Today, 21 Martha, – День коневода-табунщика, representative of one of the oldest and most difficult professions. This professional holiday celebrated in our republic 2017 g.

You, probably, agree, that drove breeding of horses - this is our national treasure, special pride and an integral part of the culture of the Sakha people. Today breeding - it is not only keeping and breeding herd horses, but also resistant breeding to preserve the unique Yakut breed. And the peak of this work is the equestrian events - races on long distances, which defines the best in its breed of horses.

Our ancestors of old performed such competitions, horses competed on a variety of distances - from 10 km to 300 km. Today, the Federation Equestre PC(I) systematically organized competitions among the Yakut horses, including on the marathon. The held throughout the year 5 major national competitions for the Yakut horse breed.

The first official competitions in the country began to organize in the mid 40s. last century. Even in the distant 1935 g. according to the Decree of the CPC YASSR in Yakutsk it was built racetrack and stables erected state. Then there was a task - to improve the breed Yakut horses. For these purposes, 1937 g. were first imported stallions breed Orel. And began appearing hybrids Yakut horses - siencher.

In Soviet times, actively carried out breeding, created studs, racecourses and stables were built in areas, imported English thoroughbred, Don, Budenovsky breed horses. At the same time there were modern racing, were held now traditional racing "Derby", "Prize YASSR Government", «Критериум», "Opening"..

WITH 2005 years were annually held races for the prize of the President of RS(I), at the same time the prize was established by the Government of RS(I) for Yakut horses at a distance 10 km, which are designed to support horse breeding in the republic.

One of the most significant events in the development of horse breeding became the, that horse races were made to the program in XVlll Games Manchaary 2009 g. c d. Viljujske, as a traditional form of national competitions. Then the victory at a distance 1600 m scored Dunk Shot, Steed of Megino- Kangalasskogo area, at a distance 2400 m knew equal Win Lavier of Suntarsky ulus, at a distance 3200 m crossed the finish line first horse hangalasstsev - Boatswain.

AT 2013 g. in Churapcha, on these Games Manchaary, in the distance on the program was introduced horse racing 7000 m for the Yakut horse breed. At the first competition in the race won by the stallion of Verkhnevilyuisk ulus Barakhsan.

AT 2017 year anniversary of the XX Olympic Games in Manchaary s.Verhevilyuysk on the race track found no equal in the team standings Churapchinsky horses.

The modern history of the native races of the Yakut horses is just beginning. In the future, they RTSNVS. Manchaary plans to hold other (apart from the traditional race) competitions on the Yakut horses, which will identify not only the best horses frolic, but also the physical abilities of the riders - archery, or possession of other kind of weapons on horseback. And then, possibly, will begin a new stage in the development of horse breeding in the republic.

And today, we must not forget, that horse breeding - is not only a branch of agriculture or food industry, but also a cultural, sporting heritage of our people. And we hope, that horse breeding, including horse riding, as a kind of Yakut national competitions, will only be developed and refined.



press center RTSNVS.