no records, but the results are quite good

WITH 1 by 2 October, athletics arena in the UK "Modun", competitions on the Yakut national jumping "Open season" among children 2003-2004 G. R., 2005-2006 G. R., 2007-2008 G. R. and 2009-2010 G. R.

The competition was attended by more than 170 young jumpers from 15 commands. The largest number of participants were registered among boys 2009-2010 G. R. – 34 children.

However, special attention was paid to age group 2005-2006 G. R., as the boys and girls of this age will participate in the VII ISG "Children of Asia" in the next year. For them it was important now to show good results to enter the list of candidates for these games. And that's why, could be seen, the guys are very worried over their attempts. The benefit of the coach was there and encouraged his players as they could, attitude to them is not lost.

I would like to mention jumping young talent of Daniel Tatta region Androsov, which is a leader in this age group. He is in all three disciplines confidently took the first place and as a result, with the index 69,58 m., He was the winner of this tournament.

And a leader is absent among the girls - all decided centimeters. So, the gap between the first and third place, was only 28 centimeters. But it is precisely in such a struggle and the real champions are born, when competition is high and the opponent directly "breathes you in the back".

Now the coach will build on the results of these competitions and conduct work on the bugs with their wards, to have in larger starts to show his best result.

Champions and prize-winners at the end of triathlon Open republican tournament on the Yakut national jumping "Open season":


2003-2004 G. R.

  1. Siberians Afonya (Çurapça) – 72,90 m
  2. Sergey Lytkin (Viljujsk) – 71,78 m
  3. Kolesov Ayastaan (Çurapçı) – 70,97 m

2005-2006 G. R.

  1. Androsov Danil (the Eucharist) – 69,58 m
  2. Platonov Tusculum (Yakutsk, Modu) – 65,08 m
  3. Korjakin Eugene (Viljujsk) – 62,93 m

2007-2008 G. R.

  1. Sasha Fomin (Çurapça) – 41,63 m
  2. Sivtsev Glory (Çurapça) – 41,50 m
  3. Tikhonov Sajdam (Us) – 38,91 m

2009-2010 G. R.

  1. Nikitin Mark (Olekminsk) – 37,35 m
  2. Petrov Semen (Yakutsk Youth №1) – 37,09 m
  3. Eric Hristoforov (Samsearn) – 32,60 m


2003-2004 G. R.

  1. Smirnikova Nurguyaana (Çurapça) – 61,79 m
  2. Olesova Valeria (Yakutsk Youth №4) – 61,77 m
  3. Komarova sajaan-Kuo (Viljujsk) – 54,98 m

2005-2006 G. R.

  1. Akhmerova Alsou (Yakutsk Youth №1) – 51,53 m
  2. Makolova Valeria (Yakutsk, Modu) – 51,49 m
  3. Egorova Ariana (Yakutsk Youth №1) – 51,25 m

2007-2008 G. R.

  1. Malyshev Nariya (Olekminsk) – 10,59 m
  2. Tuksinova Dominica (Olekminsk) – 10,59 m
  3. Li Fu Julia (Yakutsk, Modu) – 10,37 m

2009-2010 G. R.

  1. Borisova Saja (2-Edit) – 33,76 m
  2. Zhirkov Nastya (Yakutsk Youth №1) – 31,62 m
  3. Eremeeva Violetta (Samsearn) – 30,78 m


Sandal Nikanorova