Preparations for the festival in December

10 October, in the universal hall "Modun" sports complex hosted the annual Open republican tournament on the national board games "Open season" among children.

This year, at these competitions participated 65 young athletes from 10 different teams. by position, participants of the tournament were divided into four age groups:

  • I group - 2011-2010g.r. (girl, boy)
  • II group - 2009-2008h.r. (girl, boy)
  • III group - 2007-2006h.r. (girl, boy)
  • Group IV - 2005-2002g.r. (girl, boy)

For the participants of the I and II group competitions were held separately for boys and girls, in which each participant is provided with two attempts habylyk game and two attempts haamyska game (sudurgu tonsuur I-5). For the participants of the III and IV group were provided by 2 attempts habylyk game, one attempt to play tonsuur tonsuur-5 and-7. When summing up the results of the competition, space allocated by the best result in the two kinds of participants for the group I and II and the three types of participants for the group III and IV.

Besides, as part of this tournament, the day before it started, 9 October for coaches, sports organizers and teachers of Physical Education School held a national seminar-workshop "Folk Games - in mass sports", the main purpose, which, is the preservation and development of traditional gaming culture and national sports Yakutia, as well as preparation for the I Republican festival of ancient Turkic games "Togus Tuuri oonnuuta".

This festival will take place from 10 by 12 December this year in our city, and this event should come away from the Altai and Kazakhstan, to participate and to share their experiences with our athletes and their coaches.

The seminar also, all were 35 students from Nam, Ust-Aldan, Khangalasskogo, Viljujskogo, Mahjong, Amginskogo, mountain, Megino-Kangalassky, Tukathatong, Verkhnevilyuisk and Tatta region, as well as from schools g. Yakutsk.

All of them, at the end of the workshop received certificates of, that they have been trained in the Kazakh table games "Spears bies», «asık shooting», «Kumalak"Altai and intellectual game"Altai tent». In addition to this, for further study and retention rules, as well as the promotion of the national board games, all participants were given the rules of the games in electronic form.

As for the tournament, but this year, One important difference was that, that "habylyk" rules of the game have been some changes. First of all, competitors, after flipping up sticks, We had to catch them back of his hand, not dropping at the same time or one stick. Secondly, distance athlete hands on the table was to make 10 cm. These complications are caused by the fact, to bring some originality to the game and give it a more acute.

But in such circumstances, and it has successfully completed the next tournament on the national board games. All the champions and winners were awarded with medals and diplomas.

Winners of:

adolescents (2002-2005 G. R.)

  1. Maharov Alex - Verkhnevilyuisk ulus
  2. Afanasiev Athanasius - Modun-Yakutsk
  3. Lyasheev Marat - Modun-Yakutsk

Yuniorki (2002-2005 G. R.)

  1. Davydova Aya - Modun-Yakutsk
  2. Timofeev Renata - Namsky region
  3. Akimova Michiye - Verkhnevilyuisk ulus

adolescents (2006-2007 G. R.)

  1. Ushnitskii Jaroslav - Modu-Yakutsk
  2. Egor Androsov - Amginsky region
  3. Mamaev Masters - Namskyy ulus

Yuniorki (2006-2007 G. R.)

  1. Ermolaeva Ayyyna - Modun-Yakutsk
  2. Timofeeva Angelina - Ust-Aldan ulus
  3. Prokhorov Christina - Modun-Yakutsk

Boys (2008-2009 G. R.)

  1. Zhuravlev Bogdan - Modun-Yakutsk
  2. Sofronov Saryal - Modun-Yakutsk
  3. Andrey Ermolaev - Modun-Yakutsk

Girls (2008-2009 G. R.)

  1. Belolyubskaya Inessa - Modun-Yakutsk
  2. Tanykova Sain - Verkhnevilyuisk ulus
  3. Vinokourov Julia - Churapchinsky District

Boys (2010-2011 G. R.)

  1. Tikhonov Mark - Namsky region
  2. Timoofeev Header - TsEVD ''
  3. Petrov gymnast - Mode-Tour

Girls (2010-2011 G. R.)

  1. Lera Sergeeva - megino-kangalassky district
  2. Konstantinov Diana - Modun-Yakutsk
  3. Ohlopkova Sandaara - TsEVD ''


Sandal Nikanorova