Tournament winners shotguns, and the absolute champion of the foal

Last weekend was rich in sporting events. At different points in our country we have been major sporting events, which are closely watched sports fans. Of particular interest was the Republican tournament for the prizes of the fight hapsagay WWII participant, first absolute champion YASSR Innokentievich Vasily Stepanov - Buuchuguras, which was already in the current year 41 time!

Competitions were held with 15 by 16 February at the sports complex "Үs hoһuun", which is named after three legendary fighters of the twentieth century hapsagayu Alexey Vasiliev - Mordono, Vasily Stepanov - and Nikita Buuchuguras Doktorova - Bychyrdaan. tournament, from the whole country attended by more than 250 fighters of different suits.

among men,, in the lowest weight category, won verhnevilyuets Oleg Fedotov, who defeated in the final of a beautiful kontrprohodom Sergei Alexandrov legs. his victory, Oleg once again proved, he is neosparimym champion in this weight class and still holds the leading position.

weighing up, weight category 65 kg, the entire podium occupied Verkhnevilyuisk wrestlers wrestling school. So, Champion was recognized Sahamin Stepanov, which is tactically very well built all his fights and in a relaxed manner passed all his rivals, a step away from the gold stopped his countryman Vilyuyan Ivanov, and the bronze medal was won by a recognized master of combat hapsagay Egor Ivanov.

In the weight category up to 75 kg, where it was stated 21 fighters, We met in the final of Rustam Prokopiev and Ayaan Okhlopkov. Rustam, as always, He began to lead a more expectant fight, at the right time to take advantage of a mistake the opponent and attack him. This tactic brought their favor, because when left minutes before the end of the fight, Rustam Prokopiev led with a score of 1:0. But to increase the pressure at the end of the fight, Namsky fighter pass fraudulently feet dropped highly experienced master hapsagay fight on the mat. In addition to this beautiful victory, Looking ahead we can tell, that put up for lottery winners for the tournament Japanese car brand Toyota, stretching "the happy root", vıigral FIFA Ohlopkov.

Very controversial finale turned in weight to 85 kg, where they met master fight hapsagay Athanasius Matveyev and Igor Sofroneev. For all the fight the fighters did not produce a single receipt and have not earned points, and because, outcome of the match was decided by considering their previous fights, and how much they during this time scored points. According to the calculations of judges, champion was eventually recognized as Athanasius Matveev, I do not agree with his rival and urged the judges to reconsider the decision and re-check data. The protest was adopted Sofroneeva, but the decision on the result is still the same - Matveev champion.

In the weight category up to 95 kg, a victory, to the delight of the local fans, celebrated Stanislav Stepanov, which is a nice throw through a hip beat Nyurbinsky athlete Dmitry Nehorukova. But in the course of the bout seemed, Dmitry monitoring the situation and taking the middle of the carpet led the struggle, Stepanova skills but this time it did not disappoint, and he took advantage of his chance in full.

In the heaviest weight category, no questions asked, gold medal on again tried Verkhnevilyuisk hero Uvar Timofeev. His opponent in the final battle began Stepan Gavriliev, who could not do anything to oppose him.

Youth and veterans were also carried out an interesting battle and beautiful finals. So, champions in their weight categories were Algys Lebedkin, Leonid Yakovlev, Rodion Vasilev, Aysel Poskaçin, Yakov Yakovlev, Spartak Alekseev, Stepan Rodionov, Alexander Ptitsyn, Vladimir Litvinov, Semen Timofeev Vasiliy Afanasiev.

After all the speeches by weight categories, time has come, when it was necessary to find out the absolute champion in the weight category 75 kg and above 75 kg. Contractions in the absolute superiority passed on the pilot rule "үs iileeh hapsagay", according to which the following, which are displayed on the carpet, after a certain time are reduced, and thus combat zone narrows.

Looking ahead to say, that in the final of the absolute superiority of the fighters came from Verkhnevilyuisk, are played between a champion ranks. So, weight up 75 kg, met Rustam Prokopiev and Gavril Illarionov. If all Rustam have expected to see in the final part, the output Gavrila Illarionov became a sensation. In the semi-final he opposed Sahamin Stepanov, which was most likely a favorite meeting. But lightning going into the back of the enemy and in the process has been dropped on the carpet, Illarionov has earned the chance to contest the title of Absolute Champion.

The final fight was very tense, because both fighters had their own reasons to win - Rustam had somehow reanimated after losing finals, Gavrila and was unlucky to enter the top three winners. Prokopiev was larger his counterpart and therefore captured the center of the mat and led the struggle, while Illarionov episodes just attacked and tried to keep their distance. But in the latest attack to catch his rival and punished for rashness. As a result, Rustam Prokopiev - the undisputed champion in the weight up 75 kg.

In the category over, on the carpet met old rivals and friends Uvar Timofeev Plato Savvinov. In size and physical data, Timofeev at times superior to his rival, which is more on 20 kg less than its rival. But what exactly is not inferior Savvinov, so it is in the skill and can, he even slightly superior to boil down to this aspect of the fight, which he proved during fight.  So, in the middle of the fight, after a long and slow start, Uvar decided to go to the legs and finish the fight early victory, but he was caught in the "trap" Savvinova and gave him his neck. Plato also, Do not miss this opportunity and constantly tugging down his head and rocking his opponent and knocked him become the undisputed champion in the heavyweight category. It is worth mentioning, before that, He also won Dulustaan ​​Andreeva, which as Uvar Timofeev at times more than Savvinov. So that, victory in this championship Plato Savvinova absolutely deserved.

Sandal Nikanorova

Champions and prize-winners:

men (2002 G. R. and older)

57 kg

1.Oleg Fedotov, Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Sergey Alexandrov-Vilyusky

3.Nogovitsin Chirgel-Kobyayskiy

65 kg

1.Stepanov Sahamin-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Ivanov Vilyuyan-Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Egor Ivanov-Verkhnevilyuisk

75 kg


2.Prokopiev Rustam Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Kilibyeyev Aisyen Khangalasskii

85 kg

1.Matveev Afanasy- Vilyusky

2.Sofroneev Igor-Namsky

3.Nifonov Victor Vilyusky

95 kg

1.Stanislav Stepanov-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Nehorukov Dmitry Nyurba

3.Pavel Nikolaev, Kobyay

Over 95 kg

1.Timofeev-Uvar Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Stephen Havrylev-Amga

3.Andreev Dyulustan-Nyurba

adolescents (2003 G. R. and younger)

45 kg

1.Lebedkin Algys-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Maksimov Ersan-Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Ivanov Afonya-Verkhnevilyuisk

50 kg

1.Leonid Yakovlev-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Ivanov Micheal-Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Nikitin Aita Vilyusky

55 kg

1.Rodion Vasilev-Khangalassky

2.Timur Vasiliev Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Gavrilov Aleksey-Kobyay

62 kg

1.Poskaçin Aysel-Kobyay


3.Mordovskoy Cyril-Verkhnevilyuisk

70 kg

1.Yakovlev Yakov Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Dohunaev Alempy-Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Ksenofontov Senya-Verkhnevilyuisk

Over 70 kg

1.Alekseev Spartak Vilyusky

2.Bappagay River Moruot-Verkhnevilyuisk

3.Soldatov Ivan Khangalassky

veterans (1980 G. R. and older)

60 kg

1.Rodionov Stepan-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Solomonov Peter Khangalasskii

3.Evgeniy Vasiliev Nyurba

70 kg

1.Ptitsyn Alexander-Megino-Kangalassky

2.Nikolai Ivanov-Tattinskiy

3.Sergei Ignatyev, Verkhnevilyuisk

80 kg

1.Vladimir Litvinov-Verkhnevilyuisk

2.Chirikov Ivan Verkhoyansk

3.Mordovskoy Ilha Verkhnevilyuisk

90 kg

1.Semen Timofeev-Vilyusky

2.Christopher Hristoforov-Tattinskiy

3.Sergey Zakharov-Megino-Kangalassky

Over 90 kg

1.Vasiliy Afanasiev Nyurba

2.Roumeen Alexander-Namsky

3.Alexander Ustinov-Tattinsky