Capital creates his team to the Cup RS(I) anti hapsagay. Became last year Khandyga owners of this precious trophy capital wrestlers do not lose time, They also conducted their review of the championship series to meet PC(I) memory P.E.Alekseeva. This weekend Administration of Sports Management Yakutsk hosted an open championship and championship. Organizers similar to the most popular in the Yakut republican national wrestling tournament "Haҥalas hapsaҕaya" named their qualifying competitions "Tuymaada hapsaҕaya".

Just came out on the carpet 289 fighters, including 78 youths, 97 adults 14 veterans. It could be significantly more participants, but due to the closure of the crossing could not attend the fighters Zarechnoj zone. We got only the most persistent, eg, We came in spite of the high cost of travel, students ChGIFKiS.

Among young men a lot of guys, which show excellent fighting. As it happened in the last few years, This division is dominated by young hapsagaisty of Mukuch Kobyaysky District students and sections of the sports complex "Modun". However, in other encampments increasingly become involved hapsagaem, which is evident from the standings.

pleases, that there are new wrestling dynasty. So, at police officer, Yakutia champion and winner of many national tournaments, master of sports growing up the son Ayaan Ivanova Eldar, which already has an excellent achievement - it is multiple winner of championships of the republic "Erchimen Bergen", champion of Mongolia, a candidate for the national team of Yakutia on "Children of Asia-2020". The republic champion among seniors and veterans,  master of sports, Deputy Chief of the State Fire Service unit in Namsky region Nicholas greenhouse son Alex also won the silver medal of the championship.

In recent years, our athletes udivyayut its universalism. So, I have been following the, as the developing Nyurbinsk rounder Vladimir Fedorov. Began his sporting activities as a weight-wrestler Vladimir successfully masters all disciplines Yakut-round "games Dygyna". In this championship he won, winning the unshakeable Plato Savvinova and thereby fulfilling the Master of Sports of the RS(I) anti hapsagay.

Noting the successful debut of our new employee of the Republican center of national sports Mikhail Makarov, won in this competition gold medal among veterans in weight to 60 kg . He showed a very good fight. Michael Atosovich hails from the famous village of Tocco Olekminsky, illustrious countryman Ivan sniper Kulbertinova. As a young man engaged in wrestling and chess, during the student became interested in wrestling hapsagay. He worked as a teacher, head teacher, specialist in the Department of Education and Sports. WITH 2012 , the director worked Tokko High School. This year, he moved to the capital and began working as chief of the general department RTSNVS. It became in the last years winner of the national tournament in memory N.K.Doktorova-Bychyrdaan, the prizes of brothers Nogovitsyna and prestigious tournament MIA.

The decoration of the tournament was open, uncompromising fight against 63-year-old veteran, master of sports, medalist of the Republic of hapsagayu and top sports games 1996 g. Armwrestling Basil Vinokourov of Oymyakon district. Unfortunately, he could not get the number of winners, but their sporting longevity and vigor aroused great interest and sympathy of viewers. That's the Yakut hapsagay because of its simplicity and democratic access and pupils, and the elders of sedovlasım, on an equal footing are here to fight as professionals-wrestlers, and simple rural lovers.

Vladislav KOROTOV,

author photo.

Champions and prize-winners

2-3.11.2019 city, SK 'Modu'

adolescents (2002-2004 gg.r.)

50 kg (10 participants)

  1. Nikitin Ajtal - Viljujsk
  2. Ivanov Eldar - "Modun"
  3. Ilya Yakovlev - Vilyuysk

55 kg (17 participants)

  1. Polotno Valentine - Amga
  2. Greenhouses Alex - We
  3. Adams Peter - Khangalassky

62 kg (22 member)

  1. Nogovitsin Chirgel - Kobyay
  2. Yury Uvarov - Khangalassky
  3. Alexei Vyenzyeli 'Modu'

70 kg (19 participants)

  1. Dogu Peter - Yakutsk
  2. Spiridonov Duluskhan - Sakha gymnasium
  3. Denis Yudin - Yakutsk

80 kg (7 participants)

  1. Prokopiev Ayan - Verkhnevilyuisk
  2. Uarov Maximilian 'Modu'
  3. Mark Vasilyev - PCCC

Over 80 kg (3 member)

  1. Karataev Maxim Kobyay
  2. Nesterev Michael - Amga
  3. Dabaev David - Yakutsk

men (2001-1980 gg.r.)

57 kg (37 participants)

  1. Alexander Ilyin - NEFU
  2. Vinokourov Zahar - We
  3. Adjutant Alexei - Khangalassky

65 kg (67 participants)

  1. Egorov Nyurgun - Khangalassky
  2. Blind Basil - YSAA
  3. Dmitry Donskoy - YSAA

75 kg (49 participants)

  1. Maşaripov Rustam - Yakutsk
  2. Gabыshev Nikolai - Olekminsk
  3. Ivan Semenov - ChGIFKiS

85 kg (25 participants)

  1. Sivtsyev Denis Khangalasskii
  2. Solovyov Peter - PCCC
  3. Ryazan Aisen - Megino-Kangalassky

95 kg (12 participants)

  1. Vladimir Fedorov - Nyurba
  2. Savvinov Plato - Verkhnevilyuisk
  3. Stephen Pakhomov - Samsearn

Over 95 kg (7 participants)

  1. Ukoev Bair - Yakutsk
  2. Nikita Khabarov - Yakutsk
  3. Stephen Gavrilev - Amga

veterans (1979 G. R. and older)

60 kg (5 participants)

  1. Makarov Michael - 'Modu'
  2. Poskachin Alexander - Yakutsk
  3. Naumov Klim - Suntar

70 kg (4 member)

  1. Greenhouse Nikolai - Nam
  2. Okoneshnikov Basil - Ust-Aldan
  3. Zakharov Rustam - Khangalassky

80 kg (4 member)

  1. Nikolai Ivanov - Thatta
  2. Yegor Vinokourov - We
  3. Andrey Vasilyev - Churapcha

90 kg (2 member)

  1. Ivanov - Samsearn
  2. Pakhomov Peter - Mountain

Over 90 kg (3 member)

  1. Romania - Alexander 'Modu'
  2. Vasily Vinokurov - "Modun" -Verhnekolymsk