Preparations are in full swing

4 October, in the town of Gorny ulus, in the village Berdigestyah, It held a visiting session of the organizing committee on preparation and holding the Games XXI national sports «Games Manchaary".

Participation in this meeting were the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports RS(I) Innocent Grigoriev, MR head "Gorny District" Nikita Andreev, Director "RCNVS im. AT. Manchaary "Gavril Mokhnachevskaya and representatives of sports committee Vilyui, Verkhnevilyuisk, Khangalassky and Gorny District.

At this meeting,, The meeting reviewed the draft provisions of the games, program of cultural events and other issues for the organization and holding of the XXI «Games Manchaary".

Innocent Yu in his welcoming speech thanked all the participants and noted, that all suggestions and comments, to be delivered on that day by them, They will be documented and it will continue to make decisions. In advance, we note, that during the meeting the minister himself offered his ideas to think the audience, which in turn brings about changes and convincingly explained their reasoning.

Particular interest present the speech of Gabriel Mokhnachevskaya about the game situation, where he proposed to distribute the group ulus parties not rated, and in terms of population. I.e, The first group - to 5 thousand. residents, The second group - from 5 thousand. to 15 thousand. residents, The third group - from 15 thousand. to 25 thousand. residents and the fourth group - from 25 thousand. residents. In this situation, participants have the opportunity to compete with their peers, since previously many were indignant because, that they are in a group with ulus in which more people, and therefore more resources. Almost all participants agreed on these changes and have a positive attitude to this idea.

Hot discussion arose about the contracts and admission of athletes. The meeting proposed to tighten controls and prevent falsification of documents, identity. they recognized, that in the early years, many members forged their registration on the passport and advocated uluses, to which they had nothing to do. As for contracts, it was proposed to reduce the number to a maximum or minimum at all to remove the system. This issue has been decided to consider in the first place and take it all the necessary measures.

For these questions, he voiced his opinion and Nikita Viktorovich, who offered, to athletes favored areas, these have in the column "place of birth" on the passport. "So it will be less controversy and problems in the bidding process", – he noted. Also, for advertising future games, it is recommended to start handing souvenir products for sports festivals and competitions, after brandbook games will be approved.

During the discussions sounded a lot of good suggestions, which would improve the atmosphere of the competition. for example, organized during the tourist program of games for foreign tourists, to show them the sights of our nation and to present the views of the national sport of Yakutia. Innocent Yu noticed, that such a concept could be a good incentive for local businesses.

according to the results, All questions and suggestions, which were announced at this retreat, will have to decide in the coming months by the Organizing Committee of the XXI «Games Manchaary" and the Board of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports RS(I). In the end, Minister thanked all those present for a productive discussion and active participation in the meeting.


Sandal Nikanorova