"Fight of the Century" by mas-wrestling ended with the victory of the Yakut hero

Let's start with a little background. champion Yakutia, Russia, Europe and the world Sergey Frolkin two weeks ago challenged athlete Viazemskii, titled and invincible masrestleru Victor Kolibabchuk. Movie in a matter of hours scattered throughout the country and quickly reached the destination. Kolibabchuk immediately said yes, also sent out through social networks to your reply video message. At the same time, Victor called the upcoming fight only as "Fight of the century".

The organizers have brought the two strongest madyny 22 December under the arches of the "Triumph" on the dessert after the command Federation Cup final and the meeting was called "Clash of the Titans".

The day before the main battle, athletes have passed the procedure of weighing and met face-to-face, both before fighting without rules. For the actions of the crowd watched more than a thousand fans of weight-wrestling. Libra shown in Kolibabchuka half hundredweight - a little more than 150 kg, in Frolkina - exactly 140 kg.

In fights and three wins in the audience saw five Trubina heated confrontations. First stick from the hands of the opponent, Sergei snatched Frolkin. In the second fight I was stronger already Kolibabchuk. In the third match Tomponsky heavyweight again tipped the scales in their favor - 2:1. Fourth same fight again ended in favor of madyny Vyazma – 2:2. before the fifth, showdown judge threw lots and cube dropped in favor Frolkina. The owner of the platform chosen internal gripping and has not lost. Latest fight has stood the longest, in mutual attacks Frolkina able to knock down the opponent to the side and pull the stick at an opponent - 3:2, Sergey Frolkin new winner of "Clash of the Titans".

For the victory Yakut athlete was awarded a certificate for 100 000 rubles, fee his rival was half of that amount - 50 000 rubles.

A source: sportyakutia.ru