People's deputy spoke on the republic: "National forms and methods of population physical activity at the municipal level in the North"

In Nizhniy Novgorod 10 October started the International Forum "Russia - Country of Sports". This is - a discussion platform for all representatives of the sphere of physical culture and sports. Traditionally, the forum brings together more 3 thousands of participants, including - managers of international and national sports federations and organizations, federal and regional authorities, representatives of the Olympic, Paralympic and Deaf Sports Movement, academia and the business community.

The event takes place in one of the modern Russian stadiums, built for the World Cup. The delegation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) present Chairman of the Standing Committee of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) for Youth, Physical Culture and Sports, Doctor of Education, Professor Mikhail Gulyaev, Minister of Sport of the Republic Innocent Grigoriev, Rector Churapchinsky Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Innocent Gotovtsev, as well as heads of sports institutions of the republic.

Forum "Russia - Country of Sports" is the main platform for professional, constructive dialogue on topical issues of development of the sports industry in our country. The business program is planned plenary session "The strategic priorities of the development of sports in Russia and mechanisms of integration with the global sports community", as well as holding panel discussions on the topics: "Strategy-2030. Innovations of the Future "and" Improvement of the Russian Federation in the sphere of physical culture and sports ", "Sport and business: forms of successful cooperation ", "Digitalization of the sports industry" and other. The forum will be a meeting of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on development of physical culture and sports, where it is planned to discuss the role of the Russian Federation and municipalities in the development of physical culture and sports ".

According to the program of the forum, Mikhail Gulyaev as a speaker took part in the round table "Sport and healthy lifestyle: the recommendations of scientists and practitioners ". People's deputy spoke on the republic: "National forms and methods of population physical activity at the municipal level in the North".

Yakut parliamentarian said, it is difficult to overestimate the role of physical culture and sport in the modern world, which are not only important social, but also by political factors. The full and effective development of physical culture and mass sport is an important part of the state social and economic policy in Yakutia.

The parliamentarian also stressed, that the extreme living conditions in the north are raising industry, excerpt, strength and endurance, craving for sports and a healthy lifestyle. Harsh climatic conditions, remoteness from the rest of the republic centers and spa treatment, rising prices for medicines - all these factors urgently require the adoption of additional measures to increase the motor activity of the inhabitants of the republic. Strengthening and preservation of public health is a priority in the policy of the republic's leadership. As adopted at the Second Congress of Worker of Physical Culture and Sports Development Strategy of Physical Education and Sports in the Republic for the period up 2019 year, defines the main ways of improving the healing and the formation of healthy lifestyles.

Mikhail also informed, that one of the priorities of the Ministry of Sports of the Republic is staging sports and mass work in the field, interaction with municipalities. National sports - wrestling hapsagay, Yakut jumps and mas-wrestling - are gaining momentum globally. Championship and the World Cup, as well as the championships in a 50 countries. Together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the region in the districts of the republic have become traditionally carried out new and innovative forms of public events. This republican competitions in haymaking "Kүүley", on firewood "Үle kүүһe", ice-fishing "Kuyuur" fish, Atıır muҥha. Such events contribute to the development of professionally-applied sports, attract people to an active physical culture and sports.

"Currently, the state of Yakutia physical activity characterized in municipal encampments positive trends, associated with the development of sports and physical traditions, the achievements of local athletes at the national and all-Russian levels, development of material and technical base of sports. It can be stated, the positive effect of national means and methods of physical training on the harmonious, a comprehensive physical and spiritual development of each individual is invaluable ", – said Mikhail Gulyaev.

The plenary session was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Head of State stressed the interest of the entire international sports community sports development in a confident, maintaining its humanistic potential and the basic principles of accessibility, equality, honest and clean fight.

"Further progress great, uniting the world of sport values – One of the key objectives of our big, multinational sports family. And it must be solved together, relying on the time-tested rules and regulations, respecting and hearing each other, building a constructive, friendly dialogue ", - Vladimir Putin said.

President stressed, that the quality of life of each person, his health condition, physical readiness for work have a complex impact on sustainable socio-economic development and welfare of the population as a whole. And this is one of the reasons, why sport is one of the state priorities in many countries. "We are planning to involve the 2024 year in regular exercise more than half of Russian citizens, - said the head of state. - And to achieve this goal, we are making the most serious efforts, We build large and small sports facilities, taking into account the problems of sports sphere improve the appearance of parks, residential areas, We equip playgrounds, school, sections. The most important role in this work, the withdrawal of Russian regions and municipalities ".


International forum "Russia – Sports Power "was established in 2009 by Presidential Decree. For the first time it was held in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan). Then it took Moscow, Saransk (The Republic of Mordovia), Yakutsk (Saha Republic (Yakutia), Cheboksary (Chuvash Republic), Vladimir and The Ulyanovsk region. AT 2019 VIII, the Forum "Russia - Country of Sports" is held in Nizhniy Novgorod.


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