Young wrestlers are preparing for the Games "Children of Asia"

The village Mukuch Kobyaysky District last weekend hosted the republican tournament among young men to fight hapsagay memory Seraphim Ivanov.

According to the executive director of the Federation of struggle hapsagay Republic Alexei Mostakhova, this event has become one of the stages of the selection for participation in the VII International Sports Games "Children of Asia" 2020 of the year.

So, young fighters determined the winners in six different weight classes, and separately has been revealed the absolute champion of the tournament. They became Arthur says from Yakutsk. The pupil of SK "Modun" not found in numbers unmatched 18 participants. For the victory of the young fighter was awarded the organizers a huge TV. Moreover, Arthur says, and excelled in his weight class among the fighters over 70 kg. Another hero of the last tournament was Suren Hovhannesyan from Olekminsk, who became the champion in the weight category up to 70 kg.

The lower weight class up 40 kg, which fought 17 participants, all pedestal occupied home carpet - mukuchintsy. Another gold medal, to the delight of the local audience, presented and Vladislav Vasiliev, excelled in weight to 62 kg. Well, the most technical wrestler of the tournament was recognized Algys Lebedkin of Verkhnevilyuisk. Young master Yakut carpet marked with a special prize - a laptop.

«the blessed memory of tourney Serafim Ivanovich Ivanov collected 88 athletes from different regions of the republic. The competition took place in a special room "Hapsaҕay tүһүlgete", which was opened in 2015 year. Generally, level of training of young athletes the average - to successfully perform at the Games "Children of Asia", Athletes must also hone your technique and improve skills in various competitions, including, I do not exclude, regional and international tournaments», – said Alexey Mostahov.

Winners of:

40 kg: 1. Vyacheslav Nogovitsin (Mukucu), 2. Vitaly Semyonov (Mukucu), 3. Anthony Dmitriev (Mukucu)

45 kg: 1. Lebedkin stronghold (In-Vilyuysk), 2. Olympia Vasiliev (Mukucu), 3. Athanasius Ivanov (orosu)

50 kg: 1. Timur Andreev (Mağarası), 2. Ivanov Michio (Tamalakan), 3. Ivanov Eldar (Modu)

55 kg: 1. Yushkov Ignat (Modu), 2. Anatoly Spiridonov (Kentik), 3. Poskachin Aisen (Mukucu)

62 kg: 1. Vasiliev Vladislav (Mukucu), 2. Alekseev Yan (Onhoy), 3. Vladimir Alekseev (In-Vilyuysk)

70 kg: 1. Suren Oganesyan (Olekminsk), 2. deacons Artem (bridges), 3. Ksenofontov Semen (In-Vilyuysk)

Over 70 kg: 1. Govorov Artur (Modu), 2. Mikhail Nesterov (Amga), 3. Sofronov Vladislav (bridges)


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