How effective this year were the Yakut sportsmen on the Russian and international arena, on the development of the country hapsagaya, what paths exist, to raise Yakut freestyle wrestling at the international level, the results of the outgoing year in an interview YSIA said Minister for Physical Culture and Sport Innocent Grigoriev

- Innocent Y., ends another year. What are the results of the Yakut sportsmen on the Russian and international official competitions?

- Sure, the effectiveness of the institutions assessed by performance of athletes at the Olympic, Paralympics and Deaflympics, championships, cups, world championships, Europe, international tournaments, as well as the championships and the Russian Federation.

So, at 2019 year's official competition athletes of the republic in "Sport Training" conquered all 1043 medals, What's on 98 medals more than the 2018 year (945), of them gold - 323, silver - 325, bronze - 395.

Including, in the sphere of sports athletes brought Yakut 272 medals, of them gold - 92, silver - 82, bronze - 98. Young athletes won 635 medals (gold - 180, silver - 189, bronze - 266). Representatives of the adaptive sports brought 81 Medal, a national sports - 55 medals.

If you recall, then 2018 , the athletes of the republic was conquered 945 medals, of them gold - 340, silver - 302, bronzovyh- 303.

On 2019 year candidates for the Russian team are 194 athlete, of them 56 - adult, 138 - young athletes. This boxing, judo, athletics, swimming, shooting, wrestling, Shotgun, archery, cross-country skiing, Sports people with damage to the musculoskeletal system, sports deaf, by weight of VA-, drafts.

- How many competitions held this year?

- IN 2019 year of the planned 550 events held 532, of them 273 - for mass events, 121 - national sports, 90 - in adaptive sports, 53 - for youth sport. Total coverage was 333 thousand. person.

Significant place in the conduct of mass events for different groups of people occupy such annual events as the republican days Volleyball, "Ski Track of Russia", decade of jogging and walking, "Cross the Nation", activities to promote the TRP complex. Year after year, they are gaining popularity among the population, gaining mass.

- What is the coverage of the population, and how close to the mark regularly engaged in physical culture and sports in 55 percent of the total population?

- The proportion of citizens, regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, the republic to 2024 year should reach 55%. The goal set by Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his decree. According to the federal statistical observation, at 2018 , the number of regularly engaged in physical culture and sports in the republic, compared with 2017 year, increased across all categories on 3,09 % - this is 29 284 man, and was 38,9 %, i.e 352 625 elderly person 3-79 years old.

The greatest coverage above the national figure (38,9%) available in 16 municipalities. The highest value of the index has megino-kangalassky district - 46.7%, or 13 396 person, Çurapçinskiy the people - 46%, or 9059 person, Suntarskiy the people - 45,9%, or 10026 person.

- Now the complicated situation in the Russian athletes at international competitions. What measures are being taken to further the participation of the Yakut sportsmen at international competitions? What options are there, to our Olympians and Paralympians could perform at the Games in Tokyo?

- At the moment of Yakutia in the number of official candidates for the Russian national teams sports teams to participate in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020 year include Alena Dmitrieva (sitting volleyball), Vladimir Balynets (powerlifting), Anastasia Diodorova (swimming) Stepanida Artahinova (archery). As candidates for sports teams of the Russian Federation team to participate in the Summer Olympics are Sardana Trofimova (Athletics), Vasily Yegorov (boxing), Kristina Ustinova (archery).

RUSADA now has the opportunity to challenge the decision of WADA. For the neutral status is working with sports federations. Also, a lot of talk about the removal of the national team, eg, hold alternative events, come under a neutral flag and other options. An athlete all my life is dedicated to sports and aims for the Olympics, forbid him to speak - not acceptable. In the whole country should reach a unified solution, how to respond to non-admission.

When, if our athletes will go under a neutral flag in the Games, take a medal, I suggest in the cities of the country to perform hymns, it will be a great support for our compatriots.

- This year was the announcement of the creation of the All-Russian Federation hapsagaya. How is the issue and that it will give? Whether there is a desire and ability to create the International Federation of the future?

- First of all, the founders of the federation are determined, drafted its structure, charter, logo design. In January 2020 year scheduled for the inaugural conference with an invitation to all interested institutions and individuals.

I met with the president of the World Association of combat Nenad Lalovic while wrestling in the Nur-Sultana World Cup. I asked him about the prospects hapsagaya. He told, that their federation has a Committee on Traditional Wrestling, headed by Maria Rodica. Nenad Lalovic told, that he personally supports our national sport and it should be promoted at international level.

First, we will create a Federation of Russia hapsagaya, it will be possible to hold official championships of the country, award sports titles. And then will the International Federation hapsagaya.

Every nation and country has its own national wrestling. Some of them are Olympic sports - Greco-Roman, free, judo, taekwondo, sumo. They are cultivated around the world. Many countries are working hard to promote their forms of struggle on the world stage. So, South Korea seriously took up the promotion of their struggle ssireum. On this kind of wrestling championship of the world and major international tournaments, prize fund of which more than a million dollars.

We have a striking example of work on the creation of international sports organizations - is the International Federation of mass-wrestling. So we have the experience and ability to create the International Federation of struggle hapsagay. Sure, first you need to adjust the rules of our national arts, to not judge decides, who gets the win on points, and sportsmen, executing throws.

- How do you assess the experimental rule "Us iileeh hapsagay", which is now practiced?

- It is usually at the international level will not go. We are testing at, eg, for Ysyakh. It has not been made. The wrestler must take points, obvious passage or active action. I've always been the enemy rules, when the passive wrestler give warning. It can be used in free-style wrestling, but hapsagae philosophy of struggle is different - it lies in the fact, you must learn the habits of an opponent, to win not just the power, and intellect, tactic, can, wrestler special tactics to counterattack.

- This year's World Cup held in another national sport - mas-wrestling. How interested Yakut view Arts? How representative is MFMR?

- World Cup this year spent three stages. It was attended by about three hundred athletes from 24 nations. The popularity of weight-wrestling is confirmed the participation of athletes from more than fifty countries of the world in competitions at various levels.

AT 2015 by mas-wrestling was recognized by the All-Russian sport, which today develops in 56 regions and in 49 countries on five continents of the world.

- At a recent roundtable, dedicated to the development of wrestling in the country, you said, that we need a view from the outside. Meant invitation consultant trainer?

- Now our coaches, fighters engaged themselves. Necessary, that was the view from an experienced person, which would point to an error. Alexander once said Ivanitskii: "You have to not get the Olympic pedestal, until "the second Korkin» ». Sure, out of respect for each other no one right point to mistakes in the training process, but it should be. When our fighters lost, many said, to blame the judges. But now, when all competition show online, it is seen, that the arbitrator had nothing to do, error went to the preparatory process, and therefore the case in coaches.

The Nur-Sultan, we have seen, that our legionaries obviously overtrained, overloaded. It means, that flawed coaches, they should look, the condition of wrestlers, and prepare tactics, build a strategy is a set of forms for the tournament. There are many methods to learn, that an athlete is overloaded.

For this need, and specialists. Our team is not able to use biomedical accompaniment, and some doctors are working on the spot, where trained fighters, - in the sports training center. High-level athletes need a professional approach to the load, and we have it all the same. Wherein, the effect of biomedical support we do not get. Doctors can take a blood test and specify, that the athlete increased lactic acid, so he has not recovered physically, it is necessary to prescribe the procedure.

Remember, as the results came to us. Athlete gets injured during training, recovering, and then shows the good fight. this, by the way, Conan c Nurgunom Skryabinım. He was injured in Moscow, then fully recovered and GPs Ivan Yarigina Krasnoyarsk completely crushed rivals. The athlete must absorb the load, then it goes to a certain level.

- And our coaches are there any additional training, training outside the country?

- By and large, there is no. Dmitry Korkin really leave a very good legacy, but we do not fully understand. When I come in his museum, always look, he painstakingly worked, since he was a specialist in Russian language, he always seemed to, he does not know all. He sought additional knowledge in the fight, educate ourselves, so he became a pioneer of his time.

We, as known, Trainers receive a standard education in high school and remain at the same level. We want to hold them for a total elimination of illiteracy. For instance, it is obvious to all, that the fighters completely wrong doing barbell. Always considered shameful to engage in weightlifting exercises, develop power quality.

I now it seems, that the qualification of coaches remained at the level of the twentieth century, when the struggle waged a nine-endurance. Now she has changed, and for the most part is a power struggle with the rack.

- It is seen, that our fighters no strength training for the legs, because their power is almost the key in the fight, in stance, and on the ground ...

- Yes, and there is. AT 1985 year during the students I trained in YSU on national jumping. I remember, as Roman Dmitriev took me to the Hall of struggle, that I spent training for wrestlers. He said: "The guys are not able to" stand "on your feet, so they can not properly fight ". His words are more relevant than ever, though since then it has been almost 35 years old. Still see, the Japanese, Azerbaijanis, Dagestani are working for the feet, other power load and what their results. Physical qualities we need to develop and launch it with children. If you do not invest in them a solid base, then they are not able to set the desired load in the future. Therefore, children from an early age do not have to train on the carpet, and prepare functionally.

One of my dream - to create a school or summer base for children, which will set the overall physical fitness. without a fight, hold them run, gymnastics, work on flexibility.

- What are the major events will take Yakutia next year?

- Maybe, Yakutsk will host the World Cup in the summer of mas-wrestling, Now go the negotiation procedure. Besides, in the capital will hold the championship and the championship of Russia in the north all-round. AND, sure, Traditionally Yakutia will take athletes from the different countries on the carpet international tournament in memory of Dmitry Korkin and Roman Dmitriev.

- And what about the Games "Children of Asia" -2020 - where they will be and when the problem will be solved?

- Now there are discussions. We do three options - Qatar, Oman or Yakutsk. according to the concept, If no country is able to hold Games, they must pass the historic homeland, ie in Yakutia. We have with the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation has been agreed, that will take ISI "Children of Asia" 2024 year. All will be known soon.

- What are the immediate plans for the construction of new facilities in the country?

- As you remember, recently came to visit us the Minister of Sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov and an agreement was signed with our country. It involves the construction of two sports facilities in Yakutsk - small universal Tire and adaptive physical education center.

If we go by districts, in Gorny District - a shooting gallery, stadium, multifunctional sports complex for Manchaary Games. In Ust-Aldan to build a stadium, multifunctional sports complex with a treadmill, martial arts hall, they appear as part of the peoples of Yakutia Sports Games. In Nizhny Bestyahe pool is currently under construction. In Nyurba completed the construction of a sports hall. Generally, in various areas are being built in the republic 25 sports facilities.


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