Innovative developments from Churapchinsky Institute and more

WITH 19 by 20 October, Multimedia in the historical park "Russia - My Story", an exhibition VII Festival of Science in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) «NAUKA 0+».

First day, exhibition was visited by the director of our center Gavril Mokhnachevskaya, Head of the preparation of the sports reserve Semen Nikolaev, as well as the coach of the mas-wrestling Alexey Agapov and coach of the national board games Hope Belolyubskaya.

At the sites were submitted to the development and research of educational and research institutions, conducted lectures of various kinds, seminars from leading scientists and researchers. Exhibition visitors can participate in interactive games, quizzes, try out the scientific development and to experience the their capabilities and much more.

In this festival, focus our management and coaching staff, caused development Churapchinsky colleagues from the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. They are in this exhibition presented their papers on mass-wrestling, where in the first place, interest was a stick with a light sensor, which gives a signal when aligned contractions start. As he explained to us the head of the department of theory and methodology of physical culture ChGIFKiS Taras Artemenko, This development is designed to facilitate the work of judges.

Also, they showed their study of the muscle groups in athletes during a fight in the weight-wrestling, and presented it to the screen in 3D, where indicated in detail how the human body is working under battle. In future, if you implement this design in training athletes, it is possible not only to improve physical performance and hone skills techniques, but also to avoid unnecessary injuries in the preparation.

Besides, on display were presented interesting teaching materials and books on national sports. Some have even been put up for sale, so anyone could buy it.


Sandal Nikanorova