An honest conversation on the eve of the anniversary of Senator

I must admit, I conquer the position of Alexander Akimov, which he took in the Federation Council. There's constantly monitor, how tirelessly he defends the interests of the republic: rarely a meeting goes without his emotional speech. And this, of course, means, Far North that require close attention. Well, as the senator's name as the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on the Arctic and Antarctic is strongly connected with the region, Our conversation with him on the eve of the anniversary could not have taken place without talking about, over what exactly it works today.

- Alexander K., Only the last time you personally met with the Minister of Education Olga Vasilyeva, Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin, and discussed the development of Arctic regions, in particular, budget parameters for the next three years; We held a meeting of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Presidium of the Council of Federation, where they discussed the project "Foundations of State Policy in the Arctic for the period till 2035 of the year"; приняли участие в заседании трёхсторонней комиссии по вопросам межбюджетных отношений, where they worked on a project of the Federal Law "On the Federal Budget for 2020 and for the planned period 2021 and 2022 годов». И это не считая других, not publicized, but no less important meetings, which contribute to the development of the Arctic region and your small homeland. You are constantly running non-stop. What keeps you in such a fine working form?

- understand, I am easy to work with, так как я побывал практически во всех районах Арктики и Дальнего Востока и очень хорошо знаком с проблемами своего региона. There went my entire working life - from the director of the farm and the first secretary of the regional committee of Komsomol to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic. In these positions I had to work closely on many sectoral issues, which are now on the agenda: from health and education to aviation, Agriculture, Sport and Culture. And when they are considered in the State Duma or the Federation Council, мне не нужно делать лишних звонков и справок, to learn, how are things and people live: almost everything I know from the inside. And yes, you just noticed, I work online, and take an active part in the discussion of problematic issues, well aware of their ...

- You have a huge luggage behind, but you are still young, to keep pace with the times: mastered gadgets, regularly go out in social networks, communicating with your subscribers, and their number is growing. You are doing it or someone else does it for you?

- I'm a young man accustomed to do everything myself, I'm interested. Sam write your articles, performances, he worked on the master's and doctoral theses. Sure, I have assistants, not without it, but my work they do for me. We live in an age of information technology, and it is necessary to use. It helps me to work. First of all, I'm on the same wavelength with advanced policy, fellow senators. Secondly, from the Internet, social networks, Fasebook and Instagram, I, too, get their information, and this feedback, and the ability to respond to the Problems

- Alexander K., He is re-elected Deputy Chairman of the profile of the Federation Council Committee, You have done much, that were not included at the time in the Arctic region of Yakutia areas included in the list. Tell, you are welcome, the effect of this republic has already received and hopes to receive in the future.

- It is thanks to sound on the Arctic Council's position and the Antarctic and the, that the republic's leadership deliberately raised the question to these eight ulus, the decision was made completely objectively and logically. Now these ulus included in the Program of socio-economic development of the Arctic region, and will receive additional funding. I would like to point out the very right decision of the head of the republic Aysena Nikolaev - to create a Ministry of MS Arctic(I). Arctic regions requires a specific approach, and they need the same attention - special. The Arctic - a special object and the subject of public administration.

- Do you think, that for development of the Arctic - the future of Russia. And even your book, you released in Yakutsk, It got its name. Does it mean that, that the region expects gradual development, step by step? Or it will be a breakthrough? And if a breakthrough, is that this should be taken?

- Modern scientists believe, that the development of the Arctic is like space exploration, I absolutely agree with them. The Arctic could become the locomotive of innovative development of Russia. The Arctic - a fifth of Russia, her lungs, pantry planet. The uniqueness and natural resources of the Arctic must not only be evaluated, but also saved for the future. We should be introduced the latest development of its resource-saving technologies, because here there is no place to hurry. For the development and further exploration of the Arctic and the Far North should be approached gradually and thoughtfully, building on existing experience and achievements, но используя новейшие технологии. North does not forgive mistakes.

With regard to the tasks, they clearly put President Vladimir Putin at the V International Forum "The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue". As he said,, need powerful scientific, HR, technological base. В регионах уже приступили к созданию научно-образовательных центров, that integrate the capabilities of universities, research institutes, business, real economy. These centers will provide and develop the fundamental science, and the solution of practical problems of Arctic exploration. Russia has always been and remains the Great Northern and Arctic nation in the world. It's not slogans, while real long history, which began with the first polar expedition and the creation of the first nuclear-powered icebreakers for the Northern Sea Route.

Basics of the state national policy to 2025 of the year, Strategy for socio-economic development of the Arctic zone to 2035 of the year, Northern Sea Route, we discussed in g. Yakutsk at the enlarged meeting of the Council for visiting the Arctic and Antarctic, and now we plan to discuss them at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council 28 October this year, and at the next meeting of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic in November.

— Ваша книга «Арктика — будущее России» также стала площадкой для публикаций социальной направленности исследований Республики Саха (Yakutia) prominent Russian scientists. What value do you it gives?

- I have already mentioned, old methods and means of the Arctic is not master. But you can not forget when new technologies, that the focus should be Man and Nature. Without training and development of human potential of the North not solve the problem. and unacceptable, to old-timers and indigenous people to uproot their lives. They have lived their lives, adapted to the complex natural and geographical conditions. This so-called circumpolar civilization - the ancient culture and traditions of indigenous peoples. They have not left and are not going to leave their homeland. reindeer herders, fishing, hunting, retained respect for the environment ... you know, they are always in the nature of God ask forgiveness, worship fire, land. Do not take too much - cherish. And we do not always understand them. So our task is not to interfere, but to help them to save it, to preserve and enhance the territory of traditional nature. Here everything must be different, attentive to nature and people, taking into account climatic and ethnological features: Arctic and Arctic model health education model, and the so-called nomadic schools, polar aviation, etc.. Respectively, работать здесь должны специально подготовленные арктические доктора, Arctic teachers and other professionals. We have also a very conservative thinking, and we can not break the whole bureaucratic system, that only prevents them to live and work according to their laws. It is necessary to revise the social benefits, listen to the scientist and the world community, seeks to preserve the circumpolar civilization. It is very important: keep the language, culture, ancient traditions. Not casually in the North say: no deer - no people.

- At that meeting of the Arctic Council and the Antarctic Presidium of the Council of Federation, where the project "Fundamentals of public policy was discussed in the Arctic for the period till 2035 of the year", существенные предложения внёс Вячеслав ШТЫРОВ. As known, he twice Hero of Russia Artur Chilingarov previously headed the Council for the Arctic and Antarctic, so that experience under his belt - a huge. Now Vyacheslav is your deputy. What effect have these meetings in defending the interests of the region?

- Shtyrov, as you know, strong manager, professional in their field. He and I were elected to the complex zero years, when in power and the economy of the multinational republic experienced a serious power crisis. It was a certain misunderstanding and confrontation with the federal government and the parliament, It is leading to social and political instability. On the verge of bankruptcy were many industries, aviation, transport, Agriculture, construction and more. Much luck and find, that the republic headed by a person, who knows the region's economy and from. Almost crisis manager. As an experienced manager, he all these branches spread out on the shelves, began phased modernization and revival. unicameral Parliament was established, Advisory Board, The trilateral Commission, He earned the building complex, We began to actively build housing, roads and railways, It has launched a program of demolition of dilapidated housing in the g. Yakutsk, It started the development of new oil and gas fields and the construction of the ESPO pipeline "Power of Siberia" and other. And you know, he always firmly defended the interests of the Republic and the Far East, no matter what. This was especially evident, when he spoke out against the so-called 202-th federal law on monetization of social benefits and was the only leader in the region, who has not withdrawn his signature. It seems to me, что огромный опыт и авторитет Вячеслава Анатольевича ещё будет востребован и послужит родной республике и Дальнему Востоку, Russia.

- Your child - the International Federation of mas-wrestling - has long been stepped beyond Yakutia. And today is no surprise, Yakut that sport is included in the official program of the sport festival Arnold Schwarzenegger on three continents. Only in the United States mas-wrestling competitions were held this year for the sixth time. So how do you see its future?

- mas-wrestling - part of the culture of the North and of the Sakha, and we are developing it and preach. As vice-president, I was promoting olonkho. As a result, the epic became an international UNESCO masterpiece, He entered the Representative List of the world's masterpieces of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, multiplying the global cultural treasury. After that, we began to develop a national sports. Mas-wrestling - absolutely unique sport. This same phenomenon: in a short time he came on the international scene and has won almost all the world. Because I believe, mas-wrestling that can and should be an Olympic sport, and this - our national task. trust, that it will.

- The second decade you combine yakutians in Moscow, as chairman of one of the largest local associations, blend well into the active life of the capital. We gathered around you and talented students, and veterans, and just your associates. one agitation trains, dedicated to the centennial of Lenin Komsomol, that you have spent as a senator and chairman of the fraternities, is worth! Conducted exploratory work on the establishment of yakutians, killed during the Great Patriotic War, and fraternities delegation has always honor the memory of all, who laid the head on the outskirts of Moscow. And what gorgeous on certain events are events, whether the presentation, the reporting of the conference, the planting of trees, is involved in various capital measures. And it's always - the joy of meeting. National holiday in Kolomenskoye Ysyakh generally entered in the calendar of socially significant events in Moscow. To my mind, Yakut Muscovites are ready to follow you through thick and thin?

- Well, you have to ask about it.

- Good, I ask. But tell, today in the world a lot of debating about the performance of the Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg. What do you think about it raised the issue of global warming, exciting the minds of scientists for decades?

- You see, Climate change not only in the Arctic, but also on the entire planet. Environmental disasters occur, typhoons and floods, disappear, entire populations of birds and animals, do not have enough drinking water, people are starving ... It should not be. We have one Earth. It should be protected. All international efforts and resources should be directed for these purposes, a peaceful course, including the preservation of flora and fauna of the Arctic and Antarctic, permafrost, освоение космоса. Надо объединяться ради сохранения планеты, otherwise it will be too late. Arctic should become a zone of peace and dialogue, not a testing ground.

- What else bothers you most?

- I'm worried about a certain outflow of the population of the Far East and the Arctic. People aspire to the big cities, Europe, Asia ... With this need to do something. Yes, done a lot, including the adoption of more than thirty laws, programs, created TOSERy, "Far hectare", but, it is seen, этого недостаточно. We need more radical and innovative measures for Housing, mortgage, benefits, We need to build infrastructure, строить школы, gardens, theaters, - and then the young will remain, and to solve this need in the near future.

- Soon you, active and energetic, be fulfilled 65 years old. Who supports you for all these years?

- Sure, my family: children, grandchildren, friends, lyubimaya wife Rosalia Iudovna, with which we have been together for almost 40 years old. It is a great happiness - family. And yet - my little homeland, which I do not lose connection.

- homesick?

- I am constantly in his native country: a month now held in August, and then I go there on business trips, I communicate directly with people, youth, veterans. Last year, the campaign train of "Railways of Yakutia" in honor of the centennial of the Komsomol get to the bottom Bestyaha. So what about all the problems I know firsthand. And not so long ago, I visited the century native Kyukyayskoy school. Every autumn I spend working meeting with agrarians on agriculture. This year we worked together with the ulus diamond province. I also took part in the historical events to mark the 70th anniversary of the discovery of the first Yakut diamond Spit "Falcon" on the river. Viluy, where last year there was an ecological disaster. This is our pain and tragedy ...


Did, that really need to be doing right now? It is necessary to solve the problem of drinking water, Environment and Health. It's time to create in rural encampments industrial clusters, parks, build small towns. In Suntarsky District, by the way, It planned to create TOSER "Kempendyay" on rich deposits of zeolite, salt, coal, oil and gas, and. Wealth should serve the people, and not vice versa, is not it. And it must be, finally, создать научно-образовательный спортивно-оздоровительный центр «Кемпендяй» для детей алмазной провинции. Unfortunately, government officials are slowly addressing these questions. Yakutian village needs an overhaul: gasification, electrification, accomplishment, construction.

- You're in my Kyukyae created a library and an art gallery?

- Yes. And I want, so there are good shops and winter garden. Yes, there is so much more I want to make. Native land inspires me and supports. The most important thing, to the Yakut village flourished, and the people stayed to live and build, and pure green meadows of grazing calves and foals, running and laughing children ...

- Tell, Alexander K., how do you spend your free time.

- To be honest, I was not so much. I would like to devote more time to their children and grandchildren, - I am very good with them. When I find time for yourself, I like to swim. But most of all I like to walk: like walking, to reflect, honor, especially historical literature. it, do you know, with age comes. I can easily go ten kilometers, twenty…

- What about fishing, hunting?

- I love the taiga. love berries, carp - simply enjoy nature. But I'm not an avid fisherman, no hunter. Be my will, I would generally forbidden spring hunting. a little fishing, sit by the fire on the lake in Kyukyae, the river - a sweet deal. That's all - the smell of my homeland, rare treat.

- I wish you inspiration and inexhaustible energy for a long time, many years, health and every day - small pleasures. And of course, success in all your affairs! Thanks for the conversation.

A photo: From the archives of Alexander Akimov.

A source: Elena Stepanova