But in general,, Records were four

WITH 27 by 28 November, sports complex "Modun" hosted the best teams of our country on the northern decathlon, who entered the race for the rolling Federation Cup.

The competition was announced 45 athletes from eight teams, but only five of them are destined to be the right to fight for the cup. The other three teams were incomplete, but athletes still took part in the competition, just outside the standings - the results counted, but without a set of points in favor of the team. And that's why, for the cup the following teams fought - Neryungri area, Such Anabarskiy, Verkhnevilyuisk ulus, Vilyuysky District and Churapchinsky District.

at the opening, Athletes Federation President welcomed the north all-round PC(I) Elena Golomareva, first Deputy. Directors' im RCNVS. AT. Manchaary "Ivan Borisov and chief judge of the competition, Anatoly Popov.

Competitions were held in three disciplines - Northern triple jump, throwing a lasso on a trochee and jumping over the sledge.

On the first day of the Cup passed two stages. In this discipline,, traditionally excellent results shown by athletes from Verkhnevilyuisk ulus and Churapchinsky District. They brought their team important points, which in the end will determine the winner. But one event has attracted the most attention - this is a record, established representative Oymyakonsky District, George Sofronov Youth 14-15 years old. He managed in his attempt to land at the level exactly 10 m. Young oymyakonets is one of the most talented all-rounders in our republic, and previously he has repeatedly set records among their peers.

But in throwing a lasso on a trochee among men, this day was not equal another record-Republic – Alexey Sozonova (Srednekolymsky ulus). This time, he managed to beat the record by as much as 124 hit. I.e, he was able to get non-stop on purpose 169 time.

An excellent result obtained in the women's division, where Antonina Sannikov (Verkhnevilyuisk ulus) also it established a republic record for throwing a lasso on a trochee. She managed to produce 31 hit, and thus improved the previous record of the republic, Larisa Evdokimova set to "Games Manchaary" in 2017 year, on 19 hit.

For one day beaten three records republic. This positive trend, which is observed in recent years, caused by, that increases class trainers for the Northern all-round and their training methods are paying off. The combined team of our republic now always among the favorites at competitions nationwide level.

All this progress has proved the second day of competition, when the aforementioned George Sofronov again broke the record of the republic, but now jumping over sledges. He was able to reach a result in 1000 Maternity, that fifteen boys quite well. It should be recalled, the previous record also belonged to him. It he set just a month ago, at the national tournament in memory of Victor Efimov. Then, he was subjected to the mark in 900 Maternity.

«Today I walked purposefully to this record. Yes, I agree, it was hard. Just a month ago, I jumped here 900 sledges and seemed, that my body is still not recovered from this result. But as the competition returned to me the strength and lightness, and I decided, I can reach the intended target. I have all their records and achievements dedicate his father and coach, Nicholas Sofronov, which itself is a four-time champion of the republic. His advice and guidance always give me strength before the start.

I think, I about, to achieve its result? I'll lie, if I say no (laughs). In my plans not only to achieve its result, but to surpass it. He is my idol, a man in whom I equals, and if one day, I will surpass his athletic performance, I'm sure, he will be happier than I am», – shared with us the newly made champion of the Republic Georgi Sofronov.

After all battles, came the long-awaited moment of determining the winner of the Fed Cup for the Northern all-round. And at the end of two days of competition, with the result 56 points, first place won team from Verkhnevilyuisk ulus. Second place, with a lag of only 3 points, went to the team of the Anabar ulus, and the top three winners closed the last year's champion Neryungri area, with the result 71 point.

«I am very happy with my players, that during the competition demonstrated their will, cohesion and character, due to which they have achieved this success, - said the head coach Verkhnevilyuisk ulus Raisa Grigorieva. – Last year we missed the way offensively gold medal, and because in this time very seriously the preparation, We had a lot of work on the bugs, We made as part of the rotation. One of the factors of this success can be noted and patriotism of our children. For them, submit to competitions after his native ulus is a very important event, and "not to fall face in the dirt ', guys gave it to the full, for which I am very grateful to them».

Now, some athletes will fly to Khanty-Mansiysk city to participate in the Cup of Russia in the north all-round, which will be held next week, with 3 by 8 December. expected to attend 160 athletes from 10 RF subjects: Krasnoyarsk region, Evenk Autonomous Area, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Magadan Region, Komi Republic, YANAO, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia, Tyumen region, Khabarovsk region, KhMAO-Yugra and the Kamchatka Territory.

We wish them all the luck!


Sandal Nikanorova