It's time for new faces

2 October, in the Open Republican tournament on the Yakut national jumping "Open season", which took place in the UK "Modun", It held a working meeting of representatives of the Federation of jumps of Yakut national of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with the participation of teachers and trainers Director "RTSNVS them. AT. Mançaarı Mohnaçevskogo Konstantin.

Chairman of the Meeting, the Executive Director of the Federation of the Yakut national MS jumps(I) Maxim Oegosturov. In the beginning, he noted several important issues, that it was necessary in this day collectively decide.

First, at present discussion, the question was raised about the planned schedule of activities 2020 year. Subject to adjustment date of several events, that they can not be joined with other important dates of the starts and were comfortable for organizers, and for athletes. We discussed the educational and training activities in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, participation of our athletes in international tournaments in g. Baku (Azerbaijan) and g. Shymkent (Kazakhstan). We appreciated the opportunity to create a national and international federations on the Yakut jumps.

the venue of the Championship of the memory of Vasily Nikolayev was also considered. Current championship has been proposed for the city Viliuisk. Attending the meeting of the sister of Vasily Nikolaev spoke about this and responded positively to this idea. But it also raised the question about the transportation of athletes, due to the problems with which could be a problem with the number of participants. And in spite of this, all who attended, They were unanimous in the opinion to hold the championship in Viliuisk, founding the fact, that it is necessary to expand the geography of the competition and to promote the Yakut jumps.

One of the most important issues, which discussed this evening, It was the preparation for VII ISG "Children of Asia". On this matter before his colleagues made the senior coach among boys and girls RS(I) Ivan Pestryakov, who was appointed responsible for the preparation and selection of athletes. He immediately said, that Yakut jumping competitions are held as a separate sport, and will be held in the framework of the athletics program. Participation will accept children 2005-2006 G. R., which already are in preparation. Qualifying competitions are scheduled for February, March and the month of May of the following year. The team will include only three boys and three girls, so the competition is very high and the athletes will have the entire sports season to keep fit, to eventually perform at peak performance at the decisive moment.

At the end it was discussed about the presidential elections of the federation and the update of its composition. Maksim Nikolaevich told, that while the candidates a lot and search is still going on. One candidate was named Yuri Gavriliev, who once set many records and was the leader of the republic in the Yakut jumps. But George was recommended to appoint a Vice-President, because of the high employment of its basic work.

Now we have to gather all the members of the federation, coaches and team officials for the meeting, which will be elected president of the federation and the problematic issues have been resolved, which still remain on the surface.

In the end I would like to note, which it was very nice to see, that there are still people, who suffer for their sport with all his heart and looking for various inputs and outputs for its popularization and propaganda, actively discuss challenges and are not afraid to talk openly about it. With this approach, and the hour is not far zeal, when native Yakut sport be able to rise to the next level.


Sandal Nikanorova