Today marks 80 s remarkable man, talented teacher and coach Gavril Gavrilevich Sivtsev.

Honored coach YASSR on the Yakut jumps, winner of the sports of the twentieth century, Three times he was named the best coach of the republic. A native Ospehskogo nasleg Ust-Aldan region, Omsk Institute of Physical Education graduate, He worked as a teacher in his homeland, in the area of ​​Mirny.

AT 1968 Gavril Gavrilevich year began working at the Department of Physical Education Yakut State University, along with mentors who later became known S.N.Everstovym youth, G.A.Gusevym, I.A.Gusevoy, N.K.Shamaevym, V.P.Kochnevym, conducted classes, coached college basketball team.

WITH 1975 g. Gavril Gavrilevich became a coach in athletics, among his pupils were such known athletes, as the ex-champion of the republic in long jump, unique athlete Vladimir Gotovtsev ( 7m 02 cm), javelin thrower T.Grigorev, record holder in discus E.Bolshedvorskaya, master of sports of international class Semyon Dedyukina, the first of the Yakut people Master of Sports in Athletics Arthur Feofanov.

Then Gavrilevich Gavril became involved with his students Yakut jumps. Among his pupils - flying jumpers Alexander Platonov, Vasily Nikolaev, Nikolai Sofronov, Anatoly Dobryantsev, Boris Ilyin, Innocent Grigoriev, Alexander Kim, Dmitri Kozyrev, many of them became champions of the republic.

For over forty years he gave his favorite occupation - the sport pedagogy, He made a huge contribution to the development of the sports movement, It is becoming a symbol of an era in the history of the Yakut sports - Teacher champions. trained more than 30 masters of sports of Russia and PC(I), more 40 candidates for master of sports of the RSFSR and Yakut ASSR. He was awarded the badge "For merits in development of physical culture and sports YASSR".

Recently, however, he was not in sight, and his name was to go into oblivion. Let's not forget their teachers ...

Vladislav KOROTOV.