Of the Republic will fly two teams in the Championship of Russia on mas-wrestling

12 October, in sports "Modun" complex successfully completed Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) by weight-wrestling among juniors 1998-2001 G. R. with access to the Russian Championship, which this year will take place in the g. Suzdal (Vladimir region) with 1 by 3 November.

Participation in these competitions took all 95 athletes in 11 weight categories - 80 juniors, 15 juniors.

At the opening of the championship, participants, coaches and officials welcomed the director of "RTSNVS them. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskiy Konstantin, who noted the importance of the event and wished in his speech, each athlete showed all that capable in this day and in the future adequately represented his homeland at national and international competitions.

After parting words, in solemn form they were awarded diplomas and souvenirs for his merits in the development and promotion of national sports and promotion of healthy lifestyles to the judges of the Republican category Tatiana deacon and Namyyne Konstantinova.

Acute and intense contractions were from the first to the last whistle. each athlete, which came out on the platform, I was determined to prove to everyone that he is worthy to represent the republic at the Russian launch.

youth, quite unexpectedly in the lightest weight category, title winner went Amginskogo masrestleru Leonid Neustroyev. This guy before, "stars in the sky did not suffice" and his first few enrolled in the list of favorites. But this superiority, he only came for the gold medal and quite a deservedly got his, leaving behind strong guys and not giving them a single period.

The biggest competition was in the weight category 70 kg, and in the "meat grinder", in the finals Aysien Migalkin and Vasily Zakharov. Both men knew each other well, as the train together at the sports complex "Modun" and had already met more than once at various tournaments, but because, fight promises to be very entertaining. Most puts winning Migalkin, as he is more experienced athlete, behind whose victory in competitions in Russia and Europe. But this evening, Former school from Amga, It was simply unstoppable. He, along with a whistle began to actively attack your opponent, He pulled it from side to side, trying to disrupt his balance, and then, at one point he held the reception "desk". And adhering to this geymplana, two period, he was able to overcome his counterpart and became the champion in this weight.

In the weight category up to 80 kg, the entire podium was occupied by athletes from Churapchinsky Institute, which in this day proved to be excellent training. Champion became a big-name athlete and member of the "Games Dygyna" Aisen bot. Young dygynovets showed everyone, which is in excellent physical condition and pulled their abilities in weight-wrestling. This championship attitude, we hope, and it will support up to the Championship of Russia.

Weight category 90 kg was not full of the participants - all 5 person. But this entertainment fights in any case not deteriorated, but on the contrary, risen sharply. After every victory becomes important, and any mistake on the platform become fatal. All fights were held here in one breath, and in the end, for scoring, the winner was named athlete Tomponsky, last year's champion of superiority Arian Myarin. He lost only once and then scored three victories in a row, thanks to which scored major points. It should be noted, that this weight was three members of the Neryungri District, who acted under the guidance of legendary masrestlershi Tatiana Grigorov. Two of her pupil took second and third place, respectively. Particularly stood Daniel Nazarchuk, which will soon, with proper approach, can induce noise in the adult championship. The benefit of practicing it under the supervision of two-time world champion and has all chances, to do this.

The heavy weight categories 105 kg and above 105 kg, medalists decided at once. But it was important to determine who will walk away with a medal which is this evening. In the weight category up to 105 kg retained its leadership Nikita Tatarinov. His main rival Ian Samsonov could not this time nothing to oppose him and gave a "dry" account 2:0. And in the heavyweight, Evgeny Popov did not leave any chance to his counterpart from Neryungri Alexander Prokoshin.

No less passionate turned the fight in the women's division.

In the lightest weight category, to 50 kg, without giving a single stick his rivals won Anastasia Sokolova. Last year, she also steadily climbed to the top of the pedestal, and for the second year in a row becomes a champion of the championship.

On the weight category above, with the same success, "walked" by his rivals Keskileene Fedotov. None of its competitors did not have adequate resistance to it. In the Championship of Russia, however, is not so easy, like here, since it is traditionally women in the composition of the teams is strong.

In the weight category up to 70 kg, as already pre-identified medalists, and I won in the end most of them young - Pauline Gabaydulina, representing NEFU.

Maria Nanova due to lack of competitors in the weight category up to 80 kg without a battle won the first place and thus became the national team of the Republic, and in the category over there were only two participants. And here, with a clear advantage, I am celebrating the victory of Saina Tomsk, which last year, here, He won silver, and thereby improved its last year's result.

The combined team of our republic is formed and now, under the guidance of head coach Denis Zabolockij, command is prepared to fly in g. Suzdal.

Winners of:


60 kg

  1. Neustroev Leonid - Amginsky region
  2. Zhirkov Rudolf - NEFU
  3. Egorov Arylhan - NEFU

70 kg

  1. Vasily Zakharov - Modun
  2. Migalkin Aisien - Modu
  3. Kirillin Gavril - Modu

80 kg

  1. Botuev Aisen - ChGIFKiS
  2. Nikolai Sergeyev - ChGIFKiS
  3. Peter Sergeev - CHGIFKIS

90 kg

  1. Myarin Arian - NEFU
  2. Nazarchuk Daniel - Neryungri area
  3. Sivtsev Saryal - Neryungri area

105 kg

  1. Tatarinov Nikita - SVFU
  2. Samsonov - Aia Mode
  3. Vasily Danilov - Modun

Over 105 kg

  1. Evgeny Popov - YSAA
  2. Prokoshin Alexander - Neryungri area


50 kg

  1. Anastasia Sokolova - Modun
  2. Sleptsova Roxana - CHGIFKIS
  3. Slobodčikova Clarissa - SVFU

60 kg

  1. Fedotov Keskileene - Mode
  2. Akakieva Alain - NEFU
  3. Milena Ivanova - CHGIFKIS

70 kg

  1. Gabaydulina Polina - NEFU
  2. Anna Yakovleva - CHGIFKIS
  3. Elena Mikhailova - Module

80 kg

  1. Nanova Maria - NEFU

Over 80 kg

  1. Tomsk Sain - NEFU
  2. Gorohova Sardanas - YaGSHA


Sandal Nikanorova