Summing up the first tournament of the season

8 October, from early morning until late at night, in the universal hall "Modun" sports complex was held open Republican tournament mas-wrestling "Open season" among children 2002-2003 G. R. and 2004-2005 G. R.

At the competition participated 188 young athletes from 27 commands. The competition took place under the current rules the Russian Federation of wrestling and weight-only 15 weight categories.

For the guys it was the first competition of the new season and the faces of most of them could be seen, that they are very worried before going on stage.

"In the course of the competition, in the fight for the podium, some leaders were unable to oppose his opponents and the most surrendered their positions. can say, that "burned", but in such situations, there is no room justification. Level young madyny every year we grow, as well as competition among them. And so almost every time. In some ways this is good, since in such an environment and the true champions are born ", – said the chief judge of the competition Protopopov Vasily.

Ahead of the guys are still a lot of tournaments and competitions, and while, on the basis of these, to do work on the bugs and train even harder.

Champions and prize-winners:

younger boys (2004-2005 G. R.)

40 kg

  1. Gulyaev Ayaal (Ust-Aldan)
  2. Kharitonov Egor (Ust-Aldan)
  3. Chernogradsky Algys (Ust-Aldan)

45 kg

  1. Vyacheslav Lebedev (Tattinsky)
  2. Yaroslav Alekseev (Megino-Kangalassky)
  3. Ivan Struchkov (Ust-Aldan)

50 kg

  1. Ohlopkov Ignat (Ust-Aldan)
  2. Stanislav Hovrov (Ust-Aldan)
  3. Alex Megino (Tattinsky)

55 kg

  1. Vasiliev Elfrida (Megino-Kangalassky)
  2. Tarasov William (Khangalasskii)
  3. Stepanov Ayuran (Amginsky)

60 kg

  1. Paul Gabriel (Megino-Kangalassky)
  2. Popov Semen (Megino-Kangalassky)
  3. Igor Protopopov (Ust-Aldan)

65 kg

  1. Dugunov Damir (Ust-Aldan)
  2. Nikolaev Sag (Khatas)
  3. Kulakov Damir (Yakutsk, Modu)

70 kg

  1. Sobakin Alex (the Eucharist)
  2. Okhlopkov Kim (Namsky)
  3. Sivtsev Arkady (Khangalasskii)

St.. 70 kg

  1. Luginov Vladislav (Khatas)
  2. Kudrin, Energy (amma)
  3. Syrovatsky Arylhan (Ust-Aldan)

older boys (2002-2003 G. R.)

50 kg

  1. Prokopyev Nikolai (Yakutsk Youth №1)
  2. Robert completely level (Megino-Kangalassky)
  3. Yegorov neutral (Tattinsky)

55 kg

  1. Arthur Popov (Megino-Kangalassky)
  2. Bryzgalov Nikolai (Yakutsk, Modu)
  3. Nikitin Klim (Ust-Aldan)

60 kg

  1. boyars Edward (Megino-Kangalassky)
  2. Michael Diachkov (Yakutsk Youth №1)
  3. Alexander Tarasov (Mountain)

65 kg

  1. Sergei Borisov (Çurapçinskiy)
  2. Tekeyanov Gregory (Mountain)
  3. Vladimir Mokhnachevskaya (Megino-Kangalassky)

70 kg

  1. Slobodin Timothy (Amginsky)
  2. William completely level (Mountain)
  3. Rodion Vasilev (Ust-Aldan)

80 kg

  1. Sdvizhkou Harry (Ammah Modu)
  2. Marat Pavlov (Mountain)
  3. Makarov Boris (Tattinsky)

St.. 80 kg

  1. Victor Pinigin (Yakutsk, Modu)
  2. Petr Hristoforov (Yakutsk, Modu)
  3. Antonov Sarıal (Yakutsk, Modu)


Sandal Nikanorova