In addition to the championship in the open age category as the IV Championship of Ukraine on mas-wrestling among juniors, boys and girls

Last Saturday, Melitopol once again took on the country's main starts mas-wrestling. Past events attracted a record number of participants. On two scaffolds fought 125 athletes from Zaporozhye, Kherson, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Kiev regions. The vast number of athletes - youth, although in competitions participated and experienced veterans of the national team.

Significantly expand the number of participants has helped to attract students to the start of universities and other educational institutions. By the way, since the president of the Federation mass-wrestling of Ukraine Valery Strip headed the Department of Physical Education TGATU IT. D. engine, promote youth employment mas-wrestling has increased several times. Powerful sports facilities of the University and the department of sports frames also make a significant contribution to the development of mass-wrestling.

Traditionally strong teams put the federation in Dnipropetrovsk and Kherson regions, whose leaders Victor Kruglik and Konstantin Shvets continue tirelessly to develop the Yakut struggle and prepare the international level athletes. between them, as well as the team of Zaporozhye region, and was kindled the main battle for the team championship. A pleasant surprise was the participation of a separate command of the patrol police, which was organized by one of the pioneers of the domestic mass-wrestling Dmitry Bessedin.

For many competitors out Saturday on the platform proved to debut. But some athletes have once again demonstrated their high class. A legend was Alex Kushnir, For the fifth time rising pas the first step of the podium of the national championship. This time Alex played in the category of up to 80 kg, where in the final meeting with an expert Konstantin Shvets. Still, Alex, though not without difficulty,, but broke the resistance of his opponent, despite the advantage in weight Constantine. Last truth was "avenged" his wife Alexandra, who took gold in the category of up to 65 kg. And the paradoxical, that the most difficult fight of Alexandra held with the main companion Alexey Kushnir on the development of mass-wrestling in Veselovsky district Julia Lebedenco. Thus it was established a kind of status quo.

Guide Federation mas-wrestling in Ukraine is quite the level of the tournament and the number of participants. President FMRU Valery Strip sure, that in a few years, the national championships will gather several hundred participants. However, the lack of government support and as a result, insufficient number of qualified coaching staff hinder the rapid development of mass-wrestling in Ukraine. However, enthusiasts, who volunteer develop mas-wrestling, I do not doubt the success of. And the proof of this is the occurrence of the Ukrainian team in this sport in the four of the strongest teams in the world among the more than forty national federations.

In the team championship among adults the most points won the team of Zaporozhye region. The second largest steel balls athletes Dnipropetrovsk region, and took away the bronze medal team from the Kherson region.


girls to 40 kg.:

  1. Angelina Saenko (Zaporizhia)
  2. Sofia Panasenko (Zaporizhia)
  3. Tarasenko Daria (Zaporizhia)

girls to 50 kg.:

  1. Ruslan Budzheryna (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Victoria Golovonkina (Herson)
  3. Anastasia Mironenko (Zaporizhia)
  4. Amin Goncharenko (Zaporizhia)

girls to 55 kg.:

  1. Valentine Burduzha (Herson)
  2. Valeria Salkutsan (Zaporizhia)
  3. Anastasia Lyutikova (Zaporizhia)

girls to 62 kg.:

  1. Gift Gotvyanskaya (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Neonila Kutsenko (Zaporizhia)
  3. Anastasia Mashko (Zaporizhia)
  4. Ekaterina Panasenko (Zaporizhia)

girls to 70 kg.:

  1. Karina Babenkova (Zaporizhia)
  2. Anastasia Pshenichnikova (Zaporizhia)
  3. Olga Voropay (Herson)

adolescents to 40 kg.:

  1. Ivan Shmayda (Herson)
  2. Dmitry Ishchuk (Zaporizhia)
  3. Jaroslav Bass (Zaporizhia)
  4. Alexander Babenkov (Zaporizhia)

adolescents to 49 kg.:

  1. Danil Kunakh (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Ruslan Avagyan (Zaporizhia)
  3. Dennis Kuharov (Dnipropetrovsk)
  4. Mark Mel'nikov (Dnipropetrovsk)

adolescents to 54 kg.:

  1. Sergey Dyakov (Herson)
  2. Sergey Ermolenko (Zaporizhia)
  3. Egor Kushnarev (Zaporizhia)
  4. Vladislav Lysenko (Herson)

adolescents to 59 kg.:

  1. Gennady Keel (Herson)
  2. Vladimir Nazarevich (Herson)
  3. Murad Aliyev (Herson)
  4. Eric Telemenko (Herson)

adolescents to 65 kg.:

  1. Ilya Poddubny (Zaporizhia)
  2. Dmitry Shuljak (Zaporizhia)
  3. Andrey Ushakov (Zaporizhia)
  4. Eugene Belouschenko (Zaporizhia)

adolescents to 72 kg.:

  1. Alexey Kabanov (Zaporizhia)
  2. Nikolai Ovdienko (Zaporizhia)
  3. Nikita Kulikov (Dnipropetrovsk)
  4. Dmitry Kramarenko (Herson)

adolescents to 80 kg.:

  1. Daniel Kravetz (Zaporizhia)
  2. Danil ribs (Herson)
  3. Eugene Shulilin (Zaporizhia)
  4. Stanislav Turevich (Zaporizhia)

adolescents to 90 kg.:

  1. Kirill Pavlicenco (Zaporizhia)
  2. Ismail Burhanov (Herson)
  3. Oleg Ivanyuk (Zaporizhia)
  4. Danil Suhecki (Zaporizhia)

girls to 62 kg.:

  1. Natalia Turner (Zaporizhia)
  2. Karina Shakalova (Zaporizhia)

girls over 70 kg.:

  1. Arina Fomina (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Natalia Lanets (Zaporizhia)
  3. Julia Osadchaya (Zaporizhia)

juniors up 59 kg.:

  1. Paul Shaparenko (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Anton Nikolenko (Zaporizhia)
  3. Alexander Ishchenko (Zaporizhia)

juniors up 72 kg.:

  1. Stanislav Bocharov (Zaporizhia)
  2. Anatoly Kobzev (Zaporizhia)
  3. Oleg Zavgorodniy (Zaporizhia)
  4. Andrew Romashchenko (Dnipropetrovsk)

juniors up 80 kg.:

  1. Nikita Starovoit (Zaporizhia)
  2. Maxim Lukas (Dnipropetrovsk)
  3. Eugene Lisak (Zaporizhia)

juniors up 90 kg.:

  1. Nikolai Bazarnyi (Herson)
  2. Dmitry Kutsov (Zaporizhia)
  3. Oleg Drake (Zaporizhia)

juniors over 90 kg.:

  1. Kirill Ants (Zaporizhia)
  2. Stanislav Oguy (Zaporizhia)

woman to 65 kg.:

  1. Alexander Shvets (Herson)
  2. Julia Lebedenco (Zaporizhia)
  3. Olga Tarasenko (Zaporizhia)
  4. Anastasia Kutsaeva (Zaporizhia)

men to 80 kg.:

  1. Alex Kushnir (Zaporizhia)
  2. Konstantin Shvets (Herson)
  3. Vladislav Bondarenko (Dnipropetrovsk)
  4. Alexander Mishchenko (Zaporizhia)

men to 90 kg.:

  1. Vladimir Mostovoy (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Dmitry Grunskii (Dnipropetrovsk)
  3. Anatoly Bass (Zaporizhia)
  4. Vitaly Derevyankin (Zaporizhia)

men to 105 kg.:

  1. Vyacheslav Teslyuk (Dnipropetrovsk)
  2. Dmitry Bessedin (Zaporizhia)


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