But the real sensation has created a completely different athlete

While in the car played Verkhnevilyuisk ulus, on the opposite bank of our river Lena, in. Diri, Churapchinsky District, held not less than spectacular and prestigious republican anti hapsagay tournament for the prizes of Procopius Nikonovich Bryzgaeva - Bөҕө Taraҕay.

Competitions were held in three age categories - men, boys and male veterans. Skirmishes took place in twelve weight classes, in which it has been involved 182 athlete from 14 commands.

the strongest, list of participants, was the weight category up to 75 kg men, where the first two places have played each other representatives Kobyayskiy wrestling school - Ivan Vladislav Semenov and Levchik. Earlier fighters have often met each other and know each other almost all, and that's why, watch this struggle is doubly interesting. In this battle, like last time, in the final of the absolute superiority of the tournament Khangalassky, winner came Ivan Semyonov.

The real sensation, in the weight category above, He created the famous all-rounder and masrestler Aisen bot, which this time turned into hapsagaista. Most surprising of all is not the, he won first place, and that, he won the confidence of a large carpet masters from Tatta region Ignatius Androsov. We hope, that he will continue to continue to act on the carpet and delight us with their performances.

At the end of the tournament, It has traditionally been carried out in the absolute superiority of the two weight categories. The winner in the category of up to 75 kg was named Vladislav Levchik, who was awarded a certificate for foal, and in the category of heavyweights was not equal Leonid Popov of Tatta region, who received an award certificate for the purchase of a gun MP-156.

Sandal Nikanorova

men (2002 G. R. and older)

57 kg

1.Betyunov orange-Tattinskiy

2.Alexei greenhouse-Namskiy

3.Lıtkin team-external-Kangalasskiy

65 kg

1.Boris Petrov-Amginsky

2.Andrew Sofronov-Churapchinsky (Woods)

3.Peter Vasilev-Mountain

75 kg

1.Semenov Ivan Kobyayskiy

2.Vladislav Levchik-Kobyayskiy

3.Kolesov David-Tattinsky

85 kg

1.Bot Aisen-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Alexey Nikolaev-Amginsky

3.Kolosov arcade Lena

St.. 85 kg

1.Leonid Popov-Tattinsky

2.Ivanov Ayylhan-Yakutsk

3.Mikhailov Gavril Suntar Modu

veterans (1980 G. R. and older)

60 kg

1.Vasiliev Tattinsky Ariane

2.Orosin Alexander-Tattinsky

3.Nikolai Ivanov-Churapchinsky (Arylakh)

70 kg

1.Pavlov, FIFA Çurapça

2.Nikolai greenhouse-Namskiy

3.Fedorov Edward Churapcha

80 kg

1.Andreev Alexander-Churapchinsky (Diri)

2.Osip Petrov-Tattinsky

3.Andrei Vasilyev, Churapcha

St.. 80 kg

1.Sivtsev Afanasy- Churapcha

2.Sergeev Procopius-Amginsky

3.Vinokurov Vasiliy-Verkhnevilyuisk

adolescents (2003 G. R. and younger)

50 kg

1.Spiridonov Denis-Churapcha

2.Maksimov Eric- Invite -Çurapçinskiy

3.Makartsov Masters-Dyryn -Churapchynskyy

60 kg

1.Pinigin Vladimir-Dirin-Churapchinsky

2.Zhergotov Andrian-Churapcha

3.Savvinov Vasily- Modu -Yakutsk

St.. 60 kg

1.Vitaly Nikolaev-Churapcha

2.Ksenofontov Peter-Churapcha

3.Mikhail Pavlov-Churapcha