athletes from 11 teams have become parties to an open inter-regional tournament on the northern decathlon, dedicated to the memory of the honored worker of national economy of Yakutia Victor Efimov. According to the results of the competition will form a national team of the Republic, which next year will introduce the region to the Russian level.

«Viktor always helped the development of sports and directly north-round. All of our athletes and coaches remember, honor his. This event is included in the schedule of our ministry. I want to wish all the participants of this wonderful tournament fair competition, beautiful victories. Let the strongest win top!"- said the first Deputy Minister of Physical Education and Sport Semen Cherdonov.

At the opening ceremony of the tournament, he handed the golden sign of the complex TRP tenth stage Grigory Vasiliev.

Just showed up on the competition 88 athletes from Anabar, Viljujskogo, Verkhnevilyuisk, mountain, Megino-Kangalassky, Neryungri, Olenekskogo, Oimyakonskogo, Churapchinsky District, Yakutsk and team sports complex "Modun".

«We are all aware of the significant contribution of Victor Petrovich in the socio-economic development of the republic. His role is enormous and in the formation of the Trust Fund for Future Generations. Today, the Foundation supports such areas, education, science, culture, art, sport, including in the northern regions», - said General Director of the Trust Fund for future generations Sergey Mestnikov.

Contestants have to reveal the strongest in the northern triple jump, throwing a lasso, running with sticks on rough terrain, sports throwing the ax at a distance, jumping over the sledge. The tournament was attended by all the leading sportsmen of the republic among adults, juniors and young men. Competitions will be held in the sports complex "Modun", on a green meadow in the "Muranov Chochur".

«I participated in all three previous tournaments with adolescence, Now speaking men. The composition is very strong, We gathered all the main contenders for the national team. Selection of six men and five women will be held at the Russian Championship. Now North-around is driven by targeted support, the next level up sports schools from Ust-Yana, Bulun, Srednekolymsky areas, leaders have long been considered as the representatives of Neryungri, Çurapçi, Namtso, Yakutsk, Viljujska», - the commentary said YSIA undisputed champion of many events, captain Alexei Sazonov.


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A photo: Sandal Nikanorova