Regardless of the founders and in spite spiteful critics, mas-wrestling continues to spread throughout the world. This benign virus struck all continents. They become infected immediately and forever, and there is no vaccine against it.

In g.Richmond (Virginia, USA) a great friend of our country, known masrestler heavyweight Chad Chad Clark Clark held a seminar on the Yakut pulling sticks. After training and a thorough discussion of Yakutia, of the Yakut culture. That's how our mas-wrestling becomes a conductor, not only in the world of sports, but also pushes the boundaries, It is a true ambassador of our northern land worldwide.

Mas-wrestling came back in one South American country - Bolivia. Another fan of power sports Oscar Andres Melgar Rivero Oscar Rivero conducted seminars in the cities of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

And that is commendable: begins to engage in our view not simply adopt it, and bring something of their own - in technique, training process.

Even without a lot of effort on the part of our country, without waiting for the financing and other real thanks to our friends, mas-wrestling spread throughout the world. And that is remarkable, grateful neophytes pulling the stick never forget to mention in your hashtags, that the weight-wrestling comes from a distant Yakutia #maswrestling #maswrestlingtraining #powerlifting #Strongman #Tankspower #entrenamiento #training #treino #Beard #BeardPower #russia #yakutsk #traditionalSport #bolivia🇧🇴 #grip #gym

Vladislav KOROTOV.