Upcoming Events for the Northern all-round will be the fourth

this week, with 16 by 20 October, in the capital of our republic will be held Interregional open tournament in northern decathlon memory of the honored worker of national economy PC(I), Honorary builder of Russia. Candidate of economic sciences Viktor Petrovich Efimova.

The prize fund will be about 800 thousand. rubles, and sponsored by big companies, as a joint-stock company "Diamonds of Anabar", JSC "RIC", LLC "Yang-Gold", NO "CFBP" RS(I), AO "Sahatransneftegazsbyt", AO "Sahagiprozem", OA PO "Âkutcement", LLC "Stroykon", Mizo RS(I) and the Chamber of Commerce of RS(I).

«The tournament is one of the most anticipated and important starts at the northern rounders, – said the head coach of the national team of RS(I) Anatoly Popov, – as it is in it shall take all top athletes. For four days they will compete in the triple jump north, throwing a lasso, I am running with a stick on rough terrain, ax throwing and jumping over the sledge. The importance of this event and emphasizes the, that this competition will be one of the qualifying stages in the Championship of Russia, which next year will take place in our g. Yakutsk. Following the tournament, Athletes showed the best results will be included in an expanded PC team(I)»

are expected to attend more 80 athletes from 10 different teams. Similarly, the team could not come from Ust-Maya and Aldan region, and there will be no strong team of area Tomponsky.

Competitions will be held in the area of ​​"green meadow", "Chochur Myran", and at the sports complex "Modun".



Viktor Yefimov was born 18 January 1956 g. in paragraph. Wife Abыyskoho District YAASSR.

he graduated in 1980 g. Yakutsk State University, at 1990 g. – Khabarovsk Higher Party School, at 1997 g. Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russian Federation.

Specialty, civil engineer, political scientist, economist-manager.

He worked as an instructor of the Yakut regional committee of Komsomol, first secretary Abyisky RK VLKSM, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the plant "Yakutuglestroy", second secretary of the Party Committee of Neryungri, Deputy General Director of the Fund "Where Bakhsy", Deputy Minister for the Indigenous Peoples of the North PC(I), Director General of the Executive Directorate of the economic zone of the socio-economic development of the Arctic region Indigirka Basin, Director of the Department, Deputy Minister, First Deputy Minister of Economy of RS prediction(I), First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of RS(I), First Deputy Minister of Property Relations of RS(I)

WITH 2004 of the year – Minister of Economic Development of RS(I),

Since February 2007 g. – Minister of Property Relations of RS(I).

17 May 2011 he was appointed head of the Presidential Administration and the Government of RS(I).

In March 2012 He has headed one of the strategic enterprises of the country - JSC "Republican investment company".

Tragically died in a plane crash 2 July 2013 of the year.



16 October (medium)

08:00-17:00 - Arrival of participants

17:00-18:00 - Credentials Committee and a meeting of the Jury

17 October (Thursday)

10:00-11:00 - Opening ceremony

11:00-13:00 - North triple jump

13:00-14:00 - Lunch break

15:00-17:00 - Running with a stick on rough terrain

18 October (Friday)

09:00-12:00 - Throwing a lasso on a trochee

13:00-14:00 - Lunch break

15:00-18:00 - Seminar for coaches and referees for the Northern all-round

19 October (Saturday)

09:00-15:00 - Throwing ax to a range of

16:00-18:00 - Award at the end of 3 days

20 October (Sunday)

10:00-16:00 - Jumping over the sledge

16:00-17:00 - The closing ceremony of the competition, Awarding of winners

17:00 - Check out the competitors


Sandal Nikanorova