A significant number of participants, implementation of standard master of sports all-rounder Vladimir Fedorov and another triumph marked Rustam Masharipova open championship of Yakutsk hapsagayu, According YSIA

On the carpet event, held in the sports complex "Modun", out 293 athlete from 38 commands, of them 23 master of sports. Participated fighters among young men, men and veterans, all have been played 17 sets of medals, without the absolute primacy.

In the category of up to 65 kg was declared the greatest number of participants (67), after long fights at this weight winner went representative Khangalassky region Nyurgun Egorov, won the final battle Basil Sleptsova of YSAA. Third place went to Dmitri Donskoi here.

Perhaps, One of the most interesting was the weight categories 75 kg, where it was stated 49 participants with seven masters of sports. Here bright won master hapsagaya Rustam Masharipov. In the final, with him on the same level fighting Nikolai Gabyshev of Olekma, but lost - he slipped after the next attack. Third place went to Ivan Semenov from ChGIFKiS.

Pretty spectacular fights were title to 95 kg. Here, the winner has won the title of all-rounder, master of sports of weight-wrestling Nyurbinsky ulus Vladimir Fedorov, winning the battle in the finals already legendary verhnevilyuytsa, absolute champion of many tournaments Plato Savvinova. Fedorov also, thanks to the successful performance, master of sports of the Republic hapsagayu. Recall, that just last week he spoke at the inter-regional tournament, "Call of South Yakutia", where he managed to take the gold and silver medals in two different weight classes.

The commentary YSIA Vladimir Fedorov told, what, possibly, fight and tournament Nogovitsyna brothers, which starts in Yakutsk, just six days: "The new season started with good notes, there is a lot of competition, if all goes well, no injuries, I will try to speak further. In Neryungri there were not many participants, therefore allowed to fight in two categories, weight up 95 kg We had twelve fighters, I won, and over - seven, Then I became the second. Next week, if I have a normal state of health, then try yourself in Nogovitsyna tournament. But in general, hapsagae decided to act, to qualify for the championship all-round and Yakutia Games Dygyna. to be honest, I do not consider myself the favorite in the fight, at these competitions are not attended by many strong hapsagaisty, including Alexander challah, Igor Sofroneev. Move on".

Winners of:


To 50 kg: 1 Mestre - Nikitin (Viljujskij), 2 place - Eldar Ivanov (Modu), 3 place - Ilya Yakovlev (Viljujskij),

To 55 kg: 1 place - Valentin Burnashev (Amginsky), 2 place - Alexey greenhouses (Namsky), 3 place - Peter Adams (Khangalasskii),

To 62 kg: 1 place - Chirgel Nogovitsin (Kobyayskiy), 2 place - Yury Uvarov (Khangalasskii), 3 place - Alex Wenzel (Modu),

To 70 kg: 1 place - Peter Dogu (Yakutsk), 2 place - Duluskhan Spiridonov (Saha gymnasium), 3 place - Denis Yudin (Yakutsk),

To 80 kg: 1 place - Ayan Prokopiev (Verkhnevilyuisk), 2 place - Maximilian Uarov (Modu), 3 place - Mark Vasiliev (PCCC),

Over 80 kg: 1 Mestre - Maxim Karataev (Kobyayskiy), 2 place - Mikhail Nesterov (Amginsky), 3 place - David Dabaev (Yakutsk).


To 57 kg: 1 place - Alexander Ilyin (SVFU), 2 place - Zahar Vinokurov (Namsky), 3 place - Alexey aide (Khangalasskii),

To 65 kg: 1 place - Nyurgun Egorov (Khangalasskii), 2 place - Vasily Sleptcov (YAHSHA), 3 place - Dmitry Donskoy (YAHSHA),

To 75 kg: 1 place - Rustam Maşaripov (Yakutsk), 2 place - Nikolai Gabyshev (Olekminsky), 3 place - Ivan Semyonov (ChGIFKiS),

To 85 kg: 1 place - Denis Sivtsev (Khangalasskii), 2 place - Petr Solovyev (PCCC), 3 place - Aisen Ryazan (Megno-Kangalasskiy),

To 95 kg: 1 place - Vladimir Fedorov (Nyurbinsk), 2 place - Plato Savvinov (Verkhnevilyuisk), 3 place - Stepan Pakhomov (Suntarskiy),

Over 95 kg: 1 place - Bair Ukoev (Yakutsk), 2 place - Nikita Khabarov (Yakutsk), 3 place - Stepan Gavriliev (Amginsky).


To 60 kg: 1 place - Mikhail Makarov (Modu), 2 place - Alexander Poskachin (Yakutsk), 3 place - Klim Naumov (Suntarskiy),

To 70 kg: 1 Local - Nikolay Greenhouse (Namsky), 2 place - Vasily Okoneshnikov (Ust-Aldan), 3 place - Rustam Zakharov (Khangalasskii),

To 80 kg: 1 place - Nikolay Ivanov (Tattinsky), 2 place - Yegor Vinokurov (Namsky), 3 place - Andrey Vasilyev (Çurapçinskiy),

To 90 kg: 1 place - Ajal Ivanov (Suntarskiy), 2 place - Peter Pakhomov (Mountain),

Over 90 kg: 1 place - Alexander Roumeen (Modu), Vasily Vinokurov (Modu), Alexei Mikhailov (Suntarskiy).

A source: ysia.ru