26 December, in Nyurba ended a two-day I Republican team tournament to fight for the Cup hapsagay ALROSA

Competitions were held in the new, just opened a sports complex in the village of Antonovka Nyurbinsky District.

As noted by guests, very symbolic that, that the first competition was on the national mind sports held in the sports complex. In Nyurbinsky area is home to a large number of the absolute champion of the Republic of the sport.

I Conducting Republican team tournament for the Cup of ALROSA promotes a healthy lifestyle in Yakutia. Opening of a new sports complex, in turn, provides an incentive to develop the sport further in Nyurbinsky area. All costs for the preparation and holding of competitions, as well as the funding of the prize fund have undertaken sponsors and Nyurbinsky District. Besides, significant contribution to the organization and financing of the tournament made ALROSA. Diamond mining company in May this year has allocated funding under the estimated budget for the event costs.

For the title of the best athletes also fought and residents diamond capital. Cultural and sports complex ALROSA tournament team sent five of his pupils, accompanied by a trainer and deputy director for sport and children's rest KSK Zelimkhan Ktsoeva.

«Competition is felt well. All participants, there are more than 60 person, well prepared. The atmosphere at the tournament was very friendly. Great support provided to athletes fans. Despite, that the competition fell on weekdays, for athletes came to cheer many residents. The mood among our athletes throughout the tournament was remarkable. Preparation for the team competitions start in September, when it opened in the first set in the BSC ALROSA section of hapsagayu. Need to mark, that the results already. In absolute superiority played our sportsman Albert Danilov and showed good results. This is the first competition for our athletes hapsagayu. All were satisfied. Now our athletes will be actively preparing for the national championship for the prizes of ALROSA, which will be held in the Peace with 27 February to 1 Martha 2020 of the year. The prize fund will be 2 million rubles. I note, that diamond mining company in the past, and now supported the development of sports in Yakutia. Therefore, the last competition - this is one of the great joint projects Nyurbinsky area and miners», – According to Deputy Director of Sport and children's rest KSK Zelimkhan Ktsoev.

I attended the event and director of the GOK Nyurbinsky ALROSA Anatoly Platonov, who noted, that co-operation in social and cultural spheres between Alrosa and diamond province has always been quite fruitful.

«At industrial sites ALROSA works very much Yakut people, including residents of the district Nyurbinsky. The company on its part tries to provide employees with the necessary conditions for the development as a professional, and physical. So, this year in the industrial area, we have opened a new sports field Nakyn, where employees can exercise and including national struggle. It is encouraging to see, cooperation in matters of sport and save the tradition continues». – Ngoc said the director Vasily Platonov.

Recall, autumn 2019 at cultural and sports complex ALROSA for children and adults have begun to work on the section of the national sports, including anti hapsagay. Students trained by Master of Sports of Russia on wrestling and Master of Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) anti hapsagay Larion Andreev. trainer skill and persistence of pupils allowed in a short period of time to prepare and submit to the diamond capital of the national team tournament. In Mirny team included members of all categories. The youngest athletes on 16 years old, and the most experienced team member - 50 years old.


A source: sportyakutia.ru