At the turn of the shooting were all, from teachers to public utilities

2 November 2019 at Bestyakh arched hall of the city Vilyuysk held competitions in shooting in the exercise "Partridge-command" in the standings IV Games of the municipality "City Vilyuysk" labor collectives, devoted to the 385 anniversary of the city Vilyuysk.

The competition was attended by 15 commands, Total 60 participants. Line-up: 2 men, 2 women. The organizers of the competition were the administration of the municipal formation "City Vilyuysk" and the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of Vilyuysk.

Head Judge Anna Ivanova Egorovna - Excellence in Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) coach and teacher in shooting MBU to "№3 Youth Athletics and national sports," Mr.. Viljujsk.

Exercise "Partridge-command" - a complex, but spectacular in its execution of the exercise with the passage of the running distance of 24m, kneeling and standing, It was for the participants of some difficulties. Required physical endurance and technical readiness. Each team is provided with the installation of four of five targets. Member of the team makes shots of their targets, until you hit all your targets five. Each participant of the team, which is "closed" their targets continue shooting, helping other members of their team. The task of each of the teams as soon as possible to close all 20 targets. The number of shots is not limited. Winners are displayed at the lower time. If for some reason the team fails to hit the target for the 20 minutes, It counts the number of targets hit.

The first team started "Vtorteh", united team VSOSH №2 them. GS. Don and Vilyui College. This team was doubly difficult, they were the first and all the teams were guided by their time. Despite, that a better shooter's Ilya Makarov had a problem with a gun and he had to change it, with the result of the team 6 min. 53,26 sec. We showed the fifth result. four teams: "Vesco" 5 min. 54,37 sec., "City administration" 6 min. 07,21 sec., "MIC" 6 min. 08,93 sec. and "rescuers" 6 min 33,93 sec., showed the best results in finals.

As a result, a place as follows, first place in the competition with a score of 4 min. 01,16 sec. took command "Vesco", a joint team of GUP Housing and kindergarten "Jolly notes": Petr Petrov, Innocent Alexander, Loba- shev Irina, Elena Alekseeva.

The second place team Vilyui College of Education. N.G. Chernyshevsky with the result 4 min. 46,55 sec.: Nikiforov Alexey, Danilov Radomir, Gulyaev Svetlana, Svetlana Mikhailova.

The third place team "Rescuers", united team OGPS-15 and kindergartens "Sardana", 'Biiikcheen', "Buluucheene" with the result 4 min. 51,45 sec.: Atamanov Edward, Taras Luschevskyy, Alexander Gogolev, Maria Antonova.

We thank all participants for the good preparation for competitions, we wish you success for a very interesting and exciting sport - Shooting. We hope, that this new kind of "Partridge-command" will become traditional and favorite species in our Sports Day.


MBU UFKiS 'WE' crank Viljujsk '