6 December Lensk hosted "Champions Ball", which honored the best athletes and coaches 2019 of the year

As noted during the event, sport and a healthy lifestyle are becoming more prestigious among the local population, revive the best traditions of physical training, developing sports federations, clubs, opens new section. In the past year loudly announced themselves and athletes from the Lena area, winning championships, not only national and nationwide level, According to the district administration Lena.

Among the winners - not just individual athletes, have achieved certain heights, but whole groups. The first award was given to participants of the VII Sports Games Peoples Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which took place in an area with Amginsky 3 by 8 July. Participation in them took 50 athletes and four coaches of the Lena area.

They defended the honor of the area in six sports: Athletics, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, archery, mini football. In athletics bronze medals and holder of certificates of 30 thousand steel Kseniya Komarova, Alexander Ostapov, Yuri Sayenko and Elena Zakirko.

Silver was conquered by Alexander Glukhov, he received a certificate for 40 000 rubles. Valentin Ivanov at various distances became gold, silver and bronze medal, for which money has been awarded a certificate for 120 000 rubles. Most other distinguished Maxim Ovcharenko, which at two distances won, and in the "Swedish baton" - bronze medal, for this he was awarded a certificate for 130 000 rubles.

Twice champion and bronze medalist of the Games VII Sports RS peoples(I) table tennis Catherine Lyppahova also became the owner of the certificate to 130 000 rubles. Excelled at games, and the team of Lena area on mini-football, becoming the bronze medalist. 12 team athletes were awarded certificates totaling 360 000 rubles.

The following nominees - participants of the Games of labor collectives and settlements Lensky District, which is already the ninth time this year, was held in. As noted by a leading event, global challenge facing the whole country and our republic - to 2024 every second year in our country must regularly engage in sports. This indicator is set by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In Lensky district of help in dealing with such a difficult task it is just the Games of labor collectives and settlements Lensky District. Its participants competed in 18 sports. On the Ball Champions were awarded the best participants of Games.

Recall, in the second group third place team of the district department of education, the second - Bechenchinskogo nasleg, first - for Physical Culture and Sport Committee.

In the first group the third place was the team of "Transneft-East", Lena branch NPCs, The module is command-Yuryah Ltd Neftegazodobıça, gold medal team became Lena linear production department of main gas pipelines of "Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk".

This year the number of nominees were children. On the Ball Champions honored athletes, who participated in an urban school sports day. In the category "Top Ten athletes among children" Lensky District 10th ranked athlete kyokushin karate Elvina Shafikova. 9-place went boxer Maxim Kozlov. 8-place in football Stanislaus Avdeeva. 7-st place skier Elizabeth Klug. 6-place went to athletes Alexander Glukhov, 5-Judoka avenue e-Madina Urunbaev. 4-ranked athletes in athletics Kseniya Komarova, 3-it is – Nikita Arbat from Bechenchi, which deals with cross-country skiing.

Silver in the category "Best Athlete 2019 year among children "won Karina Bronnikova (kyokushin karate), and he took first place judoist Alina Emelianenko. The best children's coach at the end of 2019 the year has been recognized coach kyokushin krate Aksinia Pishnogray.

In the category "Best Athlete 2019 Year "among adults 10 th ranked powerlifter Alexei Ostrovsky, 9-place - Jaroslav skier Katlyarchuk, 8-th ranked tennis player Ekaterina Lyppahova, 7-f place konьkoʙeƶki Bunafşi Taʙarovoj, 6-e place went to skier Anton Degesovu, 5-place - Athlete Valentin Ivanov. His colleague Maxim Ovcharenko took 4th place. Bronze skier Alexander Kluge. 2-place gave the silver medalist of the European Cup women's judo Hope Tatarchenko. For high sports achievements at world level Hope was awarded a certificate from the district administration Lena on 200 000 rubles.

First place in the category "Best Athlete 2019 Year "took weight-wrestler Innocent Fedorov, World Cup winner, silver medalist of the Russian Championship, winner of the Championship of the Far Eastern Federal District. For high sports achievements at world level Innocent Fedorov was awarded a certificate for cash 300 000 rubles. His mentor Athanasius Uarov recognized as the best coach – 2019.

«Fanfarы otzveneli, But the winner is not to rest - vacation athletes are rare. They transgressed again to training, to consolidate its results in the next year or do better ", - said the district administration Lena.


A source: sportyakutia.ru