The competitions will be held during the festival "Winter begins with Yakutia"

WITH 30 November 1 December, within the framework of sport events of the Festival "Winter begins with Yakutia", in Coach №1 and in the Center of athletic training "Triumph" will be competitions in the north all-round "games of the North".

Competitions are held in order to attract their studies on the northern decathlon, popularization of folk PC games (I), of Excellence.

The main difference of this event from the traditional is, that the program of events, instead of throwing an ax at a distance and cross-country run, two equally interesting phase will be included – the firing of the laser rifles and racing on cutting stroganina.

And that's why, Athletes will compete for the following types: throwing a lasso on a trochee, jumping over the sledge, Northern triple jump, the firing of a laser rifle, competition by cutting stroganina.

The winner is determined by the lowest sum of seats occupied by the sum of the five kinds of competitions. The winners and prize-winners are awarded with medals, Diplomas and prizes.


30 November (Saturday)

10:00-10:30 - Northern triple jump (Youth №1)

10:30-12:00 - Preliminary throwing a lasso (Youth №1)

12:00-13:00 - running with a load (Youth №1)

14:00-14:30 - Opening ceremony (Youth №1)

14:30-15:30 - preliminary and final firing of the laser rifle (Youth №1)

15:30-18:00 - Preliminary jumping over sledges (Youth №1)

1 December (Sunday)

13:15-13.22 - the final jumping over sledges (CSP Triumf)

13:26-13:33 - the final throwing a lasso on a trochee (CSP Triumf)

13:37-13:55 - the closing ceremony of the competition (CSP Triumf)


Sandal Nikanorova