Ust-Aldan madyny confirm class

Another draw of the Federation Cup team weight-wrestling of Yakutia again ended triumph of the Ust-Aldan team. Team, led by coach Ivan Gotovtsev, He won the trophy for the fifth time in a row and achieved a historic high.

In the final fight in the battle for the Cup descendants Mayagatta Bert Khara confident with safety team defeated Amginsky region headed by Anatoly Baisheva. In this way, Ust-Aldan with 2014 Year can rightly be called the best team of Yakutia, and, it seems, in the next few years will be continued hegemony.

Team Fed Cup-weight wrestling PC(I) this year took place in the Center of athletic training "Triumph". The dispute for the most prestigious trophy came eight strongest teams in the republic, which 2019 We have successfully passed the selection on the basis of individual and team championship in Yakutia men, Women's and Veterans, as well as the superiority of the PC(I) youth. So random teams here certainly was not.

Ust-Aldan in the group stage two crushing defeats inflicted teams Suntarsky and Tatta region. And for the finals he met strong resistance from the team madyny Yakutsk. In the course of this confrontation teams went point to point, where the winning score and a decisive ustaldantsam brought Dmitry Popov (105 kg). Two-time world champion with a score of 2:0 I beat Yuri Protopopov. Total score – 13:10.

Serious struggle for a ticket to the finals in the group "A" played just three teams of equal strength Churapchinsky, Megino-Kangalassky and Amginsky region. Most were trained here madyny of Amga. On the first day they won megintsev - 12:11, a team of Churapcha - 13:10. On the second day of the tournament amgintsy secured success with a confident victory over the team from Nyurbinsky area.

Bronze finals gave strong opposition to fans. In the battle for third place also agreed equal strength and skill of the team - megino-kangalassky district and the city of Yakutsk. After fights young men and veteran men metropolitan madyny went far ahead on points 8:3, but thanks to the efforts of its women, megintsy, it would seem that, We returned to the intrigue in the confrontation – 9:7. But still failed to Yakutsk and retained the bronze medal – 13:10. Victory point to his team brought Dmitry Makeyev in the weight category 90 kg.

But in the final, as expected, out teams of Ust-Aldan and Amga ulus. From the outset, the initiative and the stick in the hands of the descendants of captured Mayagatta Bert Khara, won convincingly with a score of 14:9. Ustaldantsy the fifth time became owners of the Cup and once again proved, they are unconditional leaders in weight-wrestling.


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