The first to start out Severnikov

Since the beginning of October, in the walls of the sports complex "Modun", pass traditional competitions on national sports "Open season" among children of all ages.

The first students to start out of the northern section of the all-round. Participants in this year, compared to previous years, It was at times more - 56 young athletes. This is not surprising, since this spring, our country has hosted the championship of Russia and possible, that many saw these competitions, I felt an urge to engage in this sport.

As is always the case, on the podium was a lot of worrying parents, who came to cheer for her child. «Our son has been a year in the north all-around "Modugno". He likes, they train every day and take part in various competitions, and we are pleased to see, our son is progressing and developing», – He shared his impressions of one of the parents.

Total, the children were divided into four age groups, where the largest number of participants have been reported in the youngest group of athletes - 24. The winners were determined by the double-event - is jumping over sledges and Northern triple jump. Also, it is important to note that, the Cubs were in a separate group from all.

Champions and prize winners were awarded with medals and diplomas.

1 Group 2010 - 2011h.r (beginners)

  1. Polotno Gold
  2. Argunov Arylhan A.
  3. Gotovtsev Andrian Valeryevich

1 Group 2010 - 2011h.r (boys)

  1. Litvintsev Andrey
  2. Serkin Daniel A.
  3. Vinokourov Vladislav V.

1 Group 2010 - 2011h.r (girls)

  1. Anna Yakovleva
  2. Gotovtseva Tatiana Vyacheslavovna
  3. Diana Konstantinova

2 Group 2008 - 2009h.r (boys)

  1. Nyeustroyev Energy
  2. Zhegusov Ivan
  3. Artem Andreev

2 Group 2008 - 2009h.r (girls)

  1. Chukorova Svetlana Semenovna
  2. Torgovkina Alice V.
  3. Teryanova Valeria

3 Group 2006 - 2007h.r (adolescents)

  1. Ksenofontov hectare
  2. Rozhin Kirill
  3. Nalyidyrov chair Alibyertov

3 Group 2006 - 2007h.r (girls)

  1. deacon Olga
  2. Yermolaev Ayyyna
  3. Loba- shev Arina

4 Group 2002 - 2003h.r (adolescents)

  1. Dmitry Mestnikov
  2. Davydov Artem
  3. Kopyrin Alexander

4 Group 2002 - 2003h.r (girls)

  1. Fedorov Tunaara
  2. Solovyov Arina
  3. Veronica Rozhysche


Sandal Nikanorova