Youth experimented changes hapsagae

At the end of last week, with 5 by 6 October, sports complex "Modun" has become a gathering place for youth from all over the republic hapsagaistov. After all, in these days, here Republican tournament was held anti hapsagay memory wizard sport YASSR, 3-time Champion Games Manchaary, 2-time Champion of the Games of the Far East and Siberia in national sports Grigory Popov Sidorovicha.

At the opening of the tournament, one of the most important events was the presentation of the book, dedicated to the life of Grigory Popov. It was published with the help of his family and friends, and to print it prepared Vladislav Korotov, Rahleev Fedor and Alexander Vasilyev, Kerdugen. In this book, there are ways and stages of life of Gregory, memories of friends and various photographs that will be of great interest to every reader.

At the same competition, it was registered 183 athlete from different parts of our country. But as the athletes are allowed to participate 1996-2001 G. R., then they were mostly students of higher and secondary educational institutions. Among them were already recognized masters fight hapsagay, behind them were winning many championships and the Olympics of the republic, how Vladislav Levchik, Aysel Kilibeev, Yuri Sergin and Oleg Fedotov.

It should be noted, that the competition was held according to the rules of struggle "mustache iileeh hapsagay". I.e, athletes competed on the carpet with a certain boundary, which tapers at the end of time. Also, changes were made and weight categories, which fought hapsagaisty. And as it usually happens, Opinions were divided on this issue on two fronts - on the, who approved and those, who were against.

But despite all these differences, competitions were held at a high level. There were a lot of beautiful shots and tricks, because we love the fight and hapsagay. particularly interesting, traditionally turned semifinal and final fights, as well as the struggle for absolute superiority, in the final which met Yuri and Alexei Sergin Migalkin. Both winners were only contender in the weight categories, and because both were important this victory for them. From the first moments of the voltage sensed contractions, fighters were very careful in their actions, and waited for the right moment to attack. And in this confrontation, up won more skilful representative Vilyuiskaya school fight Yuri Sergin.

All winners were awarded with a commemorative medal, a diploma and a cash prize. And the family of Gregory Sidorovicha, his friends and the organizers were pleased with this holiday and sports hapsagaya.

Champions and prize-winners

57 kg (51 participant)

  1. Nikolaev Panteleimon (NEFU-Verkhnevilyuisk)
  2. Valery Antonov (NPK-Njurʙa)
  3. Sergey Vasiliev (JaGSXA-Njurʙa)

65 kg (65 participants)

  1. Oleg Fedotov (NEFU-Verkhnevilyuisk)
  2. Ivanov Vilyuyan (Verkhnevilyuisk)
  3. Levchik Vladislav (NEFU-Kobyay)

75 kg (38 participants)

  1. Neustroev Alexander (SVFU-Çurapça)
  2. Sergin Yuri (SVFU-Viljujsk)
  3. Kilibeev Ayse (ÇGİFKiS-Samsearn)

85 kg (17 participants)

  1. Shkulev Michio (SVFU-Aḇihu)
  2. Ryazan Aisen (NEFU-Megino-Kangalas)
  3. Migalkin Alex (NEFU-Verkhoyansk)

St.. 85 kg (12 participants)

  1. Daniil Ivanov (UOR Khangalas)
  2. Ivan Borisov (NEFU-Megino-Kangalas)
  3. Nikolaev Janis (PCCC-Verkhnevilyuisk)

absolute championship (20 participants)

  1. Sergin Yuri
  2. Migalkin Alex


Sandal Nikanorova