Turkic world games we introduced Innocent Y.. On his initiative,, first time we 2016 g. participated at the second Games of the nomads in Kyrgyzstan. Here and met with the games Toguz korgol (Kyrgyz game) and brazier (Turkey game). There, in Cholpon-Ata, we first conducted abroad by habylyk and haamyska tournament. Since then we often traveled to Kazakhstan, in Kyrgyzstan, Altai Republic. With the support of the current head of Gabriel Mikhailovich Center, my students participated in the Third World Games of Nomads, international tournament of intellectual games, Asian Championships. Established a close relationship with the Federation of Kazakhstan. And all this while maintaining their games - we promote their.

You are also one of the initiators and authors of new games and new rules. Often Recent encounters have in lifethe barrier or resistance, both are in the sports community of the Republic of board games to the conduct of the new rules of games?

– Yes, there were some difficulties, incomprehension. This is due to the fact, that the old rules of the game and the competition does not act. The game is growing rapidly. Innocent Y. closely followed the development of games and pointed to the need to better exercise for habylyk and haamyska.

It was a lot of controversy habylyk. How to catch the sticks, counted whether the use of the back of the brush on the 70-80%? Judges then it is difficult to determine. And since last year, with the support of our veterans, We came to the same request to the formulation of the hand and catching on 100% back of the hand.

Currently, all athletes meet the new requirements of habylyk.

Haamyska for the first time as certain types of games are included with tonsuur 7 haamyska, 'Umsaakh', 'Kuyeregei', 'Beautiful'. The introduction of these games in the competition program also caused a positive reaction. Especially with tonsuur 7 haamyska. pleases, that the first pancake was not lumpy. Playing with 7 and 9 haamyska - is the main difference between our game from its analogues in the world haamyska. Therefore, we must develop them. After all, we have someone to be - our predecessors veterans.

The author of the play "YMCA" is D.V.Syromyatnikov. This game requires a high training of athletes. Introduction of new games, I think, diversity and enrich the entire range of national board games, motivates athletes to achieve results. Now everything is settled…

Your main activities are related to children's sportsohm. nbut Today, the number of children engaged in the Yakut national board games and that affects the choice of children?

– Currently, the department is engaged in 50 children, and they are just wonderful. Initially, many habylyk and haamyska - it's just a game. Children come to play. But gradually beginning to understand, how much effort is required, to achieve sports results. It knows only real sportsman, executed the sports categories, candidate for master of sports rules and the master of sports. It's a lot of work and dedication. In habylyk haamyska and play the most industrious, strong-willed and stubborn children. And over time in the game are just the same just such children.

WITH what age parents must be send their children to school Yakut table games? And is there a selection among interested,-  and if there, then on what Basically you select children?

– It is best to start with 7 years old. At this age, children are both physiologically, and psychologically prepared for regular exercise. Not, children are not selected. Let them try. In the course of employment watching, I spend a test to determine the coordination abilities.

What quality is paramount develop Yakut board games?

– These games not only develop motor skills of hands, dexterity, responsiveness, coordination, but also contribute to the development of thinking. For good reason leading psychologists say, that the child's mind - "at their fingertips" or "hand - this is an external brain".

how to understand, if the baby has a certain inclination or talent, and what thereof may grow champion?

– first, what you should pay attention - this is the interest of the child. The second - a predisposition. I notice, children, who played the parents, grandmother, grandfather, at some genetically have this predisposition. We have developed a special system for determining the physical fitness of students, built the process of preparation of athletes. Sure, not all achieve high results, but such qualities, as industriousness, persistence in achieving goals, commitment, which requires not only an athlete, develop at all.

You brought up not only of the Republic of Champions, but the champions of international intellectual desktop games. What are the requirements you set for pupils? You - severelyand trainer?

– The most important thing - to treat children respectfully, understand their individual qualities, but at the same time, I think, I'm pretty strict coach. for example, my students, when playing habylyk and haamyska, understand the main thing - "I know: what, where and how to do ". If a player is a beginner - to me he's just done! And if he is engaged in the second year, Basic requirements - "look carefully". To those, who is with me for the third year, and more - it is "important, do not rush".

Today, when children are mostly sitting at gadgets, how to attract them to employmenteat sports, including board games?

– You can enter our games in the program of physical education lessons, open additional clubs, organize events. for example, School number 5 g. Yakutsk is conducted annually Games of national sports. It is very commendable, even more so in a multinational school. Much also depends on the parents'. It is necessary to show by example, start playing with children, benefit habylyk haamyska and do not require special equipment and physical preparedness.

Sure, Coronbutthe virus has made some changes in the schedule of competitions, but asovy Your plans? Your pupils continue in quarantine time training, and how you inspire them?

– During the quarantine everyone knows, that should be dealt with at home. Write in a diary of the game. Will watch a motivational film "The Girl and the Dolphin" about Nastya Diodorova, write impressions. Developed and sent children to the tests "Do you know the national sports". So that, hope, my children to sit around will not work.

As for the plans, then the initial group training pupils in the near future - competitions. We will participate in the All-Russian Olympiad on remote physical education "On your marks!».

AND at to concludedecision: Your wishes to our readers?

– Everyone to know, what do we have, in the Sakha people, to preserve and develop these great games, how habylyk and haamyska. They are available to all. Play the whole family, Play with friends.


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