Revenge in the semifinals and convincing victory!

On the amateur tournament, nasleg which gathers teams from all over the country, gathered hapsagaisty 35 ulus. Originated several years ago Tournament "nasleg Project" was held in Yakutsk with a huge hype and became a real celebration of the national struggle.

«Our main goal - the involvement in the sport of residents of small nasleg. So in our tournament was attended by athletes, fans of the villages with a population of no more than 3,5 thousand. In addition, the fighters do not have the title of master of sports of any kind, not only in the martial arts. The competitions are not allowed and students of physical education departments of our universities and colleges, and athletes, Involve Team compositions Republic. Registration of athletes must be in the village, after which they defended. This gave the opportunity to compete just a fan, the, who always wanted to show himself on the big stage.

This year we were visited by 35 teams from 15 ulus. The farthest village - the village of Mirny District Syuldyukyar, from far Suntarsky District attended just three teams. Very cool I made the team from a small village of Horo, where some lives 300 person. I would like to thank the organizers on behalf of all athletes, heads of settlements for active participation and excellent preparation. Every year, the skills of our participants and this gives us hope, that "nasleg Project" will be continued and will be one of the most popular and loved in the country on hapsagayu tournaments» – He said in an interview with "Sport of Yakutia" one of the organizers of the tournament Leo Novgorodov.

The team struggled on 9 athletes. Contractions started veterans three division - to 60, 70 and more 70 kg, then continued in the categories of men to 57, 65, 75, 85, 95 and more 95 kg. National were divided into two groups, the leader of each group went to the finals.

Of great interest was the semi-finals, where the two teams met, who fought for the main prize last year. Prefabricated nasleg Kyryk and Nemyugyu of Verkhnevilyuisk and Khangalassky region very confidently held preliminary meetings and challenged the right to reach the final of the tournament. If last year's champions from Nemyugyu able to win with a score of 7:2, but this time kyrykyytsy took revenge - 5:4. In the final, the team from the Republic of the recognized center hapsagaya - Verkhnevilyuisk ulus convincingly won against Nam fighters from the team "2 Homustahsky nasleg" with a score of 6:3.

«By the end we set up very seriously, because last year we lost to a team with a score of Nemyugyu 2:7. This time, we just had to win. Did not let the veterans - have won three fights start, then the men were able to win in three matches ", – He said after winning the head Kyrykyyskogo nasleg Sergey Sergeev. He also played in a team and emerged victorious in all eight bouts held.

Our nasleg one of the smaller and most distant from the district center. In the summer we do not even have roads with the regional center. So that all men are serious physical training - you have to walk to nearby villages. sometimes 8-9 hours. Now Kyryk has just over 300 person. To win the tournament, we are very seriously preparing for and participated in several national tournaments in Verkhnevilyuisk, Viliuisk and Suntar. Unfortunately, in our village there is a sports hall, so I trained in the school hall. Back when I was a school principal, the home we built annexe, which equipped the room with a wrestling mat. The team performed an electrician, security guard, youth leader, builders, teacher of physical education and history, and two students. In general, our village is very sporty - from Kyrykyya came the master of sports of the republic and Russia 28 sports. There are many well-known athletes in boxing, hapsagae, north-round and other types of. A native of our village famous artists hapsagaya YASSR Ye Stepan Stepanov - Turgen.

Very good, that "nasleg Project" provides an opportunity to show himself on the big stage residents of small villages. With teams are getting stronger every year, growing skills of the participants. I am grateful to all of our athletes to win, for team spirit, which have rallied. Would also like to thank the head of our ulus, Federation head hapsagaya Verkhnevilyuisk ulus Stelmakh Poskachina for support. Our grand prize, all team members have decided to transfer the administration nasleg. In the future, we will also try to perform well and prove once again, our ulus is a center of concentration of some of the best hapsagaistov Republic».

The third place in the tournament took another team, which showed brilliant fight during the competition, - Cross-team Haldzhayskogo nasleg from far Tomponsky ulus. In the fight for the bronze medal they won at the team of Tumula megino-kangalassky district.


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