breakthrough judoka, debut in the UFC, World Cup in Yakutsk, Games in Amga, bright victories and hurtful defeat yakutians sports arenas and other important events.

Edition of "Sport of Yakutia" traditionally brings an end to the departed 2019 year, highlighting the major sporting events of the past 12 months.

breakthrough judoka

otherwise, as a breakthrough bright performance Yakut wrestlers in 2019 was not called. Olympic kind of martial arts, which had previously always been in the shadow of other sports, supervised in the country, this year has drawn the attention of the general public. Judoka of sports results afflict many, if not all,. Историческое достижение Nurguyana Nikiforova на чемпионате России в олимпийской весовой категории среди женщин, подкрепились тремя золотыми медалями в первенстве страны среди юниорок Julia Aman, Karina Efimova and Ainy Moses. The last of them, by the way, in addition it has won bronze and world and European championships, and also received personally from the hands of President Vladimir Putin's Russia medal of the international tournament in Vladivostok. Все эти и другие успехи якутских дзюдоистов связаны во многом с именем одного человека – Damdindorja Gombodorj, certainly, the best coach in the republic 2019 year. In addition to that, It can be called a national recognition in voting for the best athlete of Yakutia, it was the first time a representative of judo - Nurguyana Nikiforov.

Ahead of the decisive round

The flagship of the Yakut boxing, один из лидеров национальной сборной Vasily Yegorov провел год на стабильно высоком уровне, considering, что он вполне успешно пережил смену весовой категории – в олимпийскую. And even, despite, that Basil could not become the winner of the home World Cup in Yekaterinburg, a month later he confidently reached the finals of the Russian championship, wherein an equal battle yielded Dagestani Salieva. After the tournament, head coach Farkhutdinov assured, that our boxer will be given a chance to compete for an Olympic ticket. The decisive battle will take place in March, where it will be named the squad for the qualifying tournament in London. Boxer, get a ticket - go to the Olympics in Tokyo.

Sunshine in Qatar and a tough season Sardana Trofimova

Для легкоатлетки Sardanas Trofimov спортивный сезон получился неоднозначным. Yakutyanka in early May in Kazan for the third time won the Russian championship marathon. In July, she won the confidence of the peoples Games VII Sports Yakutia in Amga and began preparations for the "Moscow marathon", to carry the Olympic qualification. But a few days before the start of Sardane and others were given the admission by Russian athletes and opened the possibility to participate in international competitions. Albeit in a neutral status, yakutyanka but he decided to try his hand at the World Cup in Qatar, in the company of the world's strongest marafonok. What happened in Doha, we all know. The conditions were - hellish, humidity and sultriness - Extreme. Judge for yourself, of 68 declared member is not finished 29. This is almost half. In these terrible conditions our Sardana Trofimova, received neutral status in just a few days before the closing of applications for the World Cup, finished 22th, show 2:52:46.

Next start at the Sardana - 4 April 2020 , the championship of Russia in Sochi. There's a good trail, we hope, yakutyanka that can execute the specification. But to go to the Olympics in Tokyo, this may be insufficient, in connection with recent events surrounding the Russian sports…

Debut in the UFC

В апреле 35-летний боец Grigory Popov первым из якутян подписал контракт с UFC – крупнейшей организацией по смешанным единоборствам. BUT 8 June has already made his debut in the tournament UFC license 238 Chicago. The first attempt came out lumpy, however, as well as his second fight, which also can not be called successful. Initially in the USA Gregory tournament lost by knockout in the second round by Andy Vineland, and in his second match yakutyanin split decision lost to Briton Davie Grant at UFC Fight Night event 163 in Moscow. fighter performances from Yakutia received a mixed reaction from fans, but, Nonetheless, Grigory Popov wrote his name in the history of mixed martial arts Yakutia, as the first fighter to pave the way in the strongest Fighting Championship. It is known, that contract Popov still two fights in the UFC, so we look forward to following the fighting in 2020 year.

The struggle continues

The number one sport - wrestling, It was a difficult year. Bright performances of our wrestlers at various tournaments, Unfortunately, alternated failures at major competitions. At the world championships in Nur-Sultana, which was also the qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, all six Yakut legionaries took off in the first round. hundreds of fans, went to the capital of Kazakhstan, We are unhappy, primarily, quality of struggle by the Yakut wrestlers.

В составе сборной команды России якутские борцы тоже не закрепились на первых ролях. Victor Rassadin and Arıyaan Tyutrin, winning his battle, We have won the World Team Cup, held in Yakutsk. However, the championship of Russia in Sochi Both leaders were not included in the prize three. Зато порадовал своим возвращением Mikhail Ivanov, He became the third medal in the flyweight champion.

But, perhaps, наиболее громким достижением якутских борцов на официальных стартах можно назвать бронзовую медаль чемпионата Европы Vladimir Yegorov в составе сборной Македонии. It was, sure, Other international successes, это прежде всего серебро Nicholas Okhlopkova и бронза Eduard Grigoriev на Гран-при «Иван Ярыгин» в Красноярске, Victor Rassadina victory at the Memorial Dmitry Korkin, Aryyaana Tyutrina on Tsiolkovsky memorial in Poland, Vladislav Kryvoshapkyna на турнире Юрия Власко в Улан Удэ. But all these successes alternated unsuccessful performances in other tournaments – "Alana" in Vladikavkaz and in Nefteyugansk, not extracted medals and our veterans in the carpet world championship.

Prospects in football

And now for the number one sport in the world - football. Fans leather ball in Yakutia can now be justifiably proud of his countryman, open the way for Team Russia. true, while in the youth team, but nonetheless. Воспитанник мархинской школы футбола и тренера Basil IvochkinaArtem Sokolov, receiving a call in the Russian national team (U-17), immediately became its leader. In October yakutyanin led the team in the elite round of Euro 2020, scoring in the final match by two goals to the Swiss. And then the young talent from Yakutia was transferred from the youth league in the first team "Chertanovo", where he made his debut in the National Football league Russia.

In September, the pupils of the Republican specialized sports school football won the zonal championship of the Far East, and got their start in the All-Russian final of the tournament. In the final part of the Yakut players to play with the leading football academies of Russia. Our albeit not included in the prizes, but they say, showed a decent game.

В мини-футболе же наша любимая команда «Заря» вновь вернулась в Высшую лигу чемпионата России. Team, в составе которой в большей степени играют местные воспитанники, продолжает бороться за место в плей-офф. Команда Олега Марченко, as before, играет задорно, показывая красивый и качественный мини-футбол.

Мас-рестлинг шагает по планете

Наш якутский вид спорта продолжает свое развитие по всему земному шару. Сегодня мас-рестлингом занимаются в 49 world - so much international federations have registered in the International Register. Mas-wrestling engaged in almost all the continents: South and North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. And this year, on the Day of a polar explorer was held a small event, even on the edge of the world - Antarctica.

AT 2019 year were held a number of major tournaments, among them the stages of the World Cup, championships five continents, the absolute world championship in Doha, as well as three major tournaments in the US, Brazil and Australia in the World Festival "Arnold Classic". And the curtain, the high-profile tournament was the "Battle of the Giants" in Yakutsk, где якутянин Sergey Frolkin в суперсхватке победил Виктора Колибабчука. At the traditional command Federation Cup mas-wrestling PC(I) сборная Усть-Алданского улуса продолжила свою гегемонию и завоевала пятый трофей подряд. ˜

One of the significant events in the 2019 year for the further development of national sports people of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) It was the adoption of the order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation "On approval of the federal standard of athletic training for the sport" mas-wrestling ". Speak with the signing of this document, will start a new era of becoming mass-wrestling.

Первые зимние Игры «Дети Азии» на Сахалине и отмена VII летних Игр в Монголии

Участниками первых Winter Games "Children of Asia" в Южно-Сахалинске, which took place under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee and the auspices of UNESCO, steel 1196 athletes from 20 nations. Among them – Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Nepal, The Republic of Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Jordan, Tajikistan, Philippines, Japan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates, India, Kuwait, Syria, Armenia. Russia was represented by the team of Sakhalin Region, Yakutia, Moscow, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Siberian, Ural and Far Eastern Federal Districts.

athletes competed 93 sets of medals in eight sports: skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, ski race, jumping, figure skating, short track speed skating and ice hockey. In the overall medal standings the first place was the team of the Ural Federal District, the second - Moscow, third – competition hosts, Team Sakhalin region. Yakutia in the medal standings is located at the 10th position. The assets of the republic's national team 6 medals: three "silver" and three "bronze".

Another thing – summer Games. At the beginning of winter, it became known, that the International Committee of the ISI "Children of Asia" has withdrawn the right to host the next Games VII. They were to be held in 2020 in the capital of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar. The Olympic Council of Asia in October endorsed the decision of the International Committee of the Games "Children of Asia" from the recall of Mongolia competitions. Currently, work is being done with the Olympic Council to identify an alternative venue for the VII Games 2020 year. Games will be a compulsory!

The best World Cup in history

For the first time the history of world-class wrestling tournament held in Yakutsk. Столица нашей республики в марте приняла World Team Cup с участием восьми сильнейших борцовских сборных мира. Following the tournament the trophy won combined team of Russia, which included a brilliant performance Yakut wrestlers Aryyaan Tyutrin and Victor Rassadin. At the end of the carpet hosts with the score 9:1 defeated the national team of Iran, and in the match for third place US team beat Japan.

tournament, held in Yakutsk under the arches of the DSP "Triumph" has received the highest praise from the leadership of the World Association of combat (UWW), Wrestling Federation of Russia and the entire wrestling community.

Шашечную «дамку» разыграли в Якутске

В июне Якутск принимал и 44-the first World Cup по международным шашкам среди женщин. In the final tournament for the title fight 16 the strongest athletes from 9 countries of the world. The tournament was interesting, the highest intensity of the struggle kept the participants on their toes throughout the race. For two rounds before the end of the seven participants had real chances for the title! Наиболее близка к победе была Matrona Nogovitsyna, yakutyanka but eventually took the offensive in fourth place. World Champion for the sixth time in his career became Tamara Tamara Tansykkuzhina of Bashkortostan, серебро завоевала Айгуль Идрисова (Russia), бронзу Дарья Федорович (Belarus).

In general, the checkers players Yakutia conducted crop year, however, as always. Yakut GMs mined medals in the championship and Cup of Russia, Europe and the world. We keep up with them and the children and young people, which has consistently mined victories in major international competitions.

Под знаком VII Спортивных игр народов Якутии

Such Amginskiy, which 2018 year experienced a devastating flood, спустя год сумела сделать все для успешного проведения VII Спортивных игр народов Якутии at the highest level. Games Amga sets a high bar for the preparation and holding of sports events - was introduced eight objects, became participants 2231 athlete from 33 commands, 249 judges, 150 volunteers. They were also the most ambitious - Games covered over in Amga 16 thousands of people. Seventh Games different from previous ones, above all, that two new groups were added - children and athletes, involved in adaptive sports. The results were taken into account in the overall standings. The first places in their groups at the Games of the peoples of Yakutia in Amga up to all competition days have taken teams of Yakutsk, Mahjong, Verkhoyansk and Olenek areas.

The next Games will be held in Borogone Ust-Aldan ulus.

Yakutia hospitable

AT 2019 year, our country was visited by famous athletes, sports legends, state and public figures, federal officials and a wide popular in sports circles people. В марте Кубок мира по вольной борьбе открыл глава UWW Nenad Lalovic, summer on Ysyakh Tuymaada on Games Dygyna watched son of the president of Turkey, the head of the World Confederation of ethnosport Bilal Erdogan,. В сентябре в рамках акции Сохраним лес Якутию посетил известный комментатор Dmitry Guberniev. Match Star TV planted a tree, I met with the head of the republic and made live on local television. In October, on the theme of ecology in Yakutsk worked ex-champion in boxing world, депутат Госдумы Nikolai Valuev. During the working visit of Russian giant has not forgotten and to meet with the Yakut boxers. But at the end of the year in December on a working visit to Yakutia visited the Minister of Sports of Russia, олимпийский чемпион по фехтованию Pavel Kolobkov, as well as three-time Olympic champion, депутат Госдумы Alexander Karelin. He took part in the opening of the Hall of Greco-Roman wrestling and gave a master-class of the Yakut fighters.

New broom - sweeping in a new way

Continuing the theme of sports and politics, it is important to touch on personnel changes in the leadership positions of subordinate institutions of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic. Так в мае Leonid Spiridonov He has been appointed as the new Director of the Center of athletic training teams of the Republic. Управление физкультуры и массового спорта возглавил молодой руководитель Arnold Mokhov, а Центр национальных видов спорта им.В.Манчаары доверили Gavrila Mokhnachevskaya. Another purpose of the year can be called a change of head coach in wrestling. Ответственный пост доверили Alexander Okoneshnikova.

Summer – hot time all-rounders

Summer, as always fruitful seasons for the all-rounders of Yakutia. In celebration of the national holiday days Ysyakh tradition was holding various contests of strength and skill. This year, in many areas we have been all-round tournaments with big prizes. В вилюйской группе улусов на турнире «Булуу Боотура» автомобиль выиграл Lubomir Nikolaev, в Намском улусе на Ысыахе Олонхо в состязаниях силачей «Эр Бэрдэ» победил Eugene Ivanov, in Churapcha Peter Starostin ожидаемо стал победителем турнира «Кыыдаала оонньуулара» и сорвал куш в 300 thousand. Но главным героем лета вновь стал хангаласский орел Egor Filippov. First he won a major tournament, "Togus Tomtor" in Churapcha, and a week later on Ysyakh Tuymaada for the fourth time in a row he won the game's most prestigious competition Dygyna, где получил от рук главы Якутска Сарданы Авксентьевой сертификат на 1 000 000 rubles.

Khapsagai – Do the people halbas

Yakut national struggle in hapsagay 2019 year reached a new level of development. In Yakutsk, the promotion company "Sakha Arena" held a few bright tournaments, the winners of which were the real stars of the Yakut sports. Notably, that all tournaments "Sakha Arena" took place with the full house, and in June the promotion went out and did the international level. The DSP "Triumph" tournament was held at the "Asian Cup", with the participation of teams from Tuva, Mongolia, Buryatia and South Korea.

What else was? Also various national Teams, in December on a large scale took place team tournament among amateurs "nasleg", We won by fighters from the small village of Ulus Kyryk Verkhnevilyuisk. But among the "pros" main command Trophy - Federation Cup also went to the founders hapsagaya – verhnevilyuytsam.

Hapsagaya popularity among the people has been proven and summarizing 2019 of the year. The winner of the national sports became a wrestler Nikolai Ivanov of Tatta region.

Proteins in the eye, boom - the bull's eye

The shooting sports Yakut athletes also excelled stability and accuracy. Yakut flagship compact-sporting Ayaan Makarov won the championship of Russia, and then confirmed their skills at the world championships in Hungary, winning the silver from 746 participants. And in Olympic form - Shotgun yakutyanin Nikolai Protopopov won the championship of Russia in Lipetsk, and his friend Peter Egorov scored in an international tournament in Cyprus. The shooting at the European Championship of the Deaf and Maria Egorova Evdokia Katorgina for two won several medals highest order. Junior excellent results began to show a young shooter Ian Fedorov. This year, he collected the whole set of medals of the championships of Russia. In our archery Kristina Ustinova (Timofeev) still has a high chance of getting into the Olympic team of Russia.

They will live in our hearts

And now the bad news ... The 2019 Yakutia, the sports community has suffered a heavy loss…

1 July, after severe and prolonged illness he died director of high school sports (later National Center for Sports Training of national teams) Alexander Ignatyev Afanasievich.

4 of July on 65 year after a long illness, от нас ушел заслуженный тренер Якутии и России по пулевой стрельбе Sergey Davidovich Chugunov, brought up more than one generation of the Yakut shooters.

This summer, rescuing drowning children on the Lena River, трагически Albert Ye Ivanov. He was vice-president of the Kickboxing Federation of Yakutia and the brother of the famous Yakut kickboxer Alexander Ivanov.

В октябре не стало Procopius Pavlovich Fedorov – основателя самбо в Нюрбинском районе, coaches youth sports school, who made a great contribution to the development of physical culture and sports in Yakutia.

12 November Yakutia wrestling world suffered a great loss. После продолжительной болезни не стало известного спортсмена Zahara N. Chukrova. Он был 10-кратным чемпионом Якутии, the bronze medal of the RSFSR, champion among veterans. In the last year of life of struggle veteran struggled with cancer. He was 64 of the year.

В декабре скончалась Tatyana Ivanova Ilinichna (Chernogradskaya), Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports RS(I), winner of the sports of the XX century, multiple champion of the republic and the DSO "Harvest" in athletics.

27 on December 92 th year of life died a veteran of World War II, Excellence in Physical Culture of the USSR, winner of the sports of the XX century in Yakutia, Laureate Gospremii RS(I) them. D.P.Korkyna, почетный гражданин Горного улуса Semen Semenovich Zhirkov.

Yakutia sports community expressed deep condolences to the families and friends due to bereavement ...

Return Nikolaev and vouchers Artahinovoy, Dmitrieva and Balynets in Tokyo 2020

Athletes in adaptive sports had a stroke a year. После долгого перерыва состоялось триумфальное возвращение на ковер Sergey Nikolaev. The winner of the Deaflympics 2009, this year won two major start – Russia and the European Championship. And now it is aimed at Sudlimpiadu 2021 of the year. В паралимпийской программе Alena Dmitrieva в составе сборной России выиграла чемпионат Европы по волейболу сидя, as well as a ticket to the main Games four years. Paralympic license for the European Cup and other international competitions won and our archer, безоговорочный лидер сборной Stepanida Artahynova. Именную путевку в Токио-2020 имеет и пауэрлифтер Vladimir Balynets. The athlete won gold at the World Championships, held in Nur-Sultana. He also won all the major launches, in which participated. Balynets beat personal, as well as world records in powerlifting. And at the end of the year, Vladimir Balynets won a prestigious award from the sports journalists of Russia - "Silver Doe".

2019 year has presented many other events and: Bogdan Prokopiev victory at the European Championships in powerlifting, phenomenal record in the northern-around (Pavel Sazonov, George Sofronov and Antonina Sannikov), winning horse Maine Konig at the races for the prize IL Darkhan and more. In this case, 2019 , it was not the Olympics, and in the coming year it will be. We hope. so, 2020 year will be even more interesting for the fans.

By Alexander Poselsky,