Sports federations awarded grants 500 thousand

Trust fund for future generations, to identify and support the best projects, aimed at identifying and developing children's abilities in sports sector, an annual national competition for non-profit organizations.

yesterday, Sergei Mestnikov, Director General of the Trust Fund for Future Generations, I met with the winners of the competition and awarded grants totaling 500 thousand, which will serve as support in the implementation of their projects:

1) FOUNDATION development of national kinds of MS SPORT (I) - project "Children WHITE SUN" ('DAY OҔOLORO);

2) OO 'FEDERATION MAS-Wrestling RS (I) - the project "From traditional sports to the Olympic top" mas-wrestling;

3) NGO "Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing PC (I)"- the project" Development of youth rock climbing in Yakutia ";

4) NGO "Federation North all-around PC (I)"- THE" FAST Nart ";

5) ROO "Chess Federation RS (I)"- the project" Chess - a way to success ";

6) PO "Kickboxing Federation RS (I)"- the project" Preparation of the junior team PC team (I) Kickboxing to the Championship of Russia in g. Yakutsk 2021 year ".

The competition had applied 15 organizations, among them the organization representing a variety of sports, from Narts, climbing, sailing and ending with "pankration".

The contest was part of the large-scale project "Young talents of Yakutia", promoting maximum disclosure capabilities of gifted and talented children.

Fedorova Vera, Project Manager "Kids White Sun" (Sun oҕoloro):

Our project is being implemented in the republic 2017 of the year, and it is aimed at the development and promotion of national folk games among the younger generation. For project, we are organizing and conducting the Open republican festival "Toҕus Tuuri oonnuuta" and II Republican festival of the Yakut national games "Children of the White Sun". Also, in these events, will be held seminars and master-classes for physical education teachers and coaches. We are grateful to the Trust Fund for future generations and "ALROSA" for, that conduct such competitions, By promoting our children and made them such interesting projects.


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