Yakut mas-wrestling recognized as the most popular national sport in Russia

How did you manage to achieve this result and on further action to promote the martial arts spectacular told President of the Russian Federation mass-wrestling Mikhail Gulyaev.

Mikhail, mas-wrestling recognized as the most popular national views in Russia. How did you manage to achieve this result, Despite the large number of sports in the regions?

Also in 2003 year in Yakutsk, a meeting of the All-Russian Collegium for the development of national sports, then we discussed the issues of further promotion of weight-wrestling, hapsagaya and Yakut jumps. Now mas-wrestling is no longer a national, and the All-Russian sport. Our stick pulling just beginning to be popular in other regions because of its differences from all martial arts. Struggles of different nationalities, or athletics discipline, are almost identical to each other. But mas-wrestling - the most exclusive kind of martial arts, with the non-contact, and there are none at all.

What is the indicator of popularity w-wrestling in the country at the moment?

Now mas-wrestling is popular not only in Russia, but also in other countries. It is cultivated in 60 states, fifty of them held official championships and operate the national federations. Mas-wrestling is now represented on all continents, even Africa and Australia. Inside Russia officially functioning 38 regional federations weight-wrestling. They are engaged in more than sixteen thousand Russians.

In some regions it is especially popular?

Mas-wrestling is very interesting Sverdlovsk region, Cheboksary we conducted competitions, and the level of enthusiasm it has grown. In Kabardino-Balkaria, the sport is particularly popular, they already have their master of sports, many become winners of official competitions, regional team each year are in full. In the Vladimir region, we organized a big competition among children, I think, in the future there is enthusiasm for wrestling, weight increase several times. These regions are - among the leaders in the development of our sport.

And where Russian championship will be held this year?

Russian Championship held 15-17 May Kazan. In it, men and women will take part, who will compete for a ticket to the World Cup.

What results have been achieved in the past year in the development of mass-wrestling?

The past year was marked by the, that the Ministry of Sports has approved the official standard, thereby gyms and institutions can purchase special equipment for training in mass-wrestling. Besides, the number of masters of sports of Russia increased. Sports qualifications can be awarded already the third junior rank to the master of sports of international class. Our home can be called a sport one of the new and rapidly developing not only in Russia, in other countries it is very fond of the entertainment.

Tell us about the plans for the coming years for the further development of mass-wrestling.

Now we are planning to work on attracting sponsors. Negotiations on cooperation with large companies, who work in our republic. Attracting investment mas-wrestling even more rapidly would seek the international arena.

Next, we plan to hold talks with Russian television companies, to major events shown on public channels. Mas-wrestling - a very dynamic sport and television picture fits perfectly.

One of the goals is the creation of the All-Russian competition, where athletes could perform the title of master of sports. And in order, to the popularity of mass-wrestling has increased, we try every year to change the venue of the Championship of Russia, Europe and the world. When we held the national championship among youth in Vladimir, it was attended by more than 170 athletes and is a good indicator, with which it is possible to predict the further popularization of the arts in the country.

A source: ysia.ru