Ahead of two difficult disciplines

17 October, the start was given to the Inter-regional open tournaments along the northern decathlon memory of Victor Petrovich Efimova, which this year takes place for the fourth time.

First day, competitions were held in two disciplines - Northern triple jump and running with a stick on rough terrain, and the second day, Athletes left in the area "green meadow", to figure out the best in the discus Tynzyan on ferrets.

In the north the triple jump, among men and women, leadership positions are occupied by representatives of Neryungri District Mikhail Petrov and Ilona Tatarintseva. The gap from the nearest competitors have been more than convincing. But in the battle for the silver medal, men turned real thriller. Three-time Russian champion and multiple champion of the republic Alexei Sozonova not enough just two centimeters, to overtake his team-mate Nikolay Bubnov, and in the end he had to settle for a bronze medal.

A good result was shown winner among boys 2004-2005 G. R., native Oymyakonsky District Georgy Sofronov, who jumped on 9 m 66 cm. With this result, he easily would have won in the older age group.

In running with a stick on rough terrain, which took place on the territory of etnokompleksa "Chochur Myraan", excellent result showed representatives Churapcha, who at the end of this discipline in the treasury added three gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal.

On the same track, this spring, took place Championship of Russia, so that some of the participants it was well known and because, for them it was easier to build a tactical plan for the run. Two lifting took a lot of effort and it was important to calculate all this, to go the full distance.

On the second day, the morning started the competition on a throwing Tynzyan on ferrets. In this discipline, few of the participants can boast good results. Most athletes were not able to overcome the barrier of 10 hit. But in defense of the athletes can say, that this species is very unpredictable and not everything depends on the athlete. Its role can play and weather conditions, which was a bit windy that day.

And despite all this, today could be broken and the record for men. So, Alexey Sozonova lacked only 4 hit, to break the record of the republic, established in 2016 year in the Championship of Yakutsk. The owner of this record is October Gerasimov, who managed to 41 just get tynzyanom on ferrets. Advance already won tournaments, Alex tried until the end to surpass this result, but the record still remains unconquered.

Also, excellent results demonstrated native Anabarsky District Valery Tuprina, in which 21 hit - it is three times more than that of his pursuer.

Ahead of the competitors were two stages - ax throwing for distance and jumps through sledge. On Saturday, 19 October, in the Universal Hall IC "Modun" will be awarded at the end of the three competition days.

Champions and prize-winners

North triple jump


  1. Mikhail Petrov (Neryungri) – 10 m 42 cm
  2. Nikolay Bubnov (Çurapça) – 10 m 23 cm
  3. Alexei Sozonov (Çurapça) – 10 m 22 cm


  1. Tatarintseva Ilona (Neryungri) – 7 m 70 cm
  2. Maximov Fedosiya (Yakutsk) – 6 m 88 cm
  3. Grigorieva Pelagia (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 6 m 80 cm

juniors (2002-2003 G. R.)

  1. Mikhail Solovyov (Çurapça) – 9 m 54 cm
  2. Danil Ivanov (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 9 m 14 cm
  3. Morfunov Nikolai (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 8 m 85 cm

Yuniorki (2002-2003 G. R.)

  1. Fedorov Alexan (Viljujsk) – 7 m 55 cm
  2. Olesova Valeria (Yakutsk Youth №4) – 7 m 38 cm
  3. Diana Pavlova (Neryungri) – 7 m 25 cm

adolescents (2004-2005 G. R.)

  1. Sofronov George (Oimyakonskii) – 9 m 66 cm
  2. Maxim Grigoriev (Viljujsk) – 8 m 49 cm
  3. Vladislav Loginov (Çurapça) – 8 m 49 cm

girls (2004-2005 G. R.)

  1. Morfunova Vanessa (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 6 m 74 cm
  2. Anna Egomina (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 6 m 57 cm
  3. Alexeyeva Amelia (Megino-Kangalassky) – 6 m 50 cm

 Running with a stick on rough terrain

men (3 km)

  1. Alexei Sozonov (Çurapça)
  2. Semenov Aisen (Çurapça)
  3. Mikhail Petrov (Neryungri)

Women (2 km)

  1. Lukovtseva Alena (Çurapça)
  2. Grigorieva Pelagia (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  3. Afanasyeva Ain (Neryungri)

juniors (3 km)

  1. Mikhail Solovyov (Çurapça)
  2. Danil Ivanov (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  3. Nikolai Petrov (Çurapça)

Yuniorki (2 km)

  1. Valentina Borisova (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  2. Pavlova Inessa (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  3. Olesova Valeria (Yakutsk Youth №4)

adolescents (2 km)

  1. Sofronov George (Oimyakonskii)
  2. Alexander Vinokurov (SUV's)
  3. Mais Yang (Viljujsk)

girls (1 km)

  1. Anna Egomina (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  2. Morfunova Vanessa (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  3. Daniel Malik (Mountain)

 Throwing Tynzyan on ferrets


  1. Alexei Sozonov (Çurapça) – 38 hit
  2. Semenov Aisen (Çurapça) – 12 hit
  3. Pavel Egorov (Çurapça) – 11 hit


  1. Lukovtseva Alena (Çurapça) – 6 hit
  2. Laptev Love (Yakutsk, Modu) – 3 hit
  3. Sannikov Antonina (Viljujsk) – 2 hit


  1. Tuprin Constantine (Neryungri) – 7 hit
  2. Mikhail Solovyov (Çurapça) – 4 hit
  3. Danil Ivanov (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 4 hit


  1. Tuprina Valeria (Anabar) – 21 hit
  2. Diana Pavlova (Neryungri) – 7 hit
  3. Valentina Borisova (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 7 hit


  1. Mais Yang (Viljujsk) – 6 hit
  2. Sofronov George (Oimyakonskii) – 4 hit
  3. Denis Kolesov (Megino-Kangalassky) – 3 hit


  1. Morfunova Vanessa (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 8 hit
  2. Victoria Alekseeva (Megino-Kangalassky) – 2 hit
  3. Anna Egomina (Verkhnevilyuisk) – 2 hit


Sandal Nikanorova