About it 7 November the head of the republic Aisen Nikolayev at a meeting with representatives of the organizing committee on preparation and holding of competitions

AT 2021 year Gorny District will XXI Games Manchaary national sports. This event will be in Berdigestyahe new sports facilities - a versatile shooting complex with boarding, multipurpose sports hall, and also will be reconstructed stadium.

And in 2022 year, in honor of the centennial YASSR, Ust-Aldan ulus held VIII Sports games of the peoples of Yakutia. In anticipation of the event to build a stadium, multifunctional recreational and sports complex, universal set of combat sports with the hostel.

At a decent level to take such a major sports forums, which will bring together the strongest athletes from all over the republic, It will be a series of works to improve the infrastructure and social facilities.

Aisen Nikolayev stressed, what is needed, without tightening deadlines, after the completion of design and estimate documentation immediately announce the auction and to prevent delay in the construction of facilities.

«Timing is very tight. We at Berdigestyahu Borogontsy and all our plans should be executed, and no delays, delay should be avoided. In the first place for the auction - all competitions for the projects must be declared in time. On proposals, that sounded, plans must be strengthened, look, that is not considered. All the issues important to address promptly», - summed IL Darkhan.


A source: ysia.ru